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Asus EeePC 1201N vs. 1201T

During the last Asus event the other night, we were able to play with the Asus EeePC 1201N and got some additional information about it that we can compare with the 1201T.

These two models basically have the same exteriors and the difference is between the CPU and GPU.

So we compare how they perform using the simple Windows Experience Index and got these results:

Of course, there’s the difference in battery performance because of the TDP of the CPU+GPU combo. The Atom N330 with GeForce 9400M has a total TDP of 20 watts (8w + 12w) while the Athlon Neo MV-40 alone is already at 15 watts. But then again, the numbers on WEI isn’t really that far off.

The Asus Eee PC 1201N sells for Php27,000 (Windows 7) while the Eee PC 1201T sells for only Php22,000 (no OS).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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39 Responses

  1. StrayArrow says:

    In 4 months I think I can afford the 1201N but then there might be somethin new and better that will come out and maybe cheaper…..woot woot

  2. That’s why I see many asus laptops here in university. Cheaper and good specs.

  3. gelogs says:

    1201N has HDMI, 1201T has none.

  4. vepa814 says:

    i just got my 1201N (silver) last night, and i’m loving it already!!! ang bilis maubos ng stocks, halos agawan. mine was the last stock sa store and they’re not sure kung may parating pa sila soon.

  5. zaiko says:

    I might be holding off for Asus Eee PC 1201PN although can’t find any release date. Nvidia’s Optimus Technology will save a lot of battery life but not compatible with the Current Ion 1 because of the lack of integrated graphics. Any news if 1201PN will be announced in the Philippines?

  6. NineSwordz says:

    Sir yuga, up to how much RAM does the 1201N can have? 4GB?

  7. jab says:

    @zaiko – i agree… i’m waiting for that one too… hopefully it gets shipped to our shores…

  8. warfab says:

    With netbooks sporting Nvidia Ion 2 just around the corner, Asus Phils were a little too late in making the 1201N available in the Philippines.

  9. yuga says:

    @zaiko – might take longer as they just launched the current ones.

    @nineswordz – I think up to 2GB only.

  10. PaulC says:

    Hello yuga, where do you find that asus ph have events here.. ^__^

  11. Les C. says:

    It’s the best of both worlds, and both from ASUS! If that Atom beats that Athlon 64 Neo, I’m gonna scrap my Athlon 64 X2 powered HP.

  12. yuga says:

    @paulc – the PR agency of Asus invites people from the press and bloggers during their media events.

  13. PaulC says:

    Thanks yuga! ^__~

  14. Vance says:

    Here is my suggestion! Don’t get the 1201t, processor is slow!!!!!! Get the N dual core atom procie but battery life is only good 3.5 Hr as what most reviews have stated.

    Now another suggestion: Get it without the OS! Windows 7 starter is good but you can’t do simple networking with it,sharing files between sytems… Makakatipid ka pa!

    Asus 1201N without the os sells for 25K, kung cash baka pwede pang 24,500…

    Ang kalaban ng Asus 1201N is the MSI wind U230X, batt life is shorter than the Asus 1201N, pero dual core Neo 2 na, hindi yan NV40, L335 ang
    gamit, sell for 21,500 to 24K, without os.

    closes thing you will get next to the Asus 1201N is the HP mini 311 which is about 30K with external dvd drive included. and single core atom 270 with NVidia ion as well..

    The MSI wind u210, didn’t fair well with Neo NV40 procie…

  15. Vance says:

    As for the nvida ion 2, it was already launched a few days back… I think some says it was slower than the original, some were able to review the first system that uses the NVIDIA ION 2. Nakakapagtaka, since nvidia ion 2 will be a discrete video card for atom procie so it should have been much faster..

  16. AlvinM says:


    san makakabili ng asus 1201N na walang OS…???

  17. Vance says:

    Mostly sa Greenhills meron..

