iPhone 6 now available at Villman

iPhone 6 now available at Villman

Tech store giant Villman joins gray market vendors as it announced the availability of the iPhone 6 at their stores starting today.



As announced on their facebook page, the the gold variant of the Apple product now retails at their shops for Php 59,999 (16GB), 63,999 (64GB), and 69,999 (128GB).


Villman now joins Lazada, Kim Store, Widget City, and DBGadgets as the first shops to sell iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in the country. Prices of the iPhone have decreased since our initial report last Friday. Here is an updated list of all the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus price listings (as of today, Sept. 23, 6:00 PM):

 LazadaKim StoreWidget CityDB GadgetsVillman
iPhone 6
from Php47,580Php49,000Php52,500Php49,000Php59,999
iPhone 6
from Php52,600Php49,500Php57,500Php49,600Php63,999
iPhone 6
from Php54,610Php50,400Php62,500Php50,400Php69,999
iPhone 6 Plus
from Php58,499Php70,000Php67,500from Php68,000n/a
iPhone 6 Plus
from Php74,370from Php79,500Php79,000from Php79,500n/a
iPhone 6 Plus
from Php83,410from Php85,200Php84,500from Php85,200n/a


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11 Responses

  1. shunga says:

    “Here is the updated list….”

    Sure kaba dito? Do some research muna bago mo ipublish mga pinopost mo! Nagbaba na ang prices sa mga online stores shunga!

  2. bryan_mmx says:

    Yuga, your pricelist of Kimstore is outdated since your first post on iP6 pricing in the PH grey market.

  3. Ryan says:

    Greedy businessman!

  4. archie says:

    Usable memory

    52 out of 64GB: 12GB to OS
    110 out of 128GB: 18GB to OS

    Mabigat pa sa Android Touchwiz and iOS. Seems hype and marketing really did blur the real value of the gadget.

  5. Raphiduz says:

    The LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND is taking effect on these products. You are right they are greedy businessmen. Taking advantage of scarcity of iPhone 6 stocks and the volume of consumers who are willing to pay to be the first to own an iPhone 6 in the Philippines.

  6. Rainbow Rat says:

    These prices are for the people who want to brag that they had the new Iphone first amongst the others. It is such a waste of money knowing that eventually it will go down.

  7. rd lao says:

    just checked now with kimstore, the iphone 6 plus 64GB is priced at P100,000!!!

  8. richt says:

    para sa gustong mauna at may kakayahang bumili.
    kung ano mang reason nila, wala tayong pakelam…

    let’s be happy for their happiness

  9. Mirror says:

    i5 lang yung sakin. Hihintayin ko na e-free ng smart sa unli net plan nila. I think that dream is getting closer.

  10. Don says:

    I just checked sa goods.ph iphone 6 16GB 39,899 na lang!!

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