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Mozilla outs Facebook Container add-on for Firefox

Mozilla just released an add-on for their well-known browser, Firefox, that isolates a user’s Facebook identity from the rest of their web activity. The add-on is aptly named Facebook Container and separates a user’s off-Facebook activities from being tracked by the social media platform.

The creation of the add-on, according to Mozilla, is a response to the ever-growing risk that your web activities are being tracked and linked to your social profile, especially by a platform as big as Facebook. As mentioned earlier, Facebook Container isolates a user’s Facebook identity from the rest of their other web activities. This will make it harder for Facebook to track your activity and send either ads or other targeted messages.

The add-on doesn’t affect Facebook usage in any way, users will still be to use Facebook normally and they can still continue sending advertisements and deliver their service. Mozilla stated that they are not targeting Facebook in any way and is set on doing the same to other services that have the same structure. It just so happen that Facebook is such a large platform that it became a priority.

For those who are using Firefox and wish to check out the new add-on click here.

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  1. Wowowie says:

    Just install privacy block extension / add-on.

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