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Switch launches Apple iPhone 11 Special Trade-in Program

Switch has just announced that it will be launching a special trade-in offer on its iPhone 11 launch event.

Users can bring in their network unlocked iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max to trade-in and upgrade to the latest iPhone series, the iPhone 11. The value of the traded-in device will be turned into store credit towards the consumer’s chosen iPhone.

Network unlocked iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max in mint condition can be traded in for the following prices:

iPhone XR


  • iPhone XR 64 GB – PHP 25,495
  • iPhone XR 128 GB – PHP 26,995
  •  iPhone XR 256 GB – PHP 30, 245

iPhone XS

  • iPhone XS 64 GB – PHP 33, 995
  • iPhone XS 256 GB – PHP 38,745
  • iPhone XS 512 GB – PHP 45,245

iPhone XS Max

  • iPhone XS Max 64 GB – PHP 37,495
  • iPhone XS Max 256 GB – PHP 42,245
  • iPhone XS Max 512 GB – PHP 48,745

Switch has also noted that iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max units that are not network unlocked will undergo through normal trade-in evaluation and are not applicable for the special trade-in prices mentioned above.

Before the trade-in, Switch is also requiring its consumers to create a backup of their iPhone, turn off the Find my iPhone feature, sign out of their iCloud account, and erase the data. Afterward, the user is then requested to download the Switch Trade-In app.

The Switch Apple iPhone 11 Special Trade-In program will happen on October 24. For registration and a list of Switch branches, click here.

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