Best. Blogging. Job. Ever.

Best. Blogging. Job. Ever.

This is by far, the best blogging job ever — travel to Hamilton Island (Great Barrier Reef, Queensland), go island-hopping, take pictures, shoot videos and blog about it on a weekly basis.


The pay — AUS$150,000 for 6 months. Now that’s one way to break the buzz for tourism.

Apply here if you’re interested.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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18 Responses

  1. Huan22 says:

    You couldn’t get a sweeter offer than this. But, I think there would be so many who would be applying for this job, so the chance that you would be picked is quite slim.

  2. madzman23 says:

    Wow, a whopping PHP 797,383.00 a month and for 2 months you’ll be a certified millionaire here. You really dont get a job offer like that. But as Huan says, chances are slim but there no harm in trying. So I will not try.


  3. jox says:

    woaahh. the island hoping is already sweet then the salary is much more sweeter

  4. SoNn says:

    Chances are slim because you have to win a contest for the job. Plus, you’re gonna be alone in the island

  5. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    ah that place is lovely, they really must need to vamp up the tourism there in the great barrier reef. its a good idea though what theyre doing, its not really about the blogger theyre going to hire, its the buzz theyre creating around the position and what its about. So lets say they said the best blog about the great barrier reef wins $xxxx, so everyone makes blogs, and boom lots of seo and word of mouth about the great barrier reef and the australian tourism industry gets lots of free help.

  6. Snow says:

    I agree with all the response. What a sweet offer indeed!


    Yep, the chances are definitely slim. There are about thousands of bloggers around the blogosphere so whoever grab the chance will certainly have the time of their life…

    Hmmm, it won’t hurt if we try, right? On the contrary, nahhh…. I believe the blogger who’ll have the chance to snatch the offer has a niche in travel or lifestyle blog.

    Just my 2 cents here! ;)

  7. weee…. nice job to have. . . .

  8. Obed says:

    si yuga very much qualified…why don’t you join???

  9. Robert says:

    Not really bad at all. I’m curious if who will be joining or applying this. lol


  10. MakatiTech says:

    nice offer yuga, go and grab it! you have a good chance.

  11. Carl says:

    They didn’t mention about the sharks! Haha!

  12. Kitty says:

    Ãœ I’m applying Yugger! lol Ãœ

  13. Hey, nice to know that jobs of this kind exists. Here’s to hoping for more!

    Anyway, speaking of “breaking the buzz”, I just wrote to pull you into the “Six Weird Things About You” game. I don’t have your personal blog’s URL, so I decided to post it here.

    Here’s my share of the game:

  14. Galwin says:

    Earning money while having a vacation? Grabe!

  15. CarloBlogg says:

    I’d go because of the scene, haha. Definitely a once in a lifetime experience. (well, the huge cash is a good plus, i must say, haha)

  16. webwizzer says:

    I would definitely apply if the prize would include one more ticket :)

  17. They already have closed the job opening because one lucky guy got the job already. That guy is really lucky indeed!

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