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BlackBerry Playbook is RIM’s Tablet

RIM has finally unveiled their very own tablet — the BlackBerry Playbook, which they dubbed as the first multiprocessing, multi-tasking professional tablet.

RIM BlackBerry Playbook
7″ capacitive display @ 1024×600 pixel
BlackBerry Tablet OS
Cortex A9 1GHz dual-core CPU
Dual HD cameras (3 MP front facing, 5 MP rear facing)
1080p Full HD video recording
HDMI port
WiFi 802.11n
Bluetooth 2.1

The Playbook is just 9.7mm thick and weighs about 0.9lb (400g). It will have support for WebKit/HTML5, Adobe Flash Player 10.1, Adobe Mobile Air, POSIX, OpenGL and Java. The tablet can also do video playback in full 1080p HD, H.264, MPEG, DivX or WMV.

There’s no option for 3G/4G but that will be added in future models. The Playbook will pair with any BlackBerry handset via Bluetooth so you can project the contents of the phone to the tablet. See teaser video below:

RIM is expected to release the BlackBerry Playbook in the US in early 2011 and to the rest of the world by 2nd half of next year. No estimated retail price were indicated in the release.

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39 Responses

  1. NonesenseLife says:

    this will realy realy kill ipad

  2. jim says:

    this is good for the competition, but soon Apple will release another version of the iPad with similar or better specs……….

  3. lolipown says:

    10 bucks says this will be more expensive than the iPad

  4. blitzkrieg says:

    I don’t think this will kill the iPad, but choice is definitely good for the consumer. Let’s face it, it will always be hard to kill an Apple product, primarily because of the fact that they command legions of fanbois that worship their products without really thinking about alternatives.

    From a technical perspective, this sure is nice. Really nice. But if you ask me, tablets aren’t really practical. You can browse, email, chat, watch videos, play games on your smartphone anyway. Plus, if I’m going to do office work on the go, I’d rather buy netbook or a really, really good-speced 11 or 12-inch laptop from Sony or Alienware. Then again, that’s just my 2 centavos.

  5. Jay says:

    If RIM will release it next year, who’s gonna buy it? Not a worthy competitor to Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad and the upcoming HP Slate. It’s just gonna fail, believe me.

    A professional tablet with a stupid name. BB Playbook.

  6. Jay says:

    7″ professional tablet vs 10″ ipad, i’d rather pay for a much larger screen.

    Parang Asus EEE 1000series vs 1200 series in screen estate.

  7. poche says:

    should have made it at 9 inches also

  8. Almost Techie says:

    What ever happened with the wePad? They made the announcement before the release of the iPad, but I think there’s no release yet. With all these new tablets coming out, they’ll definitely lose some market.

  9. Ryan Ang says:

    7 inches would definitely be just right for tablets. The iPad can be cumbersome to handle after a while. If you use the iPad enough you’d know how a smaller screen would benefit its ergonomics.

    Although I agree with some that by the time this would be released a better model from Apple would be sent out in the market. maybe same specs, maybe even the same 7 inch screen.

    I was torn between a lappie and a tablet, in the end I got the latter. One reason, instant-on OS.

    it would all depend on your needs actually.

  10. YuYu says:

    looks very promising.

    i’m looking forward to a day where we can multi-boot an android OS, webOS, WP7, on a tablet device. and on a phone.

  11. by the time the Playbook hits the market, Apple will have probably released their own 7′ iPad nano :D

  12. Teknisyan says:

    All these announcement.. pero… they’re still not available for people to buy… so guess manufacturer’s are announcing their tablet and hope that people will wait for it to be available and not buy the iPad.

    We may see an iPad that has a similar specs of the iphone 4. As long as they don’t change the size from 9″ to 7″. Which is the distinguishing factor between an iPad (9″) and the other tablets (7″).

  13. blitzkrieg says:


    Ugh.. no? It wouldn’t make sense for a manufacturer to release a new product (especially when it falls in its flagship line) without making an announcement. That’s like waking up tomorrow then suddenly finding out that Microsoft has Windows 8 out of the door without any prior hints. :P

  14. Jay says:

    I just coulnd’t get over Blackberry’s stupid name for the device. Playbook? really? Sounded more like a BenQ product to me.

    Boss: What’s that?
    Employee: Sir it’s the new Blackberry Playbook
    Boss: facepalm

    Apple iPad, Galaxy Tab and HP slate are better nomenclatures than a Blackberry PlayBook.

