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Sun Broadband’s Anti Bill-Shock with Plan 350

So here’s a unique way how Sun Broadband guarantees that you won’t get that “bill shock” at the end of every payment period with your telco. Start will a low and affordable price then charge a minimal add-on cost for every excess hours of usage and then put a ceiling fee to it.

The proposition looks enticing, especially for those who are on a budget.

Here’s how they’re doing it:

1) Subscribe to Sun Broadband Plan 350. That’s 35 hours per month for Php350.

2) When you exceed the allocated 35 hours, you get charged Php10 per additional hours.

3) Once you exceed the additional 55 hours, your bill stops at Php900.

Technically, once you reach 90 hours Sun will automatically switch you to an Unlimited Plan for Php900. The following month, you go back to paying Php350 again, unless of course you exceed the time allocation.

Sounds good right? I hope Globe and Smart follows the same billing principle for postpaid plans, especially when you use their Php10/30mins or Php5/15mins charging rate.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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40 Responses

  1. Eason says:

    really good, constant unlimited is 799, just add 100 per month / 1200 a year for a controllable plan :)

  2. nameless says:

    This sounds good! Baka lang, pag dumami masyado ang subscriber nila maging crap na din sila :(

  3. Wow, this is cool. I do hope people support this campaign so Globe and Smart will follow the trend.

  4. Ian says:

    Ok toh sa 3G enabled tablets. Parang gusto ko tuloy ng iPad2 wifi+3G.

  5. FreelanceU says:

    This is a better implementation of those Always On products of Globe and Smart.

  6. Prince says:

    This is nice, my question is how about the speed and coverage?

  7. steven says:

    gamit ko dito is samsung galaxy tab. Okay sya actually. No complaints about speed. Though ung coverage within metro, ayos nman. Tested the speed and umaabot sya ng 2mbps.

  8. this is a brilliant plan!
    if on your current billing cycle you use only 35 hours you just pay P350, and on the following billing cycle if you exceed the additional 55hours, you pay a fixed P900 fee!

    so if you use more you pay more and if you use less you pay a minimum of 350!


  9. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Sana meron silang Bandwidth version like
    2Gb per month => P350
    exceed per Gb => P 50.00
    Ceiling => P990.00

  10. arbee says:

    this is an exciting plan. especially to those who are on a budget, like me. :-) Yeah, i just hope the connection wont be bad if more people will subscribe.

  11. riley ipe says:

    What’s this 350 per month na 35 hours free? For all i know, there is 350 plan per month for 45 hours freetime. The excess hours that you don’t consume will be added next month when you pay your bill (350php). if this is right, this is for your info only. thanks.

    • Sabana says:

      But this plan caps your bill at 900 with every excess hour at 10 bucks. That other plan, IIRC, requires you to buy a prepaid load if you use up your 45hrs

  12. wreek888 says:

    35 hrs for P350? that is expensive. i can get 24 hrs at P50. How can i monitor my usage at 35 hrs?

    • jojo a says:

      It depends on your usage. P50/day would mean P1500 per month compared to the P900 cap of this plan.

    • vicman says:

      that’s the problem with this Plan you can only check your consumption via their CSRs. Unlike with their Plan 350 lite which you will automatically once you connect to the Internet. This is according to their agent that discouraged me in getting this Plan. Ironic!

  13. Pusang Kulog says:

    Kudos to Sun for this plan. Its the first time I heard of a telco who chose to cap pricing instead of bandwidth. This is innovative and very cool indeed!

    Might as well avail of the plan. ;-)

  14. huh says:


    Are you talking about the UnliSurf 50? which is 50/day = 1550/month… even if you are using it 24/7, this plan is still cheaper @ 900 a month at max.. and not all people are using the internet 24/7 on their phone or tabs…

    this is an ingenious plan indeed… sana walang catches…

  15. Kenth says:

    Nice move Sun! Next move on Sun’s part is to ensure they have the infrastructure and bandwidth to support their client’s and ensure a satisfactory (if not a great) user experience.

  16. Iyan Sommerset says:

    Surprisingly good. Big fan of flexible-with-a-ceiling plans.

  17. RJCA says:

    Might as well just get the P650 unlimited plan, works great and no cap worries.

