2017 LG TVs now Netflix-recommended

2017 LG TVs now Netflix-recommended

Netflix, the well-known streaming service company, is recommending LG’s 2017 TV lineup as some of the devices to get if you wish to have an excellent viewing experience.

This is the third consecutive year that LG’s television sets got recommended by Netflix. The company attributes their continued success to their drive to release devices that are easy to access and have speedy performance. Their 2017 line-up of televisions have 4K HDR technology and is powered by the webOS Smart TV operating system. LG’s newest webOS 3.5 promises to give users easier control and quicker access when using the dedicated Magic Remote. Not only that, but the company’s OLED TVs are also the first to be equipped with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which is said to offer dramatic imaging and an immersive audio experience.


Another set of noteworthy features that LG’s TVs have are Active HDR and HDR Effect. Active HDR allows the devices to render brighter scenes and produce greater shadow detail. While HDR Effect will process pictures frame by frame, inserting dynamic data when needed.

With all these features in tow, LG promises that this year’s TV line-up will provide viewers with a binge-worthy Netflix experience.

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