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DOTA 2 exits Beta, now ready for download

After spending two years in Beta, Valve has finally made second iteration of the Defense Of The Ancient (DOTA) available for download through its delivery platform Steam.

In anticipation of the influx of gamers who wish to play/download the game, the developer decided to continue with the queuing system that they’ve implemented even when the game was still in beta.


How this works is that users can already extend their intent to play/download the game now, but will have to wait in the “Launch Queue” to be given access to it. The notification will come in a form of email that will be sent out once the player’s turn to download is up.

Over time, Valve is planning to increase the allowed number of users who are allowed to download and/or play the game at a time. This means that the wait time for your number to be called out will decrease as they’re servers capacity increase.


dota 2

For now, the game is only available for Windows users, but it’s been said that the Linux and Mac versions of the title will follow soon. Download link can be found at the source link below.

If you want to reserve a number to download the game, we strongly suggest that you do it ASAP while the queue is still not that long. The last time we checked, it was around 2600. While you’re waiting, here’s a short trailer to get you even more pumped up.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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11 Responses

  1. meh says:

    They have said for well over a year that it would be out on mac /linux still waiting. I guess they are bad at commitments

  2. AdrianU says:


    I was one of the lucky ones who got into the beta. The funny thing is I’ve never even played the original DotA. I gotta say, it’s kinda fun.

  3. defunct says:

    Thanks for the info yuga. I signed in immediately and dload dota, they put me on que. Less than a min they emailed and now downloading sort of 5gig.. Nice!

  4. Lambert says:

    New Download :/ But Hey! The Game’s fun and more noob-friendly!

    Add me!


    On steam or look for


    On Dota2 Itself.

    A Proud Drow Ranger User.

  5. John says:

    I think there will problem.. more players will quit and end up a lose game… add me up, steam:”kr3ns”, don’t worry, i do not quit in game, i’m level 35, usually level 10 below tend to quit game immediately due to lag problem…

  6. awdog says:

    wala naman ako nakikita nag lalaro ng DOTA 2.

    Saka isn’t this a pay for play type of game? I was excited about this initally nun inaanounce nila sometime in 2007/08. However, I don’t think this will explode here in Pinas with a paid system like that. The orig DOTA still is the better option.

    • ImawHalimaw says:

      Actually hindi po p2p ang system ng dota 2. Kumikita sila via skins, costumes and announcer packs. Kung ano yung dota sa warcraft, ganoon din ang dota2.

    • The game is completely FREE. There’s no need to pirate it / pay for the game.

      Thousands of Filipinos are playing the game and the numbers continue to grow.

      Give the game a shot. The only investment you need is time. If you’re a fan of the original map, there’s a good chance you’ll love what Dota 2 has to offer.

  7. squi-RTS says:

    Sorry to say this but DOTA 2 is pretty much DOA because most of the RTS gamers’ interests have been shifted to LoL. And I can’t believe that DOTA is now owned by Valve and not by the open community who worked on the mod before.

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