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Nokia Booklet 3G in the flesh!

So here we have it — one of the very first few Nokia Booklet 3G in the country. We don’t know when it will be released in the Philippines but if it ever did, at least we’re able to share with you some close-up shots and a review ahead to help you get decided.

I have to admit, the Nokia Booklet 3G is just gorgeous (and I use this word very sparingly). Pretty solid aluminum construction. If it didn’t have the Nokia logo on the glossy-black lid cover, I’d easily mistaken it for an Apple netbook (okay, the non-existent one).

Nokia Booklet 3G specs:
10.1″ display screen @ 1280×720 pixels
Intel Atom Z530 1.6GHz
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 500
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
3G Modem
Integrated GPS and A-GPS
1.3MP camera
HDMI port, 3 x USB 2.0 ports
SD card reader

The Booklet 3G is Nokia’s first attempt to enter the laptop segment so it will be interesting how it will position itself in this already-crowded market. We’ll have the full review of this unit in a week or two so stay tuned for that.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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39 Responses

  1. clint says:

    How much? looks nice :)

  2. Yeah, the netbook looks nice indeed. I also like how the laptop was packaged ^^ Just hope it’ll be cheap.

  3. Do you have any idea what’s the OS of this booklet?

  4. Chris says:

    Sir, what’s the estimated price for this unit?
    The processor speed, the RAM and the HDD isn’t really impressive but the construction is quite cool.

  5. yuga says:

    Estimated price is between Php35k to Php40k (about 39k daw) and runs Windows 7.

  6. i like how it has GPS, definitely coming from a mobile perspective. How about HSPDA?

  7. Edgar says:

    At least it has a known name (although not on this product line yet) but so with Acer, HP, and the rest of the groupies. So, why should we buy this one?

  8. balahuraz says:

    HSDPA and HSUPA are both under the 3G technology.. FYI :)

  9. alma says:

    Dang, Abe, that notebook is fab!! notebook rates are so competitive now, so i hope nokia will not jack this one too high…

  10. I hope telecom companies here in the Philippines have the capability or have the technology to support the built in 3g modem.

  11. whaâ„¢ says:

    can’t wait for the review sir yuga!!!

  12. Calvin says:

    very nice looking (although boxy) netbook.

  13. Dan The Beast says:

    @ 39k, i can already buy 2 good performing netbooks. what ya think? :)

  14. ed says:

    I must admit that it really looks good. :-) though i think i like the ipad more. :-)
    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  15. @39k, you can alredy buy an Acer Core 2 Duo machine with more memory but without the 3G modem and GPS.

    Best if they can make it like an ipad and then load it with GPS navigation software with Philippne Maps so may laptop ka na, may GPS navigator pa.

  16. daemon says:

    39K ?? Atom lols Tsk tsk tsk

  17. Pedro says:

    yikesssss… 35k? oh no…

  18. daddy joey says:

    looks nice… but for 35-40k? :D

  19. lorenz says:

    Ehhh, Windows 7 Starter lang siya~? *pout* Akala ko ba eh kaya sa netbooks ang Win7 Ultimate, let alone Home Premium?

  20. drealmarlon says:

    the 12 hours battery capacity not specified here?

  21. eRLyN says:

    is that promising for a notebook?

  22. lolipown says:

    I’m shaking my head as I go through each line of the specs… HDMI output on an Intel budget graphics silicon. Then the premium price. Makes you wonder if this is even going to sell.

  23. 39k for a netbook is way too expensive IMO. it’s premature for me to runt though. nokia must have built this little thing with love and passion. :)

  24. irv says:

    sorry, when i saw the words “intel” and “atom”, my eyes just kinda glaze over…

    pass pls.

  25. asan ? says:

    Just curious, where’s the review ? It’s only specs…

  26. asan ? says:

    Ow, ina a week or too…. Just got excited, I thought my browser is missing some infos

  27. val says:

    The design is clean and stylish just like a Macbook Pro.

  28. cattey says:

    i really like this Nokia Booklet 3G!!!
    it looks so sleek; however, i think i want to opt for the Apple IPad, or maybe both gadgets!
    technology never ceases to amaze me! have you heard of or seen the lecture about the SixthSense??
    holy moley!!! that is incredible and way ahead of this time’s technology! it’s like the creator/inventor just saved the human kind 10 years of our lives for having created it now.
    you have to check it out if you still haven’t done so yet.
    here’s the link to the video of the lecture:

  29. simplynice93 says:

    Not impressive specs for Nokia Booklet. You can buy a better netbook for the price of Php38K++. It’s only advantage is it looks like the old Macbook.

  30. Adrian says:

    Ang problem Atom yung processor, so meaning medyo mabagal yan. :(

  31. Jon says:

    Looks nice, but…Well, it just looks nice. Specs pale in comparison with other netbooks in the market. I doubt they’ll price that around 23-25k. More like 30k++ or even more.

  32. aluminum coating, nice design but look at the specs, i think it’s slow.

  33. john says:

    very nice looks, but specs? nah :)

  34. nonoypinoy says:

    i still love my toshiba sattelite series w/ 320gb of internal mem and a harman kardon speakers. i might try this though once it arrives here in my location. AR is right, once you got to travel a lot and stays in the airport terminal for more than 12hrs then this one is for you. with my current laptop, i always make sure i bring with me a universal adaptor. i was once stucked in dubai terminal 3 for 14hrs and got no adaptor that would fit their power outlet.good thing there is one passenger who’s kind enough to lend me hers.

  35. zgkent says:

    the 3G, GPS with a-gps, hdmi and 1280×720 reso is nice, but is battery life also nice?…^_^

  36. josengSISIW says:


  37. josengSISIW says:


  38. Marky says:

    Sir yuga, do you have any WEI screenshots or scores?

  39. Buyer says:

    Could anyone help me buy the Black Nokia Booklet 3G. I’ve been waiting for its release in the Philippines since 2009. Best Buy in the U.S. only sells and ships the item if the credit card holder and its billing address are both in the continnental U.S. I’ve also tried buying the item at Ebay but I encountered problems in checking out using PayPal.

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