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Globe wants faster issuance of permits for telco facilities

Globe Telecom is calling for the amendment of the Local Government Code to expedite the issuance of all relevant permits for all telecommunication facilities at the local level.

According to Globe Chief Information & Technology Officer Gil Genio, bureaucratic red tape causes a significant delay in securing various permits from the local government units when it comes to the construction of telco infrastructure such as cell sites.

Genio said that there aren’t enough cell sites to enable telco operators such as Globe to sufficiently support mobile data growth in the country. In comparison, the Philippines only has 16,300 towers compared to Vietnam’s 70,000 towers. It also takes at least 8 months to complete the approval process for the construction of one cell site, involving at least 25 permits.

Homeowner associations (HOA) is one of the 25 permits that telcos need to secure to build a cell site. According to Genio, close to 30 villages and subdivisions have rejected cell site proposals made by Globe due to alleged health risks associated with cell site towers. Genio emphasized that Globe cell sites have been issued radiation-safety certificates by the Department of Health, meaning such facilities do not pose any adverse health impact.

Genio also mentioned that the absence of standard fees among LGUs breeds corruption, as tower fees range from Php5,000 – Php200,000 depending on the LGU.

Globe says that it has a backlog of 3,000 cell sites amid varying degrees of permitting issues despite aggressive efforts to invest in network facilities.

source: Globe

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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11 Responses

  1. pekpeke says:

    My cell site dito samin dati, pero pinatanggal din after 1 year. tskkk

  2. ronelm2000 says:

    HOA issuance? You know if there’s already a DOH safety permit, that shit is total bs. I say let Globe have its way with that.

  3. FTTH says:

    sa Marilao, 200K ang hinihingi ng Sangunian Bayan para mabigyan ng permit ang isang telco. kung tutuusin, investment na rin ng bayan nila yun kaso inuna ang pangsariling kapakanan!

  4. WHO says:

    may problem daw ang cellsites it can cause and activate cancer to human. so maybe kaya tinanggal ang mga cellsites.

  5. doomsday says:

    kaya naman pala ang mga exclusive villages eh nagpapatangal ng cellsites kasi they already know the side effects of cellsite radiation can activate and cause human cancer. I believe we are all going to die.. Goodbye now.

  6. mark says:

    Globe sobra bulok kayo nakakuha na naman kayo ng dahilan. Broadband nga di nyo maayos ayos nagaadvertise kayo hindi nyo naman kayang ibigay ang tamang speed.

  7. just sayin' says:

    ang talagang issue kung bakit ayaw ng mga HOA ang cellsite ay dahil bababa ang value ng lupa sa kung saan mang area nakatayo ang tower. una ay dahil nga sa supposed epekto ng radiation at pangalawa ay sa posibilidad na bumagsak ang tower kapag may bagyo or lindo. sa kanila, walang gugusto na magtayo ng bahay sa ilalim ng tower. in the end, mga residente din nila ang magssuffer dahil sa weak signal. kaya yung ibang enterprising na bahay, nagpapaupa sa mga network ng mga tangke ng tubig or puno para kabitan ng repeater (yung legal)

  8. Rex Recio says:

    I wonder if laying fiber optic cables faces the same bureaucratic hurdle. Would anyone of you dear readers know?

  9. ggwp says:

    actually mas mataas pa ang chance na mag karoon ka ng cancer sa pagkain ng bbq kesa sa pag lapit sa mga cell stes.
    “i have a dream that someday i will have a building and let telco rent my rooftop so i can have the strongest signal the philippines has ever seen”

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