MTRCB seeks regulation of online streaming services

MTRCB seeks regulation of online streaming services

The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has recently sought the content regulation of online streaming services, such as Netflix, in the Philippines.

As shared by MTRCB legal affairs division chief Atty. Jonathan Presquito in a hearing of the Senate’s trade committee, the government agency expresses its need to rate TV series and films available on the streaming services during the lockdown. This is to check the digital content platforms’ compliance with the MTRCB law.

Presquito said that the regulation will ensure that available content on the streaming services like Netflix and iFlix are age-appropriate, unprohibited, and authorized.

The local agency is responsible for reviewing broadcasted TV programs and available films being shown nationwide.


“We want an environment of growth and, in fact, during our engagement with different regulators in the [Southeast Asian] region, the commonality is let’s allow the streaming service to flourish but how [do we] balance that with the regulatory mechanisms,” Presquito said on a report from Inquirer.

He also stressed that the agency is mandated to review content across platforms as long as it is available in the Philippines.

“If the entity selling the material, then that entity first must be registered with the MTRCB and second the material being sold must be duly passed upon by the MTRCB. Otherwise, it is a clear violation of the MTRCB law,” Presquito added.

The agency was advised byvSenator Aquilino Pimentel III to actively participate in discussions regarding the measure.

Sources: Philippine Star, Inquirer

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