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Globe launches SWITCH200, GoALLNET100, GoALLNET200 data promos

Globe has launched three new data promos namely SWITCH200, GoALLNET100, and GoALLNET200 which are exclusive to the Globe Switch app.

Here are the perks of each data promo:

  • SWITCH200 (Valid for 7 days for PHP 200)- 3GB of data for surfing, 4GB of GoWATCH & PLAY (YouTube and gaming), unlimited texts to all networks, and unlimited calls to Globe/TM
  • GoALLNET100 (Valid for 3 days for PHP 100) – 1GB data for surfing, 2GB of GoWATCH & PLAY (YouTube and gaming), unlimited calls and texts to all networks
  • GoALLNET200 (Valid for 7 days for PHP 200) – 2GB data for surfing, 2GB of GoWATCH & PLAY (YouTube and gaming), unlimited calls and texts to all networks

These promos are exclusively available at the Globe Switch Android application or download the APK here. If you are using the app for the first time, make sure to do these things before proceeding:

  • Your mobile data must be turned ON since the Switch app only works via mobile data (not WiFi)
  • Your Globe Prepaid SIM must be in SIM slot 1 for dual SIM devices
  • You must turn the Data Saving mode ON (under the “USAGE” tab)

[appbox googleplay com.lotusflare.globe.de&hl=en]

Inside the app, tap on “WHAT’S HOT” or “AVAILABLE” section and select your preferred promo. By registering to the new offers, users will also get Spin Credits that can be used in the Lucky Spin (under the “REWARDS” tab) for a chance to win prizes. You can also save on your mobile data under the “CONTROLS” tab, where you can allow or disallow some apps to access the internet. To minimize load deductions, simply text SURFALERT ON to 8080.

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5 Responses

  1. Jack says:

    I preffer gotscombodd90 to have 1 month expiration

  2. S??eve says:

    All we do here is fucking go back… Basurang promos, dapat tinatapatan nila yung DD90, or better yet, Giga99 ng smart na may 1GB vids per day.

    Absolutely not a single soul needs bells and whistles, bruh.

  3. Freedom17 says:

    much better if all sims are allowed to use globe hacks70/90 and not to selected users only..smh

  4. rrdron says:

    globe promo sucks..ang mahal putik!

  5. Jeremy Thompson says:

    Jeesus globe are a pack of spastic fckwhits.
    Gosurf 50 = 1 gb surf + 2 gb of gowatch n play us 300mb of free facebook.
    How is this new garbage an “offer”
    Maybe if ur an idiot.

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