Last days in Karachi

Last days in Karachi

Shisha The past week seemed to pass by so quickly and despite the very hot and humid weather, I managed to have some fun and see some places here in Karachi and back there in Lahore. Those huge mosques in Lahore are beautiful at night will all those lights flowing over the walls and we tried shisha (smoking device, also called huble bubble or hookah) from one of the popular night spots in the city called Cocoo’s Place. You’re basically smoking raw tobacco flavored with either apple, strawberry or mint. My lower jaw got swollen the next day from all that puffing.

They also made me chew paan which is betel leaf filled with half a dozen weird concoctions. I almost threw up, until they said it was okay to spit it out. I swear, after a few seconds of mixed sweetness and minty flavors, I smelled shampoo in there. I forgot to bring my camera so no shots here. Some of the guys here tell me to be careful when taking pictures, especially of women, or else I could get into some trouble. Thus, the camera is always tucked in the bag or stays in my hotel room.

Karachi is the most commercial city with, I was told, over 14 million residents — one of the biggest in the world. The metro is along the coast of the Arabian Sea and I was able to visit one of the public beaches (Clifton Beach). I would have wanted to take my first camel ride but I guess the horse was good enough.

Clifton Beach


That’s 14 million people and I rarely see any foreigners. It felt a bit weird noticing when people gaze at me — well, a bald man in a hair-loving society sure does attract some attention.

Burial Shrine

We also dropped by one of them burial shrines of their saints. I had another picture of me beside one of the carpet-covered coffins but it was a little odd standing in there smiling at the camera while people around you are praying and making offerings.

I’m supposed to fly back to Manila last night but there are no available flights so I will have to wait until Friday morning. I didn’t want to go back to Lahore for an earlier schedule for fear of losing my luggage again.

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6 Responses

  1. Gail says:

    Love the horse! It’s so…. COLORFUL!!! :D

    I suppose they don’t see many bald guys on traffic-stopping neon puff-decorated horses out there :P hehehehe

  2. Jazzy says:

    Si Lito Lapid ba yung nasa kabayo? :)

  3. Kash says:

    Hey, I ‘m from Karachi and I don’t agree with you over” It felt a bit weird noticing when people gaze at me — well, a bald man in a hair-loving society sure does attract some attention.” The baldness is worldwide and so has it hit us as well. Now it’s very common to see young guys(around 30 and under) with very little or no hair on their heads. I ‘m one of them :)

    It’s true that due to the worsening law and order situation in the country, the number of foreigners visiting Pakistan has hit rock bottom. I can imagine that you got some attraction from locals but that could not be as much as “white foreigners” attract in our country.

    Next time when you come by, do give me a buzz and I will be happy to show you around.


  4. You people dont have to tell your jobs or how rich or poor you are… just tell about the weather!!! Karachi is a monsoon region it will receive rains every monsoon. rains is karachi are stormy they are not light as many people say eventhough they live here for years. Latest GFS Model predicts another Cyclone named “Giri” that may hit (if cyclone forms) Gujarat via Karachi.

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