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Facebook intros BARS app for rappers

Facebook’s NPE team has recently introduced a new experimental app – BARS, an app made for rappers.

BARS is a new app that enables rappers to create and share raps easily. This lets rappers focus on and experiment with the content rather than investing heavily in equipment and production.

BARS gives aspiring rappers a way to record their rhymes with the app’s studio-quality vocal effects and professionally created beats and share their social media videos. The app has audio and visual filters and an autotune feature that users can benefit from to create a refined output. Through the app, aspiring rappers may create their own piece, even in a freestyle way, without any formal rap experience required.


BARS is officially live on Apple App Store under a closed beta for iPhones. Those who are interested may reserve their username and sign up for the waitlist.

Source: Facebook NPE Blog

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