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Next-gen Apple Watch to have mental health capabilities

According to an interview of leaker Jon Posner in a podcast, the next-generation of Apple Watch and watchOS7 will have mental health capabilities

Recently, the upcoming Apple Watch 6 has been rumored to ship with an oxygen sensor that measures oxygen levels in the body. Prosser said that Apple may take advantage of the new sensor to employ new mental health-related features like panic attack detection.

There’s a huge possibility that the feature could make its debut in 2020 WWDC scheduled in June. However, it might come right after the unveiling of the new upcoming Apple Watch models.

According to the report of MacRumors, the panic attack detecting rumor was first shared by EverythingApplePro and leaker Max Weinbach back in April. At that time, he shared that the smartwatch will be able to determine when a user is experiencing high levels of stress but did not suggest if the feature would rely on blood oxygen monitoring. He also predicted that the feature would be available on the Apple Watch Series 4 or later.


Blood oxygen monitoring is essential for early detection of a respiratory or cardiac problem that requires immediate medical attention.

Some tech enthusiasts also foresee that the next Apple Watch may include sleep tracking to improve sleep quality and length.

Source: MacRumors



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