New Globe Tattoo Superstick goes up to 21Mbps

New Globe Tattoo Superstick goes up to 21Mbps

Looks like Globe has upgraded the speed of their Tattoo Superstick 4G to 21Mbps. Saw this ad last Monday on the newspaper for a new add-on or upgradable plan with the Tattoo 4G.

The promo goes like this:

When you get a regular Globe Tattoo Postpaid Plan 999, you pay a monthly service fee of Php999 a month. The promised speed here is up to 7.2Mbps.

You then get a free subscription to the online versions of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Yes!, Cosmo or FHM.

You now have the option to upgrade the Tattoo Stick to a Tattoo Superstick (the MyFi) for an additional Php150/month for 24 months. This allows you to share your WiFi to 5 devices at the same time. You still get up to 7.2Mbps here.


If you want to upgrade your speed to 12Mbps, just add Php100/month.

If you want to upgrade your speed to 15Mbps, just add Php150/month.

If you want to upgrade your speed to 21Mbps, just add Php200/month.

So, when you pick all the upgrades (i.e. Php999 for Stick + Php150 for Superstick upgrade + Php200 for 21Mbps upgrade), you’ll end up with a monthly service fee of Php1,349.

Not bad for a MyFi device with speeds of up to 21Mbps, right? Yes, it’s tempting.

Note though that Globe’s 4G label refers to their HSPA+ network so you’ll have to be within range of those towers in order to get the optimum speeds.

Also take note the lock-in period for this plan is 24 months.

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73 Responses

  1. Name: Obed says:

    I was in Globe Business Center yesterday inquiring about this Tatoo, the CSR told me that in average, I should get 60% of the “up to” speed. So if I avail the 21mbps I should get 12.6mbps in average. Not bad compared to its Tatoo Lamborghini. I want to upgrade to the WiFi on the go but I don’t think that the wifi device can handle up to 21mbps speed.

  2. Sonofa says:

    I am really thinking about getting these services from globe… but I’m only in binondo and 3g speeds are horrible… I don’t even get 3g signal in our office… while sun could give me 700 – 3100 kbps… (
    I’m tempted with the speed… but I’m doubting the reliability of globe

    • Marius Amata says:

      I agree with that.
      Intramuros-Dasmarinas St. in binondo lng nakakakuha ng malakas ng signal or 4G. Thats the range ng netwrok nila. Kaya medyo mababa na signal na lng nakukuha sa part ng Binondo.

  3. Rogun says:

    Does this have a daily download cap? Can anyone confirm?

  4. Randz says:

    I am already a subscriber of SuperStick(5-7mbps) and I barely get a sustained 1mbps download with full bar HSDPA. I am located in Makati near city hall. most of the time, i have average DL of < 100 kbps. minsan sobrang baba pa. and I am already paying 1299 (free superstick).

  5. Neil says:

    I wonder if you’ll even get a decent 10Mbps speed there. And their pricing and plans are fail!!! Why pay add-ons for additional speeds when Globe just can give us the ability to use their HSPA+ network up to 21Mbps and let customers choose a data plan in GBs?? Say 10GB for P2,000? And an overage charge of P500 per 1GB. Check these!

  6. Neil says:

    I’d rather pay for the data that I ‘actually’ consume and not for the speed that I will not get. Right? :)

  7. The Truth says:

    Neil is right why pay for a plan or a higher plan if you wont get the maximum speed and why do they always restrict the maximum speed of the broadband. What they need to do in order to have a better sales of their unit is to improve their network and put up some more signal sites in the country.

  8. mcometa says:

    Compare the price of a fully upgraded plan to ours, existing 1299 Superstick subscribers at LUGE kami. @1349 you get FULL 21mbps, kahit up pa yan etc etc. While us @1299 we only have 7.2mbps. I wish there will be an upgrade. And I hope they get their sites upgraded and be ready for advanced techs. But I am not raising my hopes. This is the Philippines where they say it is more fun.

  9. ScIoN says:

    NEC should look into this. TelCos always advertise optimistic speeds but more often than not, these are unachievable. True that it is possible, however, current infrastructure could not support such speeds.

    I am a SmartBro subscriber, and I couldn’t even experience half of the advertised speed of 2MBps.

