Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Stand 100W unveiled

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Stand 100W unveiled

Xiaomi has just unveiled the new 100W wireless charging stand, which is almost identical to its existing 80W unit.


Similar to the 80W unit, the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Stand 100W supports standard Qi charging technology and is built with a double coil design, meaning that users can charge their phones either vertically or horizontally. It also has dedicated buttons that allow users to turn its fast charging mode on.

In addition, it comes with a 100W charging speed and features a curved air duct that allows heat to be dissipated more efficiently. Furthermore, it comes with an additional current calibration protection layer while retaining the over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, electrostatic protection, and foreign object detection of the previous model.


In terms of design, the only difference is that the 100W model comes in Black with a Gold color accent, while the older 80W is available in White with a Silver accent.

According to Xiaomi, this charging stand can charge the latest MIX 4 smartphone from 0-100% in just 28 minutes.

The Xiaomi Mi Wireless Charging Stand 100W unveiled is priced at CNY 599, and it will be available for purchase in China starting August 16.

Source: Xiaomi China

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