  18. Momet says:

    asus 1201n

    Max memory

    win 7 32 bit = 4 gb

    win 7 64 bit = 8 gb


  19. salemslt says:

    saan makakabili nung wind u230 na 21.5k lang?

  20. chiidorisek says:

    can the 1201N play any facebook games w/o any lag?

  21. Drew says:


    I believe that the Nvidia Ion GPU and the Nvidia GeForce 9400M GPU are NOT one and the same as stated in this article. Kindly check Nvidia’s website. We do not want to misinform readers now, do we?



    • yuga says:

      @Drew – Nvidia Ion is a system/motherboard platform that includes Nvidia’s GeForce 9400M (MCP79) chipset, DDR3-1066 or DDR2-800 SDRAM, and the Intel Atom processor. Can you share the link where you found your reference?

  22. jenny dela cruz says:

    sir yuga?(everyone)

    help poh!
    im planning 2 buy a mini laptop in which i could play online games and also use for thesis!belok 30k there is good graphics,ram, and speed!im so confused because of many laptops in the market. Any suggestion? and also help me find a store here in davao where i could buy it….!^_^

  23. mojolo says:

    i just bought my asus 1201t a month ago and all i can say is that i’m completely satisfied with it. browsing, light multi-tasking and the like is no sweat for this netbook, at 21,900 php, i think it’s a steal. even without an os it justifies the price and you can even choose what os you wanna install. i am dual booting it with karmic koala 9.10 and windows 7 and both run flawlessly. but of course i prefer the karmic more and now i’m beginning to think that win 7 is just an extra baggage.

  24. mae cherrie says:

    i have just bought my 1201N and not satisfied with the battery’s 2hrs capacity. a 5600ma 63wh. is there
    a higher capacity than this? and where?

  25. YEN says:


  26. sab says:

    I just saw this earlier, it looks really nice. ano po ba mas okay ito or ung hp mini 311?? kasi dun sa store, they were saying that asus 1201N is better, sa mga reviews naman, sinasabi na mas okay ung hp. haay.. im confused now.

  27. ivy says:

    hi yuga! im planing to buy a laptop im not techy and i might need your professional help.. i have a budget of 21-25k i know its not much but i dont wanna go spending when it comes to this sort of things,, im gonna use it at work probably i would need some good memory for downloading data.. thx!!

  28. nev says:

    hi, which netbook have the longest battery life as you’ve tested?

  29. neil says:

    I saw these items at Villman.com.

    1201T – PHP 21,900.00
    1201N – PHP 26,892.00

    Big price difference.

    Do you know other online store that offers these items?

  30. andy says:

    hi! just to give you additional info for ASUS 1201N. I’ve been using one for a month now. I’m really satisfied! It can play fast online games w/o lag and using it for youtube video streaming is the best! I bought it for 26K @ Gigahertz SM Cubao branch. With free ASUS sleeve and optical mouse, and Win7!!!

  31. chiidorisek says:

    can it play online games like ragnarok? and facebook games w/o lag?

  32. yen says:

    i already bought my 1201n at 26,800..
    i checked the asus website then i notice that the os is ms window home premium then when i buy it only window 7??
    what is the difference between window 7 starter and home premium?
    help plzzzz….

  33. Aaron says:

    i’m loving my 1201T! 21,900 is a really good price. almost 5k difference vs. 1201N. Some stores will even offer to install a Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate OS for only Php 1500 (1201N only comes with the Win7 Starter). You can even ask them to install other softwares like MS Office, Photoshop, and even games!=) Very nice deal!

  34. jimenezleryhc says:

    Good day :D
    Mr. Yuga i just wanna ask, which do you prefer 1201T or 1201N, and do you have an idea where can I avail the 1201N without its operating system? How much is the cost? thanks!

  35. marc says:

    sir plan ko po kc bumili ng laptop… eh namimili po ako sa asus 1201n,1201t,1201pn..ano po ang pinaka maganda dto sa 3?

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