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Meta clarifies confusion, Live selling can still continue

Meta wants to clarify their recent announcement regarding the discontinuation of the Live Shopping feature of Facebook.

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It was announced last week that the Live Shopping feature of Facebook will be discontinued starting October 1, 2022. This created confusion to live sellers because Live Shopping is closely related to Live Selling, and of course who will forget the iconic ‘mine’ word? Now, Meta wants to clarify things.

Through ABS-CBN News , Meta clarified this Tuesday that the Live Shopping feature wasn’t even released in the Philippines.

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The Live Shopping feature of Facebook lets users ‘upload’ a product playlist (live a video or music playlist) of the products that they want to be featured which will be shown when a live stream starts.

If a user clicks the image of the shown product during the live stream, the user will be redirected to an e-commerce platform, shop website, or any links based on what is specified on the product playlist as organized by the user who is hosting the live stream.

Facebook Live

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This feature was created to put out more products to reach a bigger audience, but again, this feature wasn’t released in the Philippines.

With this development, the iconic ‘pa-mine’ and online sellers in the Philippines that thrive on Facebook lives will live on.

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