  10. Too bad the upgrade is not available for existing Subscribers:

    >>If I am an existing Plan 999 subscriber, will I be able to avail of this Customizable Plan 999?

    These are new offers and currently these features are only offered to new subscribers. We are in the process of extending this to existing subscribers.

  11. Ryan says:

    Hmm I have a question, which do you think amon the 3 telcos provide the best net connection? Some say it’s sun because they have better coverage and network capabilities.

  12. Don Balanhi says:

    DTI should check on this. Telcos should provide money-back guarantee with these unreliable net speeds.

  13. Globulok says:

    Dial-up speeds pa rin yan I’m sure.

  14. globe sucks says:

    telcos can say anything they want and they’re never held accountable for their lies or incompetence

  15. Smart idea to gain more.

  16. Rogun says:

    Download capping anyone?

    • darryl says:

      what good is a 21Mbps speed if you’re capped of up to 800MB of data. eh di parang ilang minuto mo lang magamit yun. Globe sucks!

  17. radioactive_balut says:

    What good is 60% of “up to” speed if my bandwith is capped at 800MB?

  18. Aened says:

    Its about time NTC do its job. Inutile and ang NTC sa mga fake promises ng telcos. Puros palpak ang mga NTC wala silang ginagawa to punish this telcos…

  19. madzman23 says:

    Yeah, I will agree to all of you. You know if we are very about this, we can file them a case of “False Advertisement”. DTI and NTC should really look at these and do not just look at the taxes they are paying, maybe they are not paying the exact taxes that should pay. These government agency should take action on the consumer welfare and do not give those company license to rob.
    I also got the Tattoo Superstick (up to 5mbps) and I am paying 1299/mo. and I barely got 1mbps. Even when Im on HSDPA, I barely got a good speed. “Nasa huli talaga pagsisi.” I am expecting to get a decent speed for that price and yet I was locked for this s**t for 2yrs. :(
    So I want to warn those who are tempted to this advertisement.

  20. Julie Ann says:

    Yung usb at superstick 4g/hspa+ plans ng globe always depends on the area kung may 4g na. Pag wala pa po 4g area nyo ay hindi din mamaximize yung speed nyo sayang lang babayaran nyo. Although depende pa din kasi like dito sa lugar namin mas mabilis ang superstick kesa sa wimax ko kahit hindi ko man narereach yung 7mbps sa superstick 1299 plan ko. At may marurunong din na globe reps sa mga globe wireless center na nag-didisclaim muna bago kayo hayaang kumuha ng mga usb o superstick/myfi plans, like yung nakausap ko sa globe moa, pinakita nya muna yung list ng mga lugar na may 4g na kasi hindi ko din daw makukuha yung max speed pag hindi kasama area ko. Wala man sa list ay kumuha padin ako atleast di ko sya masisisi kasi sinabihan naman nya me. Yung ibang stores bigay lang ng bigay, tamang makabenta lang.
    Yung nabanggit naman sa taas na dapat 60% nung speed package ang makuha ng isang subscriber, applicable lang po sa wimax at dsl ng globe yun, mismong field tech na nakausap ko na nagsabi. Kahit pareho kasi n globe services ang mga ito ay iba po network ng wimax/dsl sa mga usb/superstick plans. Signal dependent talaga ang usb/supersticks.
    Sa U.S. (spefically yung verizon) may law sila na dapat atleast half ng speed package ang makukuha ng customer dahil kung hindi ay may dapat sila gawin to resolve this. Nice law sana satin ganun din.

  21. Julie Ann says:

    Alam nyo po,may mga kilala me sa tondo normal sa kanila ang 7mbps speed sa superstick 1299 7mbps plan. May 4g na kasi sa kanila kaiinggit. Nung nakita ko na may bago plans ang globe na mas mura sa superstick 1299 ko, pinaterminate ko yung plan ko. Magbabayad me pre-term n 4995 para sa device plus 550. Binenta ko ng 5,700 yung superstick mf60 ko para maging pambayad sa pre-term, kumita pa ko. Plus nag apply ako bagong plan na 999 plus 150 para maging superstick,although ibang model na yung device sa mga bagong plan nila, magiging huawei e586es-2 na ito worth 3,600 (mas mura sa 4995 na zte mf60). Wala nadin me 200 free text monthly which is ok lang. For the same speed na 7mbps nakatipid pa ako ng 150 every month sa bamong plan ko compare sa 1299. Ginawa ko ito kasi sabi sa hotline at sa mga globe stores na wala changes or free upgrade sa mga old subscribers kahit lumalabas na lugi sila dahil sa mga bagong plan na ito. Siguro dahil mas mura nga yung device at wala na free text. Sensya na po sa mahabang post.

