Asus UX21: a Mac Air look-alike on Core i7

Asus UX21: a Mac Air look-alike on Core i7

Looks like Asus is gonna beat Apple to the punch by announcing a super-thin notebook (to compete with the Macbook Air) that sports a Core i7 processor. The Asus UX21 was revealed at Computex Taiwan yesterday.

This 11.6 incher is only 17mm thin at its thickest base, exactly the same as the Macbook Air, with a total weight of just 2.4lbs.


Other specs include an SSD storage, 4GB RAM, USB 3.0, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, BluetoothAsus promises up to 7 hours battery life on this device. Expect the Asus UX21 to be pretty expensive and will probably come near the price of the Mac Air.

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36 Responses

  1. hey says:

    It’s not just a MacAir look-alike, it actually look better. Metal keys, glass touchpad and aluminum body proves that it IS better than the MacAir. Although that’s the case, there’s something about how the MacAir looks like that makes me like it in some way. Here’s a complete article of comparison to the ASUS UX21 and MacAir, together with Dell’s XPs15z

  2. Leo says:

    Between McBook Air and Asus UX21, I will pick a McBook Air. There’s something that makes Apple products standout. It may be not the most powerful computer out there but Apple has a certain appeal that makes people fall in love with.

    • Wakocoke says:

      and that’s their eye-candy OS

    • ry says:

      Appeal–yeah that’s marketing and that’s what Apple is good at. Selling underwhelming products that are overpriced. It’s like being duped and feeling good about it. Wake up akala mo lang cool ka nauto ka na pala. Been using mac for 5 years sa work–nothing really magical about it except buying something that is overpriced. It’s like choosing a dumb blonde. para sa mga taong mahilig sa Starbucks and showing off as if they are cool. Congrats isa ka sa uto uto

    • uhm? says:

      uhm..he is ryt..

    • earl says:

      no need to insult others. each and every one has his/her own taste. you only sound like an uneducated person.

    • Jerome1127 says:


    • mikey says:

      nice cheap shot at blondes when you havent/will never see or talk to one your whole life.

    • Jerome1127 says:


  3. jdGONEMAD says:

    kung halos same price lang eh di mac book pa din.

  4. apple addict says:

    I hear law suite bells

    • neil says:

      HAHA!!! first samsung… now asus… wondering which company is next… sony? lg? acer?

    • jm says:

      wala sa plano ng Sony ang mangopya ng design ng ibang brand. Sony always comes up with their own original designs. yung mga Sony Vaio kinokopya ng ibang brand.. Sony Vaio X still the slimmest lightest and portable mobile pC

    • emzarate says:

      true, specifically the vaio x505. tapered din design nito. and island keys.

    • Dodo says:

      Law suite? Pareho ba yun ng lawsuit?

  5. adam says:

    What is the Disk space?

  6. Jay says:

    Sana lumabas dito, pero i doubt it. Madaming mga asus products na hindi naman narerelease sa pilipinas.

  7. gar says:

    will probably cost as much as MBAir? Then I’d pick Apple’s!

  8. Rich says:

    4GB lang daw HDD nyan… pero expandable nman!
    Nde na kasya ang 2.5 inch HDD sa sobrang nipis! hahaha

  9. Manix says:

    Hi Abe, i know that Windows lovers hate Mac. But i’ve been observing, a lot of Mac features are finding its way to Windows based computers.

    Can you do an article on this one? Do these companies actually sell more by copying these features instead of being original?

  10. la says:

    MAC is too dumb-proof for my taste

  11. qosmio says:

    im using a toshiba laptop that is also a desktop, and vice versa. I dont like laptop whose screen smaller than 15.4in, and i want a gaming and multimedia.
    but if im going to choose between asus and apple, ill choose apple, they have more service center.

  12. Wakocoke says:

    apparently, thin laptop design is owned by apple LOL

  13. JC says:

    Apple is still the eye-candy.. i guess macbook will still pwned asus every time.. just my 2 cents

    • Wakocoke says:


    • Ryan Ang says:

      lolwut talaga.. I was already lost at eye-candy.

      Seryosong opinion ko, Asus gave the Samsung Series 9 it’s greatest contender for the slimmest uncompromised Win 7 machine. Both are great but both will surely have the same price point (considering UX21 will have an i7 proc PLUS SSD). Premium design will definitely carry a premium price.

      Asus, please just release the u36Jc here in the Philippines.. :(

    • boy_fanboy says:

      Same here. I want Asus to release the U36JC here in the philippines. I want it over this notebook because it’s just so cool for it size.

  14. hey says:

    I don’t get it. Why do you guys prefer a MacBook Air? It’s totally nothing compared to this. The ASUS UX21 is so much better than that Apple crap. Ok, not that much of a crap, but compared to the i7 processor of this UX21, MacAir would look pathetic. Oh, well, what can I say, Apple has invaded the Filipino minds with their nothing-but-marketing products.

    • Jay says:

      There are a lot of laptop brands better than mac. But very expensive here. nakakairita na makikita mo that the online price is different from the local one. my view is that sa mac kasi, lumalaban na sa presyo. and hindi sasama ang loob mo dahil malapit ang US price sa local price. sa ibang brands, lalo iyong price>US$1000, ang laki laki ng difference.

  15. With a trackpoint it would be great. Still can’t imagine people preferring track pad instead track point…
    The price will surely be huge, too much for me I bet.

  16. Bryan says:

    Its very interesting how people get mesmerized to that half eaten apple logo. hehehehe..

  17. Abby says:

    Hello, reports say that it will cost at around 899 USD. Cause it’s supposed to be 100 USD cheaper than MBA.
    Is Mac overpriced here in the PH?

  18. SpiderWak says:

    Do you believe in love at first sight? Oh yes I do! Yes I do!

    I hope they would release it here.

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