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Converge XCLSV offers premium customer experience to subscribers

Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. is now upgrading its customer service experience by introducing XCLSV, which offers priority handling and unique perks to subscribers.

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Converge XCLSV is the company’s first premium customer service experience. It’ll let subscribers receive premium and personalized internet customer support from Converge. The company also created a dedicated support team under XCLSV so it can cater to subscribers efficiently.

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People who want to avail or subscribe currently to FiberX Plan 3500 and up will automatically be included in XCLSV. Another XCLSV benefit is the inclusion of priority lanes at major business centers in the country, enjoy quarterly service/account checks, same-day on-site repairs for tech-related concerns, and free delivery of add-on devices. They’ll also have personalized direct email and dedicated hotlines exclusive only to them to ensure personal customer service and consistent support.

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XCLSV was created for our high-value subscribers, so they no longer have to worry about internet concerns, and instead have more time to enjoy and make the most out of their lives.” said Converge Chief Operations Officer Jesus C. Romero. “These exclusive privileges and more hands-on customer service enables members to allot more time to focus on what matters most to them, while our team handles the rest.

To know more about the Converge XCLSV, kindly visit https://www.convergeict.com/xclsv/

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