  22. yan na naman ung advrtising lies…. up to? 0 up to 21mpbs means pwede maging 64kbps lang speed mo kasi nasa between sya ng 0 at 21mbps… right?! inuuto lang kayo sumasakay naman

  23. Rogun says:

    So, Nobody knows if this plan has a download capping of 800 mb?

  24. dandioqs says:

    walang data capping of 800 mb so far. 1.3 mbps lang ang experienced max speed ko dito sa ozamiz kahit 100 meters lang ang layo ko sa globe cellsite. im using globe myfi with a promised speed of 5 mbps.

  25. jeff says:

    well sa prepaid lng po ang may capping.pag postpaid po ala.kaya napilitan kng kumuha ng line kc lugi ka pag magpa supersurf ka 4 example supersurf50 eh til 800 mb lng dapat m consume.kht d pa expire unli m pero lampas ka na 800mb d m na magamit unli m

  26. toni says:

    sun cellular is way better.

    • reyrenz says:

      i agree, ako eto sun broadband stick. sa desktop pa nakakabit ang bilis kaya lang modified ako ng usb 2 tubo at usb cable pag ubos na load ko prepaid binababa ko antenna at hinuhugot ko broadband stick ko wala yan speed na tinatawag ung akin sa sobrang bilis dimo aabutan. thanks to sun. gusto nyo gayahin e mail nyo ko turuan ko kayo style.

    • reyrenz says:

      i agree, ako eto sun broadband stick. sa desktop pa nakakabit ang bilis kaya lang modified ako ng usb 2 tubo at usb cable pag ubos na load ko prepaid binababa ko antenna at hinuhugot ko broadband stick ko wala yan speed na tinatawag ung akin sa sobrang bilis dimo aabutan. thanks to sun. gusto nyo gayahin e mail nyo ko turuan ko kayo style.

  27. patrick says:

    i just subscribed to plan 1299 mifi 21mbps…max i got was 750 kBps dl rate with torrent….i live in a condo 14th floor malate area…speedtest tests show 2 to 4 mbps dl rate

  28. boom says:

    I just got the super stick plan today. so far, it’s real sweet! i came from a globe sim only + huawei e5836 and this feels much faster even if hspa+ is on and off…

    location is taguig..

    • boom says:

      following up…

      oh gads.. ms security essentials (7mb) downloaded in less than 10 seconds.. fastest internet in my location i’ve seen so far..

    • kel09 says:

      Sir ask ko lang. Anong unit ung kasama sa superstick? Is it the Huawei E355? Thanks.

    • kel09 says:

      Sir ask ko lng. Anong unit ang ksama sa superstick? Is it the huawei E355? Thanks

  29. brittson says:

    My capped ba eto?

  30. Leslie says:

    I am sure there is a data cap somewhere in this. So I wonder what is the monthly allowable data-bandwidth before Globe would enforce a data-capped handicap?

    • jek says:

      I’m also interested in knowing the monthly data-bandwidth allocation before jumping into this. I globe would be transparent about this.

  31. Erwin says:

    wow sana ok na to… sana hindi na to katulad ng mga nakalipas na broadband stick..

  32. Cathyssy says:

    How can I know if the globe superstick myfi will work in my area? Is there a cap to this?

  33. shmuck316 says:

    Did anyone found out what Myfi unit you’ll get with +150 additional charge?

  34. Dreiz says:

    Does anyone know how much the cap is before Globe cuts off?

  35. jek says:

    bandwidth cap is 800 mb per day according to globe customer support. is this good enough?

