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Nokia Booklet 3G to go for Php39,000

That’s the best price of the Nokia Booklet 3G we’ve heard so far. That doesn’t include customs and VAT so I’m guessing that will be the lowest figure when it officially gets here in the Philippines.

This is from a Hong Kong supplier of @artsamaniego who originally got it for Php45,000.

The Booklet 3G is Nokia’s first introduction to the netbook market.
nokia booklet 3g

Nokia Booklet 3G Specs:
10.1″ @ 1280×720 pixel resolution
Intel Atom Z530 1.6 GHz
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
3G Modem (data only, no voice)
Integrated GPS and A-GPS
1.3MP camera
HDMI port
3 x USB 2.0 ports
SD card reader

What do you guys think? Is Php39k worth it to have the first Nokia netbook? If people thought the Nokia N97 was worth it for Php34k, I’m sure an additional Php5k for a Nokia netbook is a deal.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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49 Responses

  1. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    a simple netbook + HSDPA USB Modem + GPS would be cheaper compared to this…

  2. roan carl says:

    no thanks..there are other netbooks i can get for 20k or below hehehe..maybe future models ,wait for the review remember this is nokia’s 1st model netbook…

  3. Pedro says:

    maybe if i had extra cash… maybe…

  4. Tony says:

    39k? maybe I will go for Vaio P and insert a usb modem

  5. Paul Pisig says:

    This one is way too expensive for its kind. I like its simple but elegant look though.

  6. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Just read the entry from wikipedia

    If it can run for 12 hours at 30~50% load then that would be really impressive but then again opting for a spare battery/alternate power source would be cheaper. Since it comes with Windows7 seeing it survive that 12 hour is kinda hazy given reports of Windows 7 being a battery hog. Since its supposed to be bundled with Windows 7 Starter Edition then the resource drain might be lower since most of the complaint were based on Windows 7 RC users (technically a Windows7 Ultimate Edition)BTW Accdg to Wired the battery is a 16-cell

    Can’t seem to find any info regarding what GPU the Booklet uses but given the processor used and its specs it might be an Intel GMA x4500HD which might be quite good.

    Accdg to
    Its chipset (Intel Poulsbo US15W)is identical to the MSI Wind U120

  7. Pusang Kulog says:

    Nope, not for me… The HP Mini 311 is much better than this. 3G modem and GPS are features that you could just add on to a netbook whenever you want to… It should not be the reason anyone would go crazy about a netbook that’s worth Php39k…

  8. regsh says:

    considering it’s specs…..too pricey for a netbook!

  9. Reel Advice says:

    This is definitely not worth it! 34,000 for an N97 is not a good analogy – it’s like comparing apples to oranges! And N97 is worth it because it is top-of-the-line when it comes to its niche – mobile phones. This Booklet 3G is too expensive for a netbook.

  10. yuga says:

    @Rell Advice – the analogy is more on economics — if you had Php39k to spend, would you get a Nokia Booklet 3G or a Nokia N97 and pocket the extra Php5k? hehe

  11. berkano says:

    Yuga, who buys a phone for 35k? Well i guess a lot :D I guess the GPS and Mobile Broadband card brought the price up.

  12. TIm says:

    nokia has already proven something with their phones…but not on notebooks…im still hesitant to buy one…if its only for 20k, it might be a good deal

  13. Erin says:

    @yuga: I agree with ReelAdvice on the inappropriate analogy. I would only pocket the 5K difference if I was looking for a phone/PDA and not a full-fledge mobile computing device.

    But I don’t even have 10K to spend on any gadget. Naubos na sa pakikisuyong pabili ng marvell plug computer. :)


  14. Again, too pricey. Nokia products are always expensive..

  15. sylv3rblade says:

    where did you avail the marvell plug?

  16. franzx says:

    Too pricey for a slow netbook.

  17. je says:

    No! I can buy a laptop with a core 2 duo, more ram and hard drive plus bigger screen. Just No! It may have a gps or a 3g modem but still it is not “nakaw” proof!

  18. Erin says:

    @sylverblade: coerced a colleague who was coming home from an assignment in the US. actually i covered my bases and strong-armed three. :)


  19. sylv3rblade says:

    arrghh.. I got my hopes up that it was from a local retailer :( Thanks for the info anyway.

  20. manong says:

    the 39k price, because of the specs, seems reasonable at introduction but may go down fast (may settle to 30k).

    points to consider w/c differentiate from other “netbooks” (thus the price):

    – Intel Atom Z530 has Intel Virtualization Technology + HT found in Intel i7
    – Intel US15W has GMA 500 aka PowerVR SGX 535 also found in iPhone 3GS
    – 16 cell battery
    – 3G built-in
    – A-GPS
    – Accelerometer
    – Win7
    – Aluminum shell (matibay at sosyal!)

    i just don’t understand why mr. yuga didn’t mention these.. maybe to spark a debate? 1 thing lacking for me is touchscreen..

