Sen. Poe considers Starlink as PH’s next internet service provider

Senator Grace Poe considers Space X Starlink as the Philippines’ next internet service provider. The senator recognizes that said internet service provider’s services entering the country may benefit Filipinos.

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Starlink is a satellite internet constellation being constructed by SpaceX that provides satellite Internet access. Moreover, it aims to put 12,000 satellites into low Earth orbit, which will provide high-speed, low-latency, cheap internet access to anyone with the proprietary Starlink receiver. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is working on making its services more accessible to the public through community WiFi formats. Having said that, the senator mentioned the aim for the country to be associated with a company like SpaceX with an innovative culture.

“It’s an exciting possibility. They are offering satellite technology for connectivity,” Poe mentioned.

The SpaceX Starlink Team and the Office of Senator Grace Poe have recently met virtually to discuss a proposal of satellite technology for internet connectivity. According to the senator, certain issues and concerns need to be addressed, including the possibility of opening up a new player. She emphasizes that more players mean better Internet service.

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Poe also remarked that the initial cost of SpaceX would initially be much higher than existing market rates but would become affordable over time. “The cost at this point is quite prohibitive for the regular subscriber. It’s about USD 500 just to set this up, or about PHP 25,000. Having said that, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because there’s probably a niche market that will be able to afford this technology. And we are also looking forward that, in the future, with more subscribers, the cost will go down. Bababa rin kapag marami nang subscribers,” she stated.

However, the senator also recognizes the issues that hinder investors. Poe cited that the ownership provision in the Constitution is discouraging other investors. Though, Poe also stated that their role in the Senate is to upgrade the outdated policies. She also aims to find a solution without overhauling the Constitution, but with the Public Service Act’s passage that will permit foreign ownership in certain industries.

Meanwhile, Poe reiterated her push for her Better Internet bill (Senate Bill No. 1831) that would hold local telco players to higher standards, a cause that would be strengthened by the entry of Starlink as a new competitor.

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11 Responses

  1. LEONIDAS says:

    para sa mga di nakaka alam… ang kikitain ng Starlink Internet ay gagamitin para sa MARS Mission.. Yan ang Ultimate Goal ni Elon Musk.. ang tumira na din ang mga Tao sa Mars.

  2. Mr.NiceGuy says:

    True, target market yung pinag-uusapan. Kahit around 10k per month pa to, may mag subscribe din, lalo na yung nasa bukid na walang ka internet. So, shut-up ka nalang. Peace ??

  3. Andro says:

    So who will be their “60/40”?? . I doubt Elon musk will do 60/40 since he hates “car dealerships” so he could sell the car without a middleman… I doubt this idea will not come to fruition because of the constitutional barriers for Starlink….

  4. joberta says:

    How much Senator Trapoe? how much is your kickback lol.

  5. Horatiofightstrolls says:

    The trolls are here too wow, talk about our intel fund working against us. Just because Starlink is not a Chinese company huh?

    For once, Sen Poe is talking sense here.

  6. noybits says:

    while it is true that starlink is the future, it is currently expensive. We should get more telcos up and running and you need foreign investments for that. Remove the restrictions in our constitution and put them in legislation instead.

  7. christian sonio says:

    Starlink Satellite internet connection has a minimum designed 1Gbps download speed @ 90% reliability rate.. subscription fee will eventually goes down as many people subscribe

  8. Jomel says:

    Nag iisip ba talaga itong senador nato? haha may pa star link starlink pa kemahal ng subscription niyan

    • Johnny Angel says:

      Nabanggit naman nya na may niche market for it. Ako afford ko, ikaw hindi, ibig sabihin ba nun wala nang saysay Starlink sa Pilipinas? Mag PLDT ka kung yan ang afford mo.

    • Mr.NiceGuy says:

      True, target market yung pinag-uusapan. Kahit around 10k per month pa to, may mag subscribe din, lalo na yung nasa bukid na walang ka internet. So, shut-up ka nalang. Peace ??

    • dixklord says:


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