Facebook intros Soundmojis for Messenger app

Facebook intros Soundmojis for Messenger app

Facebook has introduced Messenger’s latest expression tool called Soundmojis, allowing users to express themselves in conversations better.

So what is Soundmoji? According to Facebook, it is a next-level emoji that lets users send short sound clips in the Messenger chat. Things like clapping, crickets, drum rolls, or evil laughter will emit short sound clips for their respective emoji. Additionally, audio clips from favorite artists like Rebecca Black, and iconic TV shows will have their own short sound clips.


To check out Soundmojis, head to your Messenger app, start a chat, tap the smiley face to open the expressions menu and select the loudspeaker icon. From there, you can preview and send your favorite Soundmojis.

Facebook is launching an entire Soundmoji library for users to choose from, which will be updated regularly.

Source: Messenger

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