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Olympus outs Pen E-PL1 Micro Four Thirds

Local distributor Axis Global yesterday launched a slew of new Olympus digital cameras, including the much-anticipated Olympus Pen E-PL1 Micro Four Thirds system.

The Olympus E-PL1 is positioned as an entry-level model in the micro four-thirds category. It is the 3rd model in the Olympus Pen series, having the compact size and light weight of a point and shoot camera but the lens flexibility and image quality of dSLR.

Like its predecessor, the EP-1 and EP-2, E-PL1 is compact and has inter-changeable lens system and comes with the M. Zuiko Digital ED 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 lens kit.

Powered by a 4/3-inch, 12.3-megapixel high speed Live MOS sensor and TruePic V image processing engine, the digital camera can also do 720p HD videos. The E-PL1 also has a Live Guide user interface, HDMI output and of course, the built-in image stabilization (IS) that Olympus is known for.

The camera is available in white, champagne gold and black body colors. The Olympus Pen E-PL1 has a suggested retail price of Php39,999.

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27 Responses

  1. ryan says:

    nice…but out of reach :) sticking to my point and shoot

  2. choosypinony says:

    hi, found this kind of camera last year and really wanted to have it since. slr quality pictures still abe?

  3. Rome says:

    ahh!! i checked wikipedia and it says that dSLR are Four Thirds system while this camera is Micro Four Thirds system..

  4. Rome says:

    …kung memory cards parang SD vs MicroSD..

  5. Adrian says:

    wow ang ganda ng cam. hhmmm but still i really like canon.

  6. Bayan says:

    Preview already posted at dpreview.com – together with sample shots. Been eyeing this for the longest time. Too bad, anlaki ng markup ng local distributor.

  7. david says:

    This looks interesting. It may service a good purpose for some. I think for my own use, if it’s too big to slip into the pocket I might as well take a regular dslr.

  8. guyrony says:

    Nice but the price point is near or actually SLR territory.

  9. camera advice says:

    check out my Olympus E620 camera review @ cameraadvice.co.uk:


  10. Paolo says:

    I would rather invest on a DSLR.

    or Get a Canon G10 or G11.

  11. Jhay says:

    The design is like the “iPod meets dSLR”; sleek, sexy and compact.

    Is a review coming soon?

  12. StrayArrow says:

    Its kinda expensive…might as well go to a Canon or Nikon with the same specs and maybe at a much lower price.

  13. John_P says:

    Hi Peeps…FYI this EP-L1 Pen model is really a DSLR. It has a DSLR functions with a point-and-shoot body. Good price point, don’t want to bring a bulky DSLR all the time…

  14. bouie says:

    I thought this one is cheap at around $600 USD. Mahal naman ang SRP nila.

  15. bouie says:

    I thought this one is cheapest micro four thirds at around $600 USD. Mahal naman ng kaunti ang SRP nila. But given the money, I’ll buy this. ;)

  16. bouie says:

    this one is ^the^ cheapest… sorry, typo error.

  17. John Alvero says:

    you mean Axis Global?

  18. virgilio santos says:

    let the canon and nikon fanatics stick to their brands. i don’t want them discovering and handling this gem.

    try walking around bonifacio_high_street on a busy show-offy time (the usual cliche’ show off of either their canines, their clueless dates, or their dSLR) and see nothing but canon and nikon. a Lumix or a Pentax or a Alpha_Sony really stands out. more so a Leica or an H2/H3.

    anyway… yes, this one has no “reflex” mirror to speak of. so i guess this shouldn’t be considered as DSLR(R for reflex, right?) at all. it has direct electronic image readings from the lens, as one would see from many websites that explains what a 4/3 (and a micro 4/3) is, along with the crappy so-called “crop-factor” argument that ancient SLR fans love to argue about.

    someone mentioned there’s a huge price mark-up… that’s true.

  19. iamupset says:

    @virgilio santos: don’t mean to be a wise-ass but i think the R (or Reflex) pertains to the lens and not the mirror, this camera has a mirror-less lens.

    very intriguing camera, don’t know if i should wait for the sony NEX or go for this one, not really a fan of the bulky DSLR cams.

  20. iamupset says:

    correction: meant to say, camera has a mirror-less box and not mirror-less lens. tsk..sensya na po.

  21. e-pl1 user says:

    guys, at first i was a lil’ bit hesitant in buying this pen series (e-pl1) but then given the thought that dslr cameras are rather bulky and heavy . . . i gave it a chance and NEVER HAD ANY REGRETS . . . AT ALL!!! shoots with dslr (bulky) cameras but sleek like point and shoot cams! . . . EXCELLENT PIC QUALITY . . . oh yeah, it’s a dslr! ;p

  22. munchkins says:

    meron kaya nito sa Hidalgo?

  23. dudung says:

    this now costs 25-27k at your local tindahan :)

  24. clarkster says:

    where can I buy one? yung tyak na cgurado sa quality at hindi ung kung saan saan lang, thanks!


    san nakakakuha nung 25-27k? thanks!

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