Nvidia surpasses Intel, TSMC, and Samsung Semi as top chip maker

From fourth place, Nvidia has rose up the charts and took first place in chip industry revenue today.

Nvidia A100 Gpu

Financial analyst Dan Nystedt has reported that Nvidia has taken the top spot from Samsung Semi, TSMC and Intel chip revenue.

In Q3 2023, Nvidia has bagged USD 18.12 billion revenue while earning USD 10.42 billion.

TSMC comes next with USD 17.28 billion revenue while having USD 7.21 billion in profit. Intel comes in third with a USD 14.16 billion revenue, but they have a loss of USD 8 million in profit.

Samsung Semi is in fourth place with a revenue of USD 12.52 billion. However, they have a loss of USD 2.86 billion.

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