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PSA unveils printed National ID official format, reassures it as valid, sufficient proof of identify

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) on Wednesday has revealed the official format and design of the printed ePhilID (printable National ID) which PSA reiterates, “…Shall be honored and accepted as government-issued identification document.”

Printed Ephilid Official Format

PSA Undersecretary Dennis Mapa, in a public advisory dated September 30, has informed the public on the use and acceptance of various formats of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) digital ID as valid and sufficient proof of identity and age.

The PhilSys digital ID formats include the printed ePhilID, a downloadable, and a generated copy via their mobile app.

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Printable National ID official format

PSA also revealed the official design and format of the printed ePhilID which shows a significantly large QR code, with the PhiSys Card Number (PCN) below the person’s ID photo, and basic demographics information.

Psa Printed Ephilid Sample

Printed ePhilID sample | Image/ PSA

realme philippines

The sample also shows the ePhilID generation date, along with a few friendly reminders.

PSA says that it uses ‘public-private key cryptography’ to ensure that the contained information cannot be tampered with.

Claiming your PhilSys digital ID

PSA says, “Registrants who have successfully registered to PhilSys or those [issued] with PhilSys Number (PSN) may avail of the ePhilID in its various formats.”

“They can claim their ePhilID subject to its availability, by setting an online appointment, and presenting their transaction slip to their selected PhilSys Registration Centers on the reserved date,” the advisory read.

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You may read our step-by-step guide in claiming your ePhilID.

Printed Ephilid Guide Fi

Security and authentication

The printed ePhilID can be verified through the PhilSys Check webpage (https://verify.philsys.gov.ph/QrScan/). Once the PhilSys Check authenticated the QR code of a certain ePhilID, it will display a successful verification message that should match the demographic info and the ID photo of the person.

The printed ePhilID shall be accepted as valid

Mapa reassured that the printed ePhilID shall be honored and accepted as a government-issued ID of a person for his/ her transactions in ALL national government agencies local government units (LGUs), government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), government financial institutions (GFIs), financial institutions, and the private sector.

“Any person or entity who, without just and sufficient cause, proved to have refused to accept, acknowledge, and/or recognize the printed ePhilID as the only official identification of the holder/possessor thereof shall be penalized in accordance with Section 19 of RA No. 11055,” Mapa added.

As previously reported, the digital PhilID system is part PSA’s ‘proactive strategy’ allowing registrants to immediately enjoy the benefits of being PhilSys-registered while they wait for the physical copy.

Benefits include better access to more financial and social protection services pursuant to Section 7 (c) (1) of the Republic Act No. 11055 (RA 11055), otherwise known as the Philippine Identification System Act of 2018.

DICT develops the mobile app for National ID

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) is working alongside the PSA on a National ID mobile app that would serve as a digital alternative of the said identification system.

The agency eyes a release in early 2023.


UPDATE: Added a link for a step-by-step guide. Also added info on DICT’s mobile app in development.

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