    –“What ever happened with the wePad? They made the announcement before the release of the iPad, but I think there’s no release yet. With all these new tablets coming out, they’ll definitely lose some market.”

    WePad is a vaporware. With Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad dominate Holiday buyers pockets who’s gonna wait for “early” 2011 (US&Canada) and 2nD-3RD qUARTER of 2011 (Globally) for BB’s Playbook?

    Desktop/Laptop/Netbook = Content Creation
    Tablet/iPad/Netbook = content consumption
    Smartphone = Email/social app on the Go

    @Ryan Ang
    i definitely agree with you on a device with instant On, Always on, all day on. No more slow boot and loading times.

    by the time Playbook hits global market, Apple will probably sold hundreds of thousands or millions of iPad globally (including illegal and parallel unofficial imports).

    I think the dates of launch and official anouncements are major strategies in directly competing with Apple in market dominance.

    Apple’s charisma is still here to stay, unless a worthy competitor arrives.

  15. Ryan Ang says:


    the Playbook is a worthy competitor actually.. if only they could release it soon enough (and soon = holiday season)

  16. Jay says:

    @Ryan Ang
    The technology is available since 3rd quarter of 2009. Making official announcements and launch as late as 2011, while only hurt the company. What were they thinking? Just like Microsoft Kin (deceased), Nokia N8 and Windows Phone 7.

    People want it FAST, we don’t want to wait for another 6-10 months for it’s release.

    Specifications wise, maybe but availability it’s still not a worthy competitor to the iPad.

    Making an all-in-one device (see what happened to Nokia N-Series) will only saturate the category, but making a less but capable device sets the standard making people crave for more. IMHO

  17. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    One glance at the pic I though it was a tablet running Linux Mint, Tint2 Panel and Avant Window Navigator dock


  18. lalaal says:

    read this


    san ka nakakita nang tablet na may support ng adobe flash player?

    cool pero let’s see after a month it will released so we can have reviews :>

  19. nightcrawler says:


    do apple products ring a bell?

  20. blitzkrieg says:


    No, because they make announcements for their flagship products. Plus, the geek community gets tons of hints because Apple sends out invitations for an event.

  21. Ryan Ang says:


    Nokia is notoriously known for that. Announcing products then releasing after who knows how long. This has been Apple’s strength, they know when to hold off announcements till the right time. Waiting time for Apple products is relatively short compared to others (relative only to flagship products).

    I don’t think the tech is available 3Q 2009 especially with the cortex dual core processor embedded on this thing, the rest yes. The cause of the delay might be from the supplier side as well as app developers for this thing.

  22. Manny says:

    dang! another temptation…

  23. godz says:

    I would have an iPod, iPhone or maybe an iPad if only iTunes was a pain for me two years ago when I had some cheap Nano. It was not too friendly for me.

    I’m leaning towards getting this since I have BB Smartphone. If I had Samsung Smartphone I would consider Galaxy Tab.

  24. godz says:

    I would have an iPod, iPhone or maybe an iPad if only iTunes was a pain for me two years ago when I had some cheap Nano. It was not too friendly for me.

    I’m leaning towards getting this since I have BB Smartphone. If I had Samsung Smartphone I would consider Galaxy Tab. Just my two cents.

  25. nightcrawler says:


    they make announcement for they products?! yeah, like a week before it becomes available in the market – that’s just as good as overnight in your argument. others, i.e. the ipad and apple tv are different stories though.

    hints are just hints and not official. apple doesn’t leak information like others do.

  26. nightcrawler says:

    i meant for “their” product

  27. newbie says:

    I smell an apple fanboy.. Anyways

    Two things why I think this is better than the other tablets (leaked or released), dual-core + adobe flash. I mean, come on. Flash on a tablet? FTW

  28. forgetmenot says:


    yeah a fanboy and a stupid dick like you

  29. Daves says:

    one the toys that i am looking forward to see. though i am leaning towards samsung’s galaxy tab. hopefully these tablets will retail @ $300

  30. mr.bogus says:

    hmmm hirap mag decide kung ano maganda until di pa makita nag full features nito..!!!!!…. mas ok to dahil may flash… how about the applications??…. masid pa rin…….

  31. Salome says:

    You will be able to buy the BB Play book in our outlet in Manila: blackberryzuela.com by mid february next year!!

  32. isha says:

    ive read that Blackberry promises Android Market will enter into a Playbook in the future.

  33. Chanelle Badgero says:

    I鈥檝e bookmarked, Dugg, and I joined the RSS subscription. Thanks!

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