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Meta to implement flagging of AI-generated content

Meta announced in this press release that they will be flagging AI-generated content on Facebook, Instagram, and Threads.

As part of Meta’s new measures, the company will provide a ‘Made with AI’ tag for posts. The tag will be based on the company’s technical standards for identifying manipulated media.

Meta will also add an ‘Imagined with AI’ tag to photorealistic images that were created using their AI features.

Additionally, the company mentioned that they have a network of nearly a hundred fact-checking organizations for false or misleading content reviewing.

The network is focused on identifying and addressing viral misinformation with no basis in facts. The organizations will prioritize false claims that are timely, trending, and consequential.

However, content with minor inaccuracies will not be rated. The flagging will also not interfere with individual expression, opinions, debate, satirical or humorous content, or business disputes.

Meta will start flagging AI-generated content in May 2024, and will stop removal based on their former manipulated video policy.


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