  36. Macjune says:

    I got this last Feb 16 and got so much headache from it. It doesn’t even want to burst beyond 5 mbps at a full hsdpa network :(

  37. Ralph says:

    @Macjune same with me. I have been using their 5mbps plan and I can’t even get to 3.6 mbps. If i’ll be paying more, I’m going to just waste my money.

  38. AJ says:

    Im very please with my connection. I got 7.2mb speed and purchase the superstick last week.

    That test came from Ecoland, Davao City. Almost the same speed din when I was in Cagayan de Oro last week. Tested places there is Vamenta Blvd to Carmen.

    But you need to go outside the house or place near or on the window.

    Fastest speed so far is 6mbps

  39. Ralph says:

    Actually, mabilis na nga yan. But the problem is, they are not living up to their promise. Sabi nila 7.2Mbps, pero hanggang 6Mbps lang ang pinakamabilis na nakuha mo. Still, false advertising.

  40. Bryan says:

    Anyone tried this in the Marikina area?

  41. DucDigital says:

    This is a lie. They will never able to provide speed as they said. In my area @ Gil Puyat, the speed when speed test is always around 7MBPS, but the actual speed of surfing is < 500kbps.

    Not to mention when surfing, the website always not able to connect and I have to keep refresh until it can load.

    Now I am using wimax and i kept on getting Disconnect status in my Wimax router. Speed never surpass 300kbps.

    I am not a filipino, I dont know how they do bussiness here in the Philippines but this is a scam and it's unacceptable. We need to stand up and sue these company. People have consumer rights. Know your rights and sue them.

    • wala says:

      i agree with suing the company, i have been a globe subscriber and i have no choice but to stick with them, i rely too much with my internet connection and i couldn’t get other internet service provider due to my location….. this issue should be also raised to the higher official of our country so that malicious and suspicious things could be avoided

  42. globe says:

    tangina nyo pa ingles ingles pa kayo

    ang masasabi ko lang sa globe ay isang malaking kumpanyang magnanakaw,up to 7.2mbps daw pero nakukuha ko lang is max 5mbps hindi ko mareach yung plan na binabayaran ko!tangina nyo globe babagsak din kayo

  43. Zenrey says:

    Hi there, I’m really interested in this product specially in the 21 mbps promised speed. I am planning to change my current internet connection because it is so slow (0.2mbps PLDT Php990). But my mother subscribed to the PLDT PLUS Php250, and the contract will end on January 7, 2013. I really want to terminate our contract but because of the another Php250 contract we cannot terminate, we can only terminate the DSL connection and we will still be paying Php850 monthly. If we will terminate all our contract we will be paying Php2500 for the Php250 contract plus our current charge Php1249, all in all Php3749. I’m choosing between the Globe Tattoo Superstick 21mbps (Php1349) or the Globe DSL 2mbps with free landline(Php1299). I just want to know how fast is the speed you are getting so that I could choose between the two. I am living in Caloocan, Grace Park and I’ve heard that there are active 4G sites here. Thanks Guys.

  44. kenny says:

    my dumating n fliers d2 samin [email protected] ung 1299 upto 2Mbps pero sa ilalim my maliit n nkasulat minimum speeds of 12-48Kbps with a minimum service reliability of 80%..
    edi 12Kbps minimum upto 2Mbps maximum tama po ba?

  45. Elay says:

    Fools..if you are reading Globe’s conditions about their product they never said it would give 7.2 mbps or 21 says UP read first before you accuse them of False Advertising.Plus there’s a lot of reason why it would not give that speed that you want..think about it..the number of users, your location..gees…consider that took a chance of buying their product.. that’s all there is to it.

  46. miki says:

    mbagal tlga ang globe, ngpakabit ako ng 1mbps dati e 300kps lng at the other year yung 5mbps e 1.8mbps lang ang maximum .pati ngayon UP TO 3MBPS lng ung7.2mbps, wg kyong bbili niyan,… pg nkapasok ZTE d2 pinas mwawala yng fraud service providers. Peke 2ng blog, binabayaran yan per word

  47. angela says:

