Our Benro Photo and Video Gear

Our Benro Photo and Video Gear

Since February this year, we’ve started moving to a new photo and video studio for the team. Before that, everything was done from home so the output was not consistent across the team members. I’m sure some of you might have seen the updates we’ve been posting in IG or Facebook for a couple of months now regarding the construction fo the new studio.

Along with that, we’ve also invested in a few items for the headquarters and for some of the trips we’ve done. Some of them we’ve bought months back while others were newly acquired just for the studio as part of our partnership with Benro.

Benro A3573F Series 3 AL

This Benro Series 3 tripod is our primary tripod in the studio. We bought it about a year ago but only recently been using it for most of the video work we do in our YouTube channel.

It is made up of magnesium-aluminum alloy. It has two-stage legs with 3 section secured using flip-lock levers. It comes with rubber feet for better grip in slippery surface but you can chage it with a spiked feet for increased stability especially if you’re going to use it outdoors.

The legs feature a spreader-less design with three discreet stops for locking them at different degrees of spread. In addition, they can be opened fully for very low-angle shooting.

When we got it at Henry’s in Glorietta, it also came with a Benro S6 Video Head (see below) which we can also transfer to the slider.

Benro S6 Video Head (A2573FS6 S6)

The tripod we got also came with this S6 Video head. It featuresh a QR Plate System with Safety Lock for easy mounting and dismounting of the camera.

The S6 head features Posi-Step Counterbalance system with four settings of 0.0, 4.4, 9.9 and 13.2 lb. The S6 has 360° panning rotation and variable-tilt drag for smooth camera moves. There are separate pan and tilt lock levers for lock-off shots. It has an illuminated built-in bubble level and it’s designed to support cameras and camcorders weighing up to 13.2 lb.

There are so many controls that after using this for about 4 months, we’re still occasionally confused which knobs are for which control.

Suffice it to say, it offers everything we need for smooth panning and operation when we mount our Canon 70D camera.

Benro GA168T GoTravel Aluminum Tripod

The Benro GoTravel1 is our most versatile tripod and the one we now bring on our foreign trips. Before this we only had a Benro monopod at our disposal.


Weighing just 2.9 lb and able to hold up to 30.1 lb, the GA168T can extend from a minimum height of 14″ up to 59.4″.

The four-section legs are secured with twist locks and can be independently adjusted in both height and leg angle. The legs reverse-fold around an optional ball head to help maintain the compact folded length of 17.5″.

One of the tripod’s legs can be detached and paired with the center column to produce a full-size monopod.

The Quick Flip 90° center column can quickly go from vertical to horizontal without the use of any tools.

A removable ballast hook can be screwed into the bottom of the center column, allowing you to hang additional weight from the tripod for increased stability.

What we really liked about this tripod is that the 4th leg can be adjusted to position horizontally, allowing us to get a direct top-down shot from the camera which is great for unboxing videos.

Benro MoveOver 4 Slider

Prior to getting the slider, we were using a small dolly for some linear motion shots that we do (forgot the brand but it came with a friction arm from Kamerar.com).

The Benro MoveOver4 35.4″ Aluminum Rail Slider provides that cinematic and linear motion in our video shoots.

This model is about 3 feet long and supports up to 8.8lbs of weight. The single aluminum rail is 1.8″ wide with two small stainless teel rods hidden beneath to provide smooth and quiet operation.

The sliding carriage has a fixed 3/8-inch screw which can be used to mount the S6 video head. That allows us to make that linear motion while moving the video head to follow the subject (parallax effect).

There’s also a built-in bubble to check of the slider is on level. If not, you can always adjust the articulating rubber feet to make it so.

The slider cna also be mounted on the Series 3 tripod to provide height although with the Canon 70D on top, the tripod tend sot trip over when the carriage is outermost rail.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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