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LRT, MRT Fare Hikes start today

If you’re one of the usual commuters who often ride the MRT or LRT, don’t be surprised if you’ll be paying for more than what you actually do. The Department of Transportation and Communications will start to implement today its fare matrix for three of Metro Manila’s primary railroad transportation systems.

Credits to the owner

Credits to the owner

The new train fare matrix has been long announced and is scheduled to be implemented starting today, January 4. For LRT 1 and 2 train systems, you will now pay for Php30 for a single Journey from Roosevelt to Baclaran (LRT-1) or Php25 for a ride from Santolan to Recto (LRT-2). For both train lines, prices will be a bit cheaper for those who are holding stored value tickets.

Meanwhile, the biggest price increase will be at the EDSA-situated MRT-3 line, and this will mean an additional one peso for the base fare and another additional peso for every succeeding kilometer. As a result, your usual Php15 train fare from North Avenue to Taft is now almost doubled to Php28.

GMA News has reported that some passengers are still shocked at the implementation of the new fare hike. DOTC and LRTA on the other hand claimed that the notices and fare matrices have been posted as early as two weeks before today.

According to another report by the same news agency, DOTC Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya admitted that these price hikes, highlighting the MRT-3, will not go to upgrade and improvements to the train lines but rather to the escrow account as the government still continues to pay the MRT Corporation under the build-lease agreement. Despite that, he assures the public that the train lines will continue to be improved over the coming years.

The fare upgrade drew flak from various sectors upon its announcement, and various groups and coalitions have expressed their intentions to file temporary restraining orders to the Supreme Court. The DOTC defended their decision as it has been over a decade since there was a fare hike on MRT-3.

To give you a recap, here’s a quick look at the fare matrices that will be implemented today:

(click to view a larger image)



Here’s a little poll we’re doing today. What are your thoughts about this issue? Feel free to drop your comments down below.

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17 Responses

  1. abuzalzal says:

    Shhhh…may nag tip sa akin, pangkalap daw yung dagdag na pasahe para sa campaign funds na mamanukin ni Penoy sa 2016

  2. archie says:

    Mura pa rin kesa mag-bus pag long distance travel. Bukas rush monday, malalaman kung mapapaluwag ng bagong fare matrix ang pila sa MRT at LRT.

  3. tonybac says:

    Yuga…the better question is…do you believe that the MRT/LRT fare increase will be used for its improvement?..walang problema sa akin magtaas, basta maganda at pulido ang serbisyo, kaso, sabi nga ni pAbaya, mapupunta lang ang malilikom na pondo sa escrow account…anu naman yun?..so malamang yung konting subsidy ng gobyerno na lang ang gagamitin sa improvement na galing din naman sa buwis na ibinabayad ng taumbayan…kawawa talaga ang Filipino nito…

    • I think the improvement is only part of it, not even a majority of the proceeds. It is possible that government subsidy will either be reduced or removed altogether so when that happens, the adjustments would not be as much anymore.

  4. gatts says:

    buti nga kayo nakinabang dyan sa maynila while kami dito sa cebu..were paying taxes para mabigyan kayo mababang price sa mrt or lrt nyo

    • magisip muna says:

      Gee, We Manilenyos are also paying taxes to pay for your roads and infrastructure there in Cebu. Buti pa kayo nakikinabang sa mga yan while kami olats.

      Taxes go to the National Government and gets allocated accordingly. If you are gonna whine about something that you will not be able to use, then we also have the right to whine, bub. Magisip ka muna bago magpost.

    • Faust says:

      well when it comes to allocating the budget for infra, etc. some provinces get a small slice, just my 50 cents, i would not mind if i go places that requires visas if the philippines were to be broken apart or be separated.

    • magisip muna says:

      Duh MM should get the larger slice because it is the CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES, meaning it is the ECONOMIC AND POLITICAL HUB of this country. You dont need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if your economic and political hub has poor infrastructure, bad things follow for the entire country.

    • jack says:

      magisip muna says:
      January 4, 2015 at 3:01 pm
      Gee, We Manilenyos are also paying taxes to pay for your roads and infrastructure there in Cebu. Buti pa kayo nakikinabang sa mga yan while kami olats

      Buti nga roads and infrastructure lang sa cebu di mo napapakinabangan eh…,si gatts roads,infrastructure plus pamasahe mo pa sa mrt/lrt binabayaran niya.

    • wew says:

      @gatts so ano to, paramihan? Ang nonsense lang ha. Sabihin mo yan uli kapag hindi na sa Cebu itatayo ang unang BRT system.

      Huwag kang magtaka kung karamihan ng pondo eh nasa NCR, sentro ng iba’t-ibang bagay ang NCR. Isa pa, nakikinabang ang Pilipinas economically dahil nagsisilbing mode of transpo ang MRT/LRT ng maraming manggagawa papuntang Metro Manila para magtrabaho.

  5. Glenn says:

    i dont ride MRT often but when i do its like sardines inside and the line in boarding the train and ticket booth is so long it even goes down the stairs(Ayala MRT). if that fare hike means improvements/upgrade and the population felt the MRT/LRT is improving they wont complain. Improvements wont be made in months it takes years, but if its used to other purposes expect improvements/upgrades in decades.

    • bob says:

      Which Filipino-to-English translator did you use? It is seemingly one of the best online translators. The thought is preserved and the sentence construction is not that ambiguous.

  6. Ja says:

    I guess they’ll say na this fare hike will be okay or would be of great use to improve the system of the train or the train itself or the inside of the station (the cleanliness and all that). Well I don’t like that excuse kasi dapat dati pa nagiimprove yung mga ganyang systems ng tren or di kaya yung kalinisan ng lrt/mrt station even without the money from the fare hike.

  7. wew says:

    Okay lang naman magtaas, kaso huwag naman ung biglaan at sobra. Hindi biro para sa nakararami ang halos 100% na dagdag-pasahe. Okay lang sana kung direktang mapupunta sa pagpapaganda ng serbisyo ng mga tren, pero kung hindi din naman pala(na ayon sa balita eh mapupunta sa escrow accts. blah blah o di kaya naman ay para mabawasan ang subsidy ng gobyerno) eh huwag na lang, ganun din naman. Maraming sumasakay sa MRT/LRT dahil mura, kaya karamihan ng nasa lower income families eh eto ang mode of transpo. Kung ganito kataas ang dagdag sa pasahe, paano na sila?

    MRT/LRT is supposed to be a social service by the government, hindi negosyo. Kaya nakakagago yang privatization eh, tayo ang naiipit.

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