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Temple Run, Brave Edition

If you’ve watched a film in a movie house recently, then you’ve most likely heard or seen of Disney-Pixar’s upcoming animated film about a boyish princess, Brave. To add more hype to it, they’ve team up with Imangi Studios and have recently released a paid version of the popular running game Temple Run.

Temple Run: Brave is basically the same as the one that was previously released; only this time the character will be the film’s protagonist Merida being chased by what seems to be a bear (most likely to be Mordu) with arrows on its back.


Sticking to the film’s concept and to differentiate it from the original game, the terrain in this version of the top-grossing game is similar to the setting where Merida is in the film.

Just to add a bit of twist to the game, the character (Merida) can now shoot arrows at a target.

This movie-inspired app will costs us Php42.12 and is available at App Store and Google Play Store.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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12 Responses

  1. Benchmark says:

    haven’t downloaded this nor played with it…just curious lang, ok ba tong game talaga? hehehe

  2. Mr. Curious says:

    the sharpness of the pictures are too high, dunno if it is just my monitor or the picture itself. Sakit sa mata hahahaha

    BTW the new feature called archery, so does that mean you have to shoot some targets while running? That would be a tough challenge haha

  3. Ramon says:

    wow gonna try this :-D

    Though the original temple run has a slight delay on my galaxy note @[email protected] not sure why though, gonna wait for a stable gnote rom with the codes made by linaro mentioned in a previous post, hopefully that’ll improve things XD

  4. Louie says:

    I experience Lagg in IOS 5.1.1 with this game

  5. paolo says:

    I downloaded and played it on my Samsung Galaxy S2 running Android 4.0.3.

    It lags sometimes. Swipes do not register sometimes.

    This irks me. Not when I can play Dead Space and Max Payne on my Galaxy S2 with practically no observeable lag or slowdown whatsoever.

    I suppose I’ll just wait for Imangi to update the app, like what they did to the original Temple Run when it came to Android.

  6. Aminin! says:

    Android users, ano pa hinihintay niyo, hanap na ng APK! O, aminin! ;)

    • maico says:

      ahahahah, hanap narin ng cracked version sa mga iusers :). Natry ko na siya, lag siya kasi version 1 (beta) palang naman baka siguro pag nagupdate sila hindi na ma-lag

  7. Hideki says:

    nalaro ko na to, sa iOS. :D syempre, jb XD
    okay naman sya, Temple Run pa din, kaso medyo nakakalito yung details ng game. hahah masyado madetails, nakakapanibago kasi grass ung scene. di ko din masyado mapansin yung mga target boards. hahah
    fun ng konte, pero di nakakaadik. smooth sya sa iOS. ewan ko lang sa Android.

  8. showbiz says:

    Currently, downloading this one in the app store. :-)

  9. vem says:

    view nyo na lang ako habang show, walang lag
    vemt_8 ym ID ko

  10. wally says:

    I just have it on my Galaxy Note, works perfect like the original one. Mas okay ang rendering and details. IMHO.

  11. Ivan says:

    I find it slightly harder than the original. But also very addictive!

    Merida is running away from the monster/bear… So much for being ‘brave’.


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