Globe At Home offers free permanent speed upgrade

Globe At Home offers free permanent speed upgrade

Globe has revealed that its “loyal” Globe At Home customers are eligible for a speed upgrade of up to five times their current subscription.

According to Globe, providing free permanent speed upgrade is a timely response to the demand for reliable connectivity since most households continue to work, earn, and learn from home.


Customers may check their eligibility through the Globe At Home app as certain terms and conditions apply.

“Making sure that our customers are provided with the service they deserve is our top priority at Globe At Home. Under this new normal, we are given an opportunity to understand our customers’ needs better and respond with solutions that are powered by care such as providing them with better connectivity and service experience,” said Darius Delgado, Globe Vice President and Head of Broadband Business.

As per Globe, customers may self-activate the permanent upgrade through the Globe At Home app. On the app’s dashboard, go to ‘Account Services,’ click ‘Upgrade Your Plan,’ and proceed to ‘Select Preferred Plan.’

The Globe At Home app is available for download on Android and iOS devices. The telco noted that the app allows customers to monitor their data usage, settle their bills, change or upgrade their plans, report an issue, request for reconnection at home.

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26 Responses

  1. Alfonso Molinos says:

    It useful in my church and our radio station

  2. Rodel Baltazar says:

    I requested it last month and until now it is nothing.

  3. How do you know if you’re elligible. How do they categorize “loyal” customers.

  4. Sab says:

    I’ve been a Globe wifi user for 10 years. I checked the Globe At Home app and it didn’t offer any free upgrades, just paid ones. So how exactly do they classify a customer as “loyal?” I think this is nothing but a lame attempt at marketing to make their brand look good in the face of increasing competition from other telcos. Keep trying, Globe. :P

  5. Joselito Gorospe Aguilos says:

    What? The basic of improving Globe’s signal reception has gone worst and now this offer? First things first!

  6. marius says:

    ulul nila. kabado lang sila sa competition ngaun. ni walang katutuhanan mga sinasabi. ng try ako mag free upgrade walang ngyari. gusto nila ung may bayad na upgrade lang.

  7. Daniel says:

    Nagising sa katotohanan na nagaalisan mga customer dahil sa mabagal na serbisyo at internet kahit pa fiber optic na. Dito sa amin 3 months na na hindi kmi makatawag sa mobile phone from our fiber optic landline

  8. Bustaliño says:

    Please connect to our Wi-Fi we need to upgrade it

  9. Joho says:

    Kalokohan yan lahat ng telco company swapang at manloloko paano ang free upgrade eh palpak nga ang serbisyo nila.tse

  10. Mark says:

    Sa amin 1899 yung MSF 30mbps unli. Ang offer nila 1899 din pero 35mbps. Yun nga lang may 24month lock-up… Hindi kami naka lock since day 1. Hindi na lang.

  11. R gomez says:

    Solid globe prepaid Data Signal always Poor in my home place location please fix it before me quite at going to other network

  12. Roy says:

    If globe has the heart for free upgrade up to 5 times the present plan speed then do it now in your central control system without going to the subscriber’s home to avoid covid-19 transmission.

  13. Ditoruds says:

    Don’t talk too much just do it now so that clients will be happy and surprised for their high speed internet service

  14. Reggie Medina says:

    Been a globe user for more than 10 years. This is bullshit. Marketing strategy lang. Hindi nga maayos ayos ang services ng mga apps nila, taz 5G ang puntirya nila? Ayos muna serbisyo bago magintroduce ng bagong gimik. Ang apps nila mabilis lang pag billing and payment. Pag issue ng recibo, kailangan pa magcomplain bago mag issue. Taena Globe punyeta globe.

  15. Earthling says:

    Globe and other telco’s are dragging down our rankings in overall internet speed as a nation. They should focus more on putting up high end LTE towers to poor connection locations or upgrade their current tech.

  16. Robert says:

    Connection nga lang sa MODEM hindi pa magawa , update pa ???!! Big Joke ang GLOBE AT HOME app , saka mas mabilis pa ang Mobile Wifi

  17. Mars says:

    I tried this using the globe at home app – walang such offer. Marketing or just a scam for people to download their app.

  18. Ike says:

    I thought my signal is always very bad and intermittent because globe at home prepaid lang ako. Hindi pala. Kahit pala sa post paid accounts, globe services suck big time !!????

  19. Marv says:

    Pure BS. Not free. They will just try to convince you to upgrade your plan and be locked again for 12 months so that you cant switch to new telecoms.

  20. Joel says:

    Almost 1 mo. na ako waka internet at nagbibill ako 1900.Wala repair technician na pinapadala kaya pinaputol ko na lumipat sa ibang internet provider just for 1500 may 45mbos na ako. Saka sa kanila human ang customer hotline di katulad sa globe puro answering machine na lang.

  21. JR says:

    So confused. I installed that crappy app on both Android and iOS just for it but it’s only showing an error; something about the last transaction or whatever. Can’t even check if we’re eligible. The Globe page doesn’t even have a terms and conditions page we could look through. I think this is one of their knee-jerk reactions now that a competitor is coming in the metro.

  22. Joke ng Globe says:

    Joke ng Globe. Free upgrade lang pero d nman sinabi na pabibilisin ung internet speed m. Kung naka plan ka ng 10mbps may free upgrade ka to 20mbps syempre ung 1299 m magiging 1699 na hahaha

  23. Dean says:

    Kalokohan, free upgrade niyo ibig sabihin no one time fee to upgrade pero may monthly na dagdag, puro pang gugulang lang sa customer

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