  18. Alex says:

    cool. Hope globe and smart follow suit.

  19. g33kt3 says:

    good thing! this has been implemented years ago by softbank japan, i hope mag follow ang globe & smart, because this will certainly mean more subscribers, and its the same reason kung bakit naging #1 ang softbank japan in terms of subscription,

  20. Best offer a network can give.

  21. Cliff Rosario says:

    I very much like this idea.. This benefits those who have erratic monthly usage.. meaning your usage fluctuates every month.. hmm.. whoever thought of it within Sun is one hell of genius. I am thinking of switching from Globe..

  22. tph says:

    brilliant indeed. mukhang okay to ha… any idea kung papano ang block nito? per minute ba or per 30 mins? or 30 minutes to be used within 2 hours?

  23. elmo says:

    maganda to kung per minute/continous lang yung 35 hours.ok to sa mga occasional internet users/downloaders.the best dito yung walang bandwidth cap.

  24. Reiciello says:

    I agree! OK to actually.

  25. Cocolumboy says:

    Gano ba kabilis ang sun compare to smart at globe?

  26. jems says:

    I think 30 min blocks ang pag charge sa 35 hours. Kung tama nga ako, then I think flawed din tong plan na to. What if you connect 3 times a day na iba ibang oras pero tig-5 mins lang? Ubos agad yung 35 hours mo. I like Sun though, sun broadband unli gamit ko eh. Sana consumable yung lahat ng 35 hours tapos implement nila to sa mobile phones :D

    • jems says:

      haha medyo mali pala computation ko, that’s actually 23 days I think kung ganun. I mean panu pag multiple times ka magconnect sa isang araw, pero tig 5 mins lang. :D

  27. ocommon says:

    Kung ako sainyo, bumili na lang kayo ng 3days unli P100 card nila. 24/7 for P1033/month lang. Magsipag lang mag-scratch ng card :)

  28. vicman says:

    Diniscourage ako ng agent ng sun mismo tungkol dito. Mas maganda pa din daw yun Plan 350 Lite kasi per minute ang charging at updated ka sa remaining minutes ng account mo. Unlike yung anti-bill shock plan na hindi ka makakatanggap ng update. Kailangan mo pang tumawag sa hotline nila para malaman yung consumption mo. So baka kahit 900 lang ang maximum bill mo baka ma-shock ka pa din.

  29. iloveboracay says:

    This is a good broadband plan from sun. Although we haven’t tried to use their service, we looking at a possibility that we’re going to get their broadband services soon.

  30. Roger Guinto says:

    i applied last october 8. until now, october 13, i stil cannot connect.

  31. Sabana says:

    Can anybody confirm if this would work on an iPad 2? Went to a Sun Shop earlier and the rep told me that the sim isn’t activated for iPad devices. I know it sounds absurd but I couldn’t risk getting a plan that I wouldn’t be able to use.

    • sun_fan says:

      @Sabana – i know there’s a broadband micro-sim version that they can provision especially for you. Just ask for it.

      Or you can always have your sim cut in greenhills :) But otherwise, I don’t see any way why it wouldn’t work on an IOS

  32. chocnutaddict says:

    @Sir Abe – Sun now made another Anti-Bill Shock take on unlimited SMS to other networks which will cost no more than P499/month. check this out:


    • seishun says:

      @chocnutaddict—Thanks for the link!
      Comparing this with My Super Txt All of Globe at P599, I would say that this add-on 199 is a better choice. Aside from being cheaper (unlimited text to all network at P499 only), Sun Add-on 199 is also dependent on the usage of its subscribers. So, if I only texted 1000 or less, I have to pay an additional P199 only! This is really an amazing offer for me! Good job Sun! I will definitely avail this product! 

  33. vin says:

    Went to sun shop today and they said that this is no longer being offered. Smart is definitely starting to control the market….

  34. Sarah says:

    @abe Umalis ako sa Pilipinas ng end of March 2012 to get a job here in SG,my mistake,forgot to cancel my 350 lite broadband,,ngaun,pinapunta ko ung sis ko sa sun shop para ipa-cut na ung plan,ang sabi klangan ko daw byaran ung from march-july,khit d ko ngamit..tama ba un??? My habol ba cla kung d ko byaran?

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