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Camera Shootout Results: Huawei P9 vs LG V10

After pitting the Huawei P9 against the LG V10 during last week’s Camera Blind Test, we now reveal the results to see which photos you think is better.


Outdoor – General Shot

Winner: B for V10

Outdoor – Buildings

Winner: B for P9

Outdoor – Colors

Winner: B for P9

Outdoor – Close Up

Winner: A for V10

Outdoor – Close Up 2

Winner: A for P9

Outdoor – Sunset

Winner: B for P9

Indoor – Low Light

Winner: A for V10

Indoor – Flash

Winner: B for P9

Outdoor – Night Shot

Winner: A for V10

Outdoor Night Shot 2

Winner: B for V10

Video Quality

Winner: B for P9

Overall Winner: Huawei P9

This edition of Camera Blind Test is a close battle since the P9 won over the V10 with just a single advantage — winning 6 out of 11 categories.

The Huawei P9 got more votes in Buildings, Colors, Close Up (2), Sunset, Flash, and Video Quality. While the V10 won the attention of voters at both the Night Shots, Low Light, Close Up, and General Shot.

Satisfied with the results? We have more Camera Blind Tests in store so stay tuned for the next one!

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