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5 Wi-Fi File Transfer Apps for Android and iOS

There are multiple ways of transferring files from one device to another, there’s Bluetooth, swapping of microSD cards, USB OTG, or online via messaging services, e-mail, or file storage platforms. However, these methods are often slow, cumbersome, not supported by Apple devices, or require the internet. To address those issues, we’re going for a faster and more convenient option – WI-Fi File Transfer Apps. Here are five of them.

Author’s note: The apps we selected are those that work cross-platform, meaning they work both on Android and iOS and can transfer files to each other.

Lenovo SHAREit

First on our list is Lenovo’s SHAREit app. It is the most-preferred app in the list due to ease of use. All the sender and the receiver need to do is press their respective buttons, select the friend’s avatar and it’s good to go. It also has a built-in file viewer so it doesn’t require you to open another app unless necessary. If you want to transfer files to the PC, there’s a desktop version as well.

Download: Android / iOS


You might have encountered Xender if you have used smartphones from Infinix. It works just like Lenovo’s SHAREit, but requires you to connect to its own hotspot. Other than that, it transfers files seamlessly and works with your PC via its browser version called Xender Web.

Download: Android / iOS

Send Anywhere


The Send Anywhere app works just the same but with added security using QR codes or 6-digit key. There’s social messenger integration and works on PC and Mac.

Download: Android / iOS


What we liked about Zapya is the added features aside from the usual file transfer. There’s file encryption, a Phone Replicate feature that transfers phone log and photos from your old phone to the new phone, GIF viewer, group transfer, and the best part – offline chat.

Download: Android / iOS


SuperBeam features a nice Material Design interface and offers multiple modes of pairing including NFC, PIN, and QR code. It uses WiFi direct, but can switch to hotspot for devices that don’t support it. It comes with a 14-day free trial and paid ad-free Pro versions.

Download: Android / iOS

Are there any personal favorite apps that you haven’t seen here or you want to share? Fire away at the comment section below!

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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4 Responses

  1. franklin chang says:

    CM Transfer
    Available from google playstore. This should be the number one app because it can transfer another copy of the app to another user via bluetooth by tapping a link.. the other party should only open its bluetooth connection..

  2. I’ve been using Send Anywhere for years because it’s fast, simple, secure, no required file size limits, and ad-free. The app can send files from any device, to any device, and on any major platform or web browser using a six-digit number.

  3. Louie, you fogot to mention that you can “beam” the SHAREit app itself to the target device if the latter doesn’t have it. Beaming is either via BlueTooth or WiFi, the latter with built-in hotspot if I recall rightly

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