Obama Inauguration in 3D by PhotoSynth

Obama Inauguration in 3D by PhotoSynth

Those who weren’t able to go and personally witness the inauguration of Obama are left with no choice but to watch it on TV. Those who don’t have TV still have online streaming from Hulu and uStream yet the one by CNN using PhotoSynth got most of my attention.

CNN asked people who took pictures of “the moment” to send it over and be added to the 3D-view of Obama’s oath-taking.


obama inauguration photos

The result — a bird’s eye-view of the entire event. Here is the CNN PhotoSynth site. Microsoft also made a separate website (Photosynth.net) with a more comprehensive collection covering the greater DC area.

Can’t say it enough — PhotoSynth rocks!

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5 Responses

  1. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    hmm i cant use my keypad to fly around on that photosynth, its nice technology but not perfect, CNN also had a satellite photo taken of people gathering during the inaguration:


  2. Ed says:

    i stayed up all night to watch it on tv.. im just glad i was able to vote through the US Embassy. what a great moment in history! GO OBAMA!!

  3. zplits says:

    hi Yuga, that’s a nice article, photosynth is really a breakthrough in today’s digital world. I can’t imagine how they manage to do it.

    You can watch President’s Obama speech and oath taking here.

    Thanks for sharing yuga.

  4. jahz says:

    nice just like what i have saw in cnn news

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