Sony Xperia Z1 free on Smart Plan 1500

Sony Xperia Z1 free on Smart Plan 1500

First it was the upcoming Google Nexus 5, now the MVP-led telco has added another high-end smartphone under its belt. This time around it’s the Sony Xperia Z1.

Sony’s current flagship handset will come free of charge when you sign up for UnliSurf Plan 1500, All-In Plan 1200 with 30-month lock-in period or All-In Plan 2500 with a two-year tie up with the telco.

sony xperia z1 smart


The Xperia Z1 is also offered on other All Plans such as Plan 500, 800 and 1800 with an additional cash-out of Php19,000, Php14,500 and Php3,500 respectively.

To know more about Smart’s postpaid offer, just click on the source link below. And while you’re at it, you can also check out our full review of the Sony Xperia Z1 to help you decide whether this smartphone fits your needs.


This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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43 Responses

  1. rj says:

    Nung last ako pumunta sa Mall banda dito, wala gaano pumupunta sa Sony Mobile Store, ewan ko kung bakit. Kumpara sa ibang mobile store andami. Ehehe.

    Hi! Here’s my humble entry. :)

    Kahit na cheap ang ginamit kong video camera sa sobrang labo (Nokia 5320). I made pa rin para ilabas ko yung idea ko.

    Wag naman sanang okrayin pati yung video editing, eh sa 5320 Phone ko rin yan inedit eh. :)

    • abuzalzal says:

      Pootang-ina mo!!!!
      Kelangan bang ipaskil ang walang kakwenta kwenta mong video sa lahat ng article???

      Gago, sana kagatin ka at lapain ka ng asong ulol sa kalye gago

    • androidsucks says:

      Nako. Nagpost na ho ang asong ulol. Ingat ka dyan. Tahahaha.

    • androidYAK says:

      Nako. Nagpost na ho ang asong olol. Ingat ka dyan. Tahahaha.

  2. Berkanoshow says:

    It looks like the Google Nexus 5 will be offered in similar plans. A bummer IMO, but nothing we can do about it. It is now a choice between a phone with good resistance to the elements and a good camera…to one with a clear upgrade path and no bloatware…tough choice?

  3. abuzalzal says:

    Word of Caution. Lahat ng top-end Xperia models , prone sa overheating. Even during moderate tasks like browsing and phone calling. Ni-root ko last month yung Z1 ng bayaw ko so first hand talaga I can attest to it.

    Overheating dramatically decreases the efficiency and overall lifespan of the battery

    Huwag magpapadala sa marketing gimmick ng SONY. Avoid these Xperia handsets at all cost

    • titi says:

      titi mo.

    • rj says:

      Kahit naman Samsung at LG nag-o-overheat.

    • lop says:

      Suuuurrrreeee. Maniniwala kami sa lahat ng sinasabi mo kasi ikaw ang hari ng mga gadgets di ba? Tumahimik ka na lang nga at makuntento ka sa mga CM gadgets mo Abuzalzal! Haha

    • Kanang itlog ni Abu says:

      hayaan niyo na, halata namang nakukuha niya lang mga info niya sa reviews ng ibang sites eh, ok sana kung na test mo na diba.

    • Enya says:

      Xperia V was also very hot when using LTE unlike the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE which was just so cool as an access point for Globe LTE

    • honami says:

      Yun nga ang purpose ng pagiging water resistant niyan, pag nag-ooverheat na, ilublob mo na sa tubig.

  4. abuzalzalin mo ako says:

    pekpek mo!

  5. Z says:

    Ngtry ako ask ngayon sa smart. kaso wla pa dw. weird.

  6. Abed says:

    Confirm ko lang mga sir capped po ba ang LTE plan ng Smart? TIA :)

  7. sam says:

    Yeah wala pa daw,tried to ask their cs hindi pa daw narerelease.bummer.:(

  8. knives809 says:

    Overheat ba kamo problema ng Z1? Eh di ibabad mo sa tubig para di uminit. Hahaha!

  9. blinkfeeder says:

    just applied for the Z1 in Smart. agonizing wait for the unit begins now.