  21. manong says:

    a 16-cell battery capable of up to 12 hours of usage that will allow for a full days work on a single charge

  22. manong says:

    PowerVR SGX 535 can do Half-life 2 graphics in iPhone 3GS, what more for Intel Atom?


  23. Brian_B says:

    The reviews aren’t that impressive and who’d use GPS on a netbook? If it comes with a 3-yer international warranty, 45k is OK.

  24. manong says:

    @brian_b – who’d use GPS on a netbook? ehh coz it is portable? we are not talking abt desktops here..

  25. iamupset says:

    @erin: are you talking about the SheevaPlug Dev Kit?

    @abe: you think you can do a review on this? maybe someone is interested to do distribution on this device.

    i agree with everyone, booklet 3g is a waste.

  26. hubes says:

    I hope srp would be in the low 30k. Its only 599 dollars in the US.

  27. manong says:

    @brian_b – Netbook battery would make GPS less than practical. Huh? Why? How? Maybe the size as stated on your link for turn-by-turn navigation (which is BS).

    However, it is also a useful tool for map-making, land surveying, commerce, scientific uses, tracking and surveillance, and hobbies such as geocaching and waymarking.

    Practical? of course!

  28. Erin says:

    @iamupset: yup, its the devkit. im supposed to get it this friday. :)


  29. Daniel Tan says:

    Hmm, for me it’s not worth it, around 39k budget I can get a more “worth for the wallet” netbook.

  30. anonymous says:

    hi yuga, are you working on a review for the upcoming Nokia N900? they’re calling it a tablet, not a mobile phone anymore, hehehe… i read they started shipping it already. you should have one now, looking forward to see your reviews here soon!

    and I do hope the N900 will reach the Philippines before the year ends. I want it sooo bad for Christmas!

    Many thanks =)

  31. clyde says:

    no thanks…

  32. jay says:

    another nice gadget.. but its not worth of its 39k price.. its better to but dell or toshiba laptop/netbook that had paved its way to durability…thumbs down

  33. AR says:

    I have been looking at the comments on this netbook. I am from the East Coast (US) and just bought this piece of somewhat expensive gadgetry from BestBuy on 18 Nov 09. Got it for $300 with a $60/mo plan. But I can downgrade to $40 anytime (I still ahve to monitor my usage). I thought of getting the HP mini 311, however ended up with a Toshiba T135. After playing with the Toshiba, I returned it to the store (BestBuy) because the Nokia booklet’s looks haunted me day and night. True enough, I got it, and I couldn’t be much happier. Sabi ko sa sarili ko na HP mini 311 is better (spec wise). Pero, once you get a hold and play with the Nokia, you’ll never want to let go. In fact, I showed it to my co-workers and they said it looked pretty pimp and looked like a mini Macbook pro. Aight, here’s what I found out: With the battery fully charged, I got 10-ish hours of battery life (depends on what the task)- pretty good especially on those crazy long flights and waiting at airports(good also for coffee shops and library). You also have to adjust settings to maximize battery life. I don’t know how to use the accelerometer. I tried moving this thing around and images don’t flip (I got to email Nokia regarding this). About the assisted-GPS (or A-GPS), I suggest you get a regular GPS (magellan or garmin). True for most netbooks, speakers suck! And Nokia is no exception. But with good earphones, you’ll appreciate this baby even more. I got this “toy” as an extension of my desktop and big laptop. This is good for presentations, ie powerpoint presentation (thank Nokia for the HDMI outlet), surfing the internet anytime (as long as you have signal), watching movies on the plane or laying on the bed, and basically a bring-me-anywhere computer. Don’t expect this to be a gaming computer. Processor cannot handle that and you’ll surely be disappointed. As for movies, transfer it to a flash drive or SD card. Again, this netbook is not for everyone. It’s geared to the businessman, instructors who use Powerpoint a lot, and those on-the-go persons who don’t want the bulk of a regular laptop. This netbook can only do so much and not intended as your main workhorse computer.

  34. AR says:


    Lakas kita nand middle man at customs. Imagine, P10T ang patong kaya lumalabas na P40T.I suggest you get a better-specd netbook or laptop kung namamahalan. This beauty is not for everyone kasi nga of the pricetag. But if you have enough dough to spare (without compromising the basics in life)why not? If Globe/Smart can offer a data plan to this and get it for only a third of the price, that’d be awesome.

  35. john says:

    i think ok lang ang pricing ng booklet given na fully packed siya ng features kahit na hindi nagagamit lahat fully equipped naman siya in terms of connectivity however yung 10hour battery time nia ang killer dito sana nga lang may option na iupgrade ang ram to atleast 2gb any chance na makapagreview kayo ng booklet?? :)

  36. AR says:

    TO ADD: The SIM card that I am using for my Nokia Booklet 3G is a 3G AT&T sim that can NOT be used to make calls even if you try to use it on your phone. It’s only a data-sim card.