    I subscribed to globe tattoo superstick (pocket wifi). Ang promised speed if I am not mistaken is 7mbps but I am getting 1mbps or less for download and 0.21 to 0.35 max upload. This speed is the same saan man ako located — Makati, Eastwood or D Fort. Globe CS advised me to bring my unit (ZTE) for repair after several times of reporting the speed I was getting (wla daw kc problem ang globe, so it must be the unit daw). So I brought it to them for repair, and after almost two months I got it back, hooray! (If di pa ako nagalit di ko pa makukuha!) Sadly, the speed is the same. Take note I am paying Php 1,299 monthly subscription — do you guys know if there’s a way I can get the real value of my money? M really frustrated with globe, but I think I have to stick with them for 24 months (it’s in the contract) and it’s only my 5th month. :( (Sigh)

  48. Ray Pating says:

    Want to see the actual speeds? Living near base station (6 meters away), so sure akong hindi signal ang issue dito:[email protected]

    <— 5Mbps ang plan, 0.5 Mbps ang actual na nakukuha. Galing!

  49. Just want to ask again if this device has a bandwidth cap everyday? if it is available would somebody verify this and what time does it usually refreshes?

  50. xanee says:

    FUCK GLOBe!!! I just purchased the plan 999+150 for e5836 modem!!! and my speed does not even get near 30 kb/s!!! especially at night, i get B/s speed!! even i go out look for signal it still gets B/s speed!! this is shit!!! then i have to pay for the termination fee? God. my speed is HSDPA full signal but still get B/s?

  51. Angela says:

    Adding to my frustrations with Globe is this story I am sharing with you so in case Globe gives you rebate like I did, you know what to expect. Sigh…

  52. Angela says:

    Adding to my frustrations with Globe is this story I am sharing with you so in case you will also be given rebate by Globe, you know what to expect. Sigh…

  53. chriz says:

    may i ask? ahm my old friend got one of the superstick 4g.. ehm i believe its called “tatoo superstick mobile-wifi” – one of the picture shown above. so ah this kind of plan, is it totally unlimited? coz i remember he said ” one of the staffs told him that it was “1gb limit data consumption evry 24hours and when it reaches the limit the connection will be terminated for about 24hours” but when he got home and the postpaid sim was activated and he tested it, he actually exceeded upto 32gig data usage. the questions are, is it unlimited and the globe center staff should be called stupid? and another question is.. could it be possible that the exceeding usage would be charged upon billing or not because it is unlimited?

    • Mario Lord says:

      What did you observe using the super stick mobile wifi? is it really unlimited? I am also planning to get this plan but they told me that the post paid of this plan is also covered with the fair usage policy. Please reply if it is unlimited so that i can apply for this one. Thanks.

  54. michael lozano says:

    anyone knows how to activate globe superstick tattoo

  55. jenny says:

    i have this plan.. am i going to receive a billing from globe if my plan ganna end for the month or ill be the one to pay for the plan in any billing station before the plan ends for the month? help please..

  56. xxxxx says:

    Hi guys!!!

    Is there anyone who had tested this speed? Is it possible to go over the data cap?

  57. aleng maliit :) says:

    Hi guys! globe tattoo prepaid user here! dati, naka wimax kami. GRABEEEE! yun yung worst connection na naexperience namin. 1st minute-connected, 2nd to 10th minute-disconnected, tapos connected ulit. ganun ang drama.. But then, yung globe agent binigyan kami ng tip nung nag sign in kami. kapag daw hindi okay ang service, wag na lang namin bayaran, so ganun naman ginawa namin. IN SHORT, banned na yung name na ginamit namin sa globe. [hehehe! pero atleast di kami naglabas ni singko, for 3 useless months]

    then, right now, globe tattoo stick na yung gamit namin. yeah, hindi naman sinabing 7.2mbps exactly ang speed. it says UP TO 7.2mbps. ang nakakainis lang talaga is yung 800mb cap kaya puro surfing lang magagawa mo. pero kung gusto niyo magdownload or manood ng video, simulan niyo around 10pm, kasi by 12mn, narereset naman yun.. yun din ginagawa ko. hehe! :D

  58. Mron ako tatto suoerstick 4g i dont if ypull like it. I guess its to slow. I pay php1150/mo. But during my browsing nkkaawa lng ang 1150 ko per moth. Its a ghost experience durinv my my session. Pinagtyatyagaan nlang nmin kung klan ang strong signal. Try ko sana yung 1599 bk ok yun. Try nyo rin.

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