  10. meh says:

    Not worth it, 30 month lock in? Thats over 3 years! you are far better to buy the phone and just use prepaid LTE monthly

    • Mehganun says:

      Sure ka over 3 years? Hmmmm

      If you will use prepaid lte monthly that would be almost 24,000 for two years. Plus cost of the phone pag prepaid around 24,000 din. Minimum cost for having z1 and 2 years on lte will be 48,000 (roughly 2000 per month for the phone and lte service for 2 years). If u got it on all in plan 1200, you can have 200 consumable per month and 30 months of lte, it will cost you 36,000 for 30 months. Cost-wise, mas sulit mag all in plan 1200. Pero if some new phone comes up, you’ll have to wait a little longer (and be stuck with that phone for at least 30 months). Kung ikaw yung tipong nagsasawa na sa phone after 1 year or less, don’t get a postpaid plan (exception: globe’s iphone forever plan). Pero kung mapagtiya-tiyagaan mo ang isang phone for 24 to 30 months, edi get a plan instead. You’ll end up saving more by letting telcos shoulder the cost of the device

  11. damarkcus says:

    I’ve visted a Smart wireless center yesterday just to check kung when ang release ng Z1 the Customer rep told me na hindi nila alam according to their marketing dept

    Just a suggestion :

    Please dont post advert from a crap company who didn’t even know what they are doing nawawala kasi yung credibility ng website na katulad nito at nakakafrustrate lng if Smart is a crap company please dont ride the bandwagon

    sayang eh

  12. Djmyx says:

    @ blinkfeeder so naka apply ka n ng xperia z1 postpaid?when m daw makukuha?

  13. krss says:

    yup the customer rep I talked to had no idea on the Z1 when I applied.. they also did not specify a date when delivery will start.. so i guess the waiting game begins :)

  14. Cotton Candy says:

    kakadaan ko lng knna sa Smart Megamall, they told me this coming Saturday meron na daw un Z1 Smart Plan nila, nyahahaha!

  15. silver says:

    amazing that the Z1 is water resistant but specs wise i’ll still chose the LG G2. hope that LG can make a water resistant phone soon with the G2’s features!

  16. josh says:

    Wala pa ring Z1 sa megamall. tsk tsk. Anong petsa na. hahaha

  17. haist..! says:

    wala pa talaga??
    haist ..!!

  18. Micky says:

    Went to smart this weekend and they are unaware of the promo so no sales pa then today they removed plan 1200 free z1 with 30 mos lock in and changed the ad. Booo! False advertisement!!! Sabi sa hotline magpakita daw ako ng print screen, anyone has one?

  19. Micky says:

    @Josh, the offer prior to today’s post was 1200 free if its under 30 mos lock in as posted by Abe. They changed it today or last night as I checked yesterday free pa din sya. That is why I am complaining kasi madaya sila changing the promo when they saw the demand for z1.

    • josh says:

      I didn’t notice sorry. Anyway, sana maging available na yung plan before xmas. Please update na lang on this post pagkakuha ng unit para mainform kami na meron na sa mga smart stores. TIA

  20. response please..!! says:

    saang smart na po meron ni2?
    sang mall na po..!

    please answer..! thanks

  21. setbo says:

    plan 1200 nung other day free 30months ah haha, iniba? sayang maganda pa nmn ung offer na un pero in this case mukang need talaga mag cash out for 24 months lock in

  22. Gerry says:

    For those who applied last December, do you guys already got your Z1 from Smart? It’s been already a month already since I applied and still no phone. This is incredibly frustrating already since I also needed the Internet.

  23. Ton says:

    Got mine at Alimall and Megamall after 3 weeks of waiting. Try to reapply in small and unfamous malls like Alimall and you will get your unit in an instant.

    • cris says:

      Sir… I just want to ask if there is a required credit limit of credit card if I will apply for plan 1500..? at kung madali lang pag may credit card maapprove ..thanks just to have an Idea before going to store.

    • Ivan says:

      Sir ask ko lang din, na koconsume mo ba yung data capped na 1.5gb? totoong bang bababa yung speed nya up to 200+ Kbps, ok lang sana kung baba sya ng mga 3mbps, pero yung ganong kababa, ay grabe, kulang kasi sa detailed yung fup ng smart, sinasabi lang dun reduced speed, di man lang sinabi kung gaano kababa..tsk tsk

  24. Ton says:

    One problem though, my android version is still 4.2.2 it should have a 4.3 update. I am thinking is has something to do with Smart locking since it is under smart postpaid plan.

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