Sony-Ericsson Phone Price List in the Philippines

Sony-Ericsson Phone Price List in the Philippines

The price list of phones below were taken from Mega Exchange Store in the Mall of Asia last January 5, 2009. Prices might change and they usually go down but these are the best cash-only deals we’ve see so far for Sony Ericsson:


Sony Ericsson W200i – Php5,200
Sony Ericsson T200 – Php4,900
Sony Ericsson R300 – Php4,900
Sony Ericsson K530i – Php8,500
Sony Ericsson W350i – Php7,900
Sony Ericsson G502 – Php8,500
Sony Ericsson W380i – Php9,500
Sony Ericsson K770i – Php10,900
Sony Ericsson W580i – Php10,900
Sony Ericsson K810i – Php11,500
Sony Ericsson T700 – Php11,900
Sony Ericsson W910i – Php13,900
Sony Ericsson C905 – Php29,500
Sony Ericsson G700 – Php14,900
Sony Ericsson W595 – Php14,900
Sony Ericsson W890i – Php14,500
Sony Ericsson W760i – Php15,500
Sony Ericsson C902i – Php18,900
Sony Ericsson G900 – Php19,900
Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 – Php42,500
Sony Ericsson T306 – Php5,600
Sony Ericsson T303 – Php5,700

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4 Responses

  1. angela says:

    where can i buy the w910i?

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  3. Luigi Pineda says:

    Good Day…


    Asking for the price of Sony Xperia S, and if already available here in Philippines.

    Thank you.

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