  37. AR says:

    I have spoken with a NokiaUSA representative on the phone regarding my new netbook. He then transferred me to a call center rep in the Philippines. I had 2 questions (buti na lang nakakapag-Tagalog siya). (1) Can I upgrade into Windows7 Home premium? (since Nokia booklet only comes with Windows7 Starter) (2) When will this Netbook come out sa Pinas and what is the cost?

    (1) Yes you can upgrade to Windows7 Home Premium and it can make your system even faster. Haaay salamat!

    (2) Nokia netbook 3G will be released next year 2010 in the Philippines. Pricetag is still hanging.

    I asked the rep in the Call center if anyone is excited to get one of these booklets and they said most of them wanted to have one.

    So far, I’m happy with my Nokia booklet (got it from BestBuy). I got the black one. I guess it’s the best looking of the 3 colors available.

    Nga pala, to those who want to get one before it gets to be a common thing in the Philippines, have it unlocked by AT&T. Siyempre, meron yang extra charge. I just don’t know how much kasi I got the $300 unit with $60/month deal from AT&T.

  38. Eason says:

    I’ll just buy an Asus EEE 1005HA, with a free broadband kit. I save 20k that I can even buy for a 1 year unlimited internet plan, plus in cellphones Nokia is known for but in netbooks? I’m sure the battery of this is just a worse as their cellphones.

    Overall : It is not practical to buy that

  39. AR says:

    People here in the US (I am from DC-Maryland area) are really skeptical on whether or not the Nokia Booklet 3G can deliver the 12-hour battery life. If you read one of my previous reviews regarding the booklet, I once stated 10 hours battery life. I WAS DEAD-WRONG! It was 11 hours and 30 minutes. Of course, I had to go to system settings to adjust minor stuff. I torture-tested the battery. I hate a dim screen so I adjusted it to about 70%. I was into my 4th movie and it still kept on going.

    I guess Nokia made it right this time. Siyempre, critics nila ay mga Kano na (so they’d better keep their promises). Nokia booklets here have been gaining popularity kasi nga of the promise of a 12-hour battery life, very striking resemblance to the Macbook pro laptop (it’s the “Macbook NANO on Windows7 OS”) when it comes to looks and build, built-in data-only sim card (so there’s no air-card popping out), HDMI port, and a very high resolution (especially for a netbook).

    So what is the downside??? P R I C E ($$$)

    That’s why Nokia had to subsidize via AT&T to make it appealing at magmukang mas mura.

    I have had the Nokia Booklet 3G for 2 weeks now and still really enjoying it. I have no regrets. I bought a Toshiba before November 15 (Nokia booklet’s release date)but had to return it to Best Buy for this booklet (kasi nga maganda).

  40. AR says:

    People need to see the Nokia booklet 3G in person. And, you have to personally feel the build material and play with it before judging and bashing Nokia.

    I have the Nokia booklet now for 2 weeks and can’t get enough of it. I bring it everywhere (now that my portable GPS dies on me).

    I have spent hours also playing with the Macbook pro in Best Buy at pareho sila nang feel. I guess looks ay isa sa mga main selling points kaya napakamahal nito.

    This netbook is NOT for everyone. If you feel that it’s impractical, don’t buy it. But let’s not judge a piece of gadgetry that we’ve never tested nor seen in person.

    In my case, I have it and have tested it. Most importantly, it serves my purpose. Again, this time, Nokia lived to it’s promise. I just wish they’d make a 13-in or 15-in laptop.

  41. AR says:

    The Nokia booklet comes only with Windows 7 Starter. I’m upgrading it to Windows 7 Home premium (about $85 USD tax-inclusive) soon. Sabi nang Nokia representative that I spoke with over the phone, na it would make the system run faster and better. I hope it doesn’t slow the data processing. I will keep everyone abreast.

  42. Kat says:

    Go to http://www.bestbuy.com or http://www.cnet.com to see what others are saying about the Nokia booklet 3G. These people have had their hands on this baby. Worth the look!

  43. jake says:

    In short mga ka pinoy ko … if di nyo afford why buy it .. now if afford mo and you like it go ahead and buy it thats how simple it is. TO those who complain its too expensive again there are devices that arent for everybody .. why force yourself to buy a BVLGARI if you can only afford a BULGARE ??


  44. rj santos says:

    i’d rather go for acer ferrari one….

  45. kjaydee says:

    if it’s PHP20,000-PHP27,000 i’ll bite the bate. . .
    bit it’s over priced. . . maybe 30k is still ok. . .

  46. new gadget says:

    I have to propose hats off you can Nokia N8 this particular buzz can perform just about one thing forever trusted Nokia to create gang Phns.

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