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Grab Philippines announces GrabBayanihan Vaccination Support Program

Grab Philippines has launched its GrabBayanihan Vaccination Support Program to help increase vaccine access and education for Filipinos.

As per Grab, the program includes a range of measures to encourage all consumers and driver- and delivery- partners to get vaccinated against COVID-19. In addition, Grab Philippines will also work closely with both national and local government units and leverage its network and app to offer mobility, communications, and logistics support.

A recent survey conducted by Pulse Asia , revealed 61% of Filipinos don’t wish to get vaccinated even if the shot is available. As a result, GrabBayanihan Vaccination Support Program is focused on vaccine access and education, supporting both informed and equitable access to vaccines for Filipinos.

Access: To support easy access to the COVID-19 vaccine, Grab Philippines Philippines mentioned that they are committed to:

• Work with local and national governments to include Grab Driver-and delivery- partners in the National Vaccination Program of the Philippines Government as economic frontliners.
• Work with its partners to provide pre-and post-vaccination telemedical consultation.
• Extends its Post-Vaccination Livelihood Protection insurance policy free of charge to cover potential loss resulting from COVID-19 vaccine side effects.
• Create a fleet of vaccinated driver-partners to provide discounted mobility solutions for senior citizens and high-risk individuals.

Education: According to Grab, Grab Philippines will work closely with the Department of Health to provide up-to-date vaccination information to combat misinformation.

• Together with the Department of Health, Grab Philippines will publish accurate vaccine and other public health information within dedicated high-visibility spaces in the Grab app.
• Grab Philippines will launch a “COVID-19 Snap Survey,” which will enable DOH to conduct lightning polls to gather real-time data on vaccine sentiment.
• Grab Philippines will also conduct a series of workshops and town halls to educate its driver-, delivery-, and merchant-partners on the benefits of getting vaccinated.

Grab Philippines Country Head Grace Vera Cruz said: “Many of our kababayans spent the last year making enormous sacrifices for our communities – showing the best of who we are as Filipinos. Now that we are gradually striving towards socio-economic recovery, we believe that the vaccination efforts- from both the private and public sectors- provide much-needed hope for many of our kababayans. Through Grab Philippines’ technology, platform, and partnerships, we are reinforcing our commitment to supporting livelihoods, and helping the recovery of our communities.”

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