Meta launches paid verification in the US

Meta Verified 1
Want one of those blue verified badges on Facebook and Instagram? Mark Zuckerburg has recently announced in his personal Instagram that those who signed up for Meta Verified will get a blue verification badge on Facebook and Instagram, “proactive impersonation protection” and direct access to customer support.

The price to become a Meta verified member is $12 or PHP659.00 through the web, and $15 or PHP823.00 if you availed of the service through iOS or Android, taking into account the platforms cuts in in-app payments. Alongside the blue badge, members will also get some stars each month that can be used to tip other content creators, as well as extra stickers for your own stories and reels.

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There is a catch for the service though. Unlike those in Australia and New Zealand, verified subscribers in the US won’t get increased visibility in other parts of the app yet, but will look into adding this feature along with a host of others down the line as the program continues to be tested.

Currently, Facebook and Instagram users have to provide Meta with a valid government ID that matches the name and photo on their account as well as being 18 or older and enabled two-factor authentication. Subscribers are also not allowed to change their profile name and photo unless they want to go through the verification process once more. Accounts that have been previously verified are allowed to keep their blue checks.

Seeing as this service is slowly being rolled out by Meta, only means that it is just a matter of time until the rest of the world can avail of the service.

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