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LTFRB wants Taxi Fares to be on par with Uber, Grab

The Land Transport Regulatory and Franchising Board (LTFRB) has “unanimously agreed” to raise the taxi fares to be on par with private TNVS (transport network vehicle services) companies Uber and Grab, its Chairman Martin Delgra III has announced Wednesday during the agency’s 2018 budget hearing in the Senate.

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Delgra has cited the need to increase the fares to hopefully help solve the problem of cab underutilization. “Ang gagawin, we will try to make it on par with TNVS or more particularly with the Uber system kasi nade-dehado daw mga taxi drivers ngayon. […] Ang gagawin na namin ng Board, we have already agreed unanimously, we are going to do it on a running time rate so aside from the distance travelled, meron na ring papasok on the time travel,” Delgra said.

Both Uber and Grab are computing their fares from point to point based on distance covered and running time on the road, as well as “traffic, weather or any factors that extend the distance or duration of [the] ride can contribute to a difference between [the] estimated and actual fare.”

The LTFRB has already conducted a dialogue with taxi operators two weeks ago and will be issuing a decision by the end of the month.

Source: Senate / YouTube

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15 Responses

  1. Seinosuke says:

    The services of the taxicabs should first be at par with Grab and Uber before they can even begin to think of raising their fares to be at par with Grab and Uber.

  2. Kentt says:

    it should be *on par not “at par” lol

  3. Ramon Raymundo says:

    Mr Delga is a winner in the most prestigious award of DUMB and DUMBER for this dumbest idea.also

  4. Daniel says:

    Tsk tsk. Simpleng supply-demand curve hindi alam. Ano ba yan!? How exactly will raising the prices make people more inclined to use taxis!?? Hello, LTFRB, people aren’t in the habit of just throwing money away. Kung mas gusto nila mas expensive na option, then there’s something seriously wrong, common sense lang naman di ba?

  5. Jude says:

    Mr Delgra have soft spot for taxies. now, he exposed himself to be biased with taxies. little does he know, he will kill taxi operations by raising its fare. cheers for Mr Delgra for he is slowly killing the taxi business.

    What a mess he is…

  6. Jasper says:

    So their solutions of “underutilized” taxi is to raised their fare? It’s like saying people will buy a rotten apple if you priced it the same as a good one…seriously…no doubt that the board “unanimously agreed” they shared the same brain cell with an IQ below negative.

  7. JJeffster says:

    why pay more para s mga luma, mabaho, not properly maintained taxi cabs na maaasar p ang driver pag pinalakasan mo ang aircon. why reward poor service…

  8. Jaculcul says:

    GG mga taxi ngayon. lalong maghihirap mga driver nyo. hahahahahaha

  9. meg says:

    ung totoo? di alam ng ltfrb mga dahilan kung bakit mas gusto ng iba mguber and grab? sayang lang pnpasahod sa inyo

  10. SpiderWak says:


  11. Anon says:

    great, taxi is just the last choice in case, now it’s the never choice, no one care as no one ride taxi if there is Uber or Grab available, and taxi never follow the meter anyway, they jack up the price not just they jack up more, crazy idea

  12. SpiderWak says:

    the death of taxi’s

  13. Archie says:

    Wow kapal ha? Same rate as uber and grab? Ni hindi nga marunong mag good morning ang mga taxi drivers. Mahilig pa mangmanyak ng pasaherong babae pag nakaupo sa harap tapos nangongontrata at nanamantala sa mga bagong salta sa metro manila tapos same rate? Parang cherry mobile na gustong magsamsung price lang ltfrb? Dapat kampi kayo palagi sa mga pasahero ltfrb.

  14. Trey says:

    So khit bulok..wlang aircon..rude e kasing presyo na ng uber. Lalo silang mawawalan ng pasahero

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