The Curious Case of Wi-Tribe Bandwidth Cap

The Curious Case of Wi-Tribe Bandwidth Cap

The recent soft-launch of Wi-Tribe in the Philippines drew mixed reactions. While a number of people were excited about another telco-challenger, a few others who’ve tried it during the beta phase are complaining about the bandwidth cap.

The biggest complaint so far is the bandwidth caps being imposed by Wi-Tribe (although we already know other telcos are also doing some sort of bandwidth capping for years now).

Some reports coming in is that P2P traffic is limited to only 3GB per month. However, if you use the service between 1am to 7am, your bandwidth usage will not be logged/monitored (according to their Fair Use Policy).

If the 3GB cap is reached, the 1Mbps connection will be throttled down to just 256Kbps. This is then re-set back to normal on the next monthly cycle. (The figures here have not been verified since Wi-Tribe’s Fair Use Policy does not specify the numbers).

Area of coverage for Wi-Tribe.

Why have one?

Well it’s designed to make sure your broadband service is fast and reliable whenever you use it.


Some of our broadband customers use file sharing software and download large files like music and videos. This uses up lots of network capacity leaving less available for you. If they’re doing this at peak times, it could mean that the speed of your broadband service will be affected.

Am I likely to be affected by the Fair Use Policy?

If you don’t use file sharing software or download large files from the Internet it’s unlikely you’ll ever be affected by this policy. If you do, all we ask is that you do so considerately, perhaps by downloading outside the peak hours of 1am to 7am. Don’t forget that media streaming, including the streaming of internet radio contributes to your use of bandwidth and may, if left permanently on, cause you to be in breach of this policy.

What will happen if my use is very high?

If you only occasionally have very high usage, we’re unlikely to be concerned. If it is happening regularly, we may either have to reduce the transmission speed of your broadband while we continue to keep an eye on your usage, or suspend your service and/or possibly close your account.

We don’t want to do that, and with your support and goodwill we’ll work with you to see if we can avoid this happening.

I think 3GB is just too small for a bandwidth cap. Maybe somewhere around 20GB could be a “fair” limit. That un-metered slot between 1am to 7am is classic for dial-up providers even until now.

Will have to follow this up and confirm some of the details with Wi-Tribe.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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150 Responses

  1. oliverv. says:

    so what do you think of there service? they said that wimax is the next big thing in data connectivity.

  2. marvin says:

    3GB? that’s just 2 high quality video (piracy? :) ), a few Linux distro, etc.. too small…

  3. whaâ„¢ says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaa… madaya!!! kaya pala aftes 3 weeks cycle everymonth ang bagal ng internet ko…

  4. rjgolo says:

    Hmm…that’s not even enough for one modern game from Steam or Impulse!

  5. Jon says:

    3gigs?? That’s too small, and not fair at all. It would be “Fair” if you had a 56kbps connection. I could easily use all that bandwidth in a day or two without p2p. I agree, 20gigs is fair.

  6. Vance says:

    hey is it tru this wii thingy is 4G not 3g..

  7. so only on Manila?no visayas…:sigh:

  8. simplynice93 says:

    Thanks for the info sir abe! I think the government should look into this problem with the telcos. Para maging HAPPY rin kami…

  9. sting6ph says:

    3GB? Hahahahaha….

    They should be very clear what will be labeled as fair and unfair. I download a lot of podcasts and I can reach 3GB worth of content in just one week.

  10. johnson says:

    Isps keep saying unlimited then they have fine prints stating there is a cap.

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  11. wixster says:

    why don’t you wait for the new hspa+ of SmartBro which offers up to 20 MBPS.. yes that is twenty MBPS..

  12. third says:

    @wixster Any link for that? Or ETA at least?

  13. Chain says:

    I think some of the comments above mistook the expression P2P. I don’t think it will affects games based on steam and such, IMO it refers mostly to torrents and P2Ps like Limewire.

    As for the HSPA+, i don’t think that’s to be seen in the near future because of the system overhaul requirements for that to be accomplished.

  14. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Wonder if they can monitor encrypted torrents?

  15. nitecrawler says:

    If you are trying to penetrate a market, why would you give your prospective client reason NOT to transfer to your service..A bandwidth cap is very old school of thinking..soon Wi-TRibe will not be known as service innovator but rather just another telco with no innovation..

    Why cant they offer the same broadband plans as their QTEL principal give to their subscriber in QATAR?

    Maybe because Wi-Tribe marketing are being run by old school San Miguel people who are more accustomed to being a dominant(market leader) in the the liquor market.

    Guess what? In Telecom..they are a newbie acting the same as their dominant competitors.. LOL

  16. iks says:

    para ka na ring nagapply magpakabit ng kuryente sa Meralco pero sasabihan ka nilang pang-washing machine lang yung electric service nila. eh di laba ka na lang ng laba.

    seriously, they cannot tell us what to consume online. people dont signup with ISPs just to do P2P, they also download podcasts (video podcasts especially can reach MBs lalo na pag HD), stream radio, watch online videos and people actually buy LEGAL content online. please lang noh.

  17. cornflakes says:

    its expensive.

    a 1MBPS connection will cost you 999 plus 5thou for the unit. or if you will lock yourself for 2 years, you’ll get the unit for 2500thou.

    We have a globe bundle here landline plus 2MBPS internet for only P1250.

  18. Paul says:

    I will stick with wired connection. :)

  19. Nong says:

    umpisa pa lang nilang offer yan. marami pa yan. hindi daw nila kailangang ilabas lahat ng baraha nila.

    Kayo naman.

  20. Pochero says:

    smart already have a teaser on their new service hspa+ at 20mbps.

  21. rjgolo says:

    It’s not necessarily P2P. As stated above:

    1.) If you don’t use file sharing software or download large files from the Internet it’s unlikely you’ll ever be affected by this policy.
    2.)Don’t forget that media streaming, including the streaming of internet radio contributes to your use of bandwidth…

    Also, there is no clear way to identify whether you’re using torrent downloads when the stream is encrypted (unless they have DPI monitoring) which I think is too expensive for them to deploy at this time so I believe they just count your bandwidth usage regardless of whether or not it is or isn’t from a P2P app.

  22. Hermes says:

    I would love to see that HSPA+ up to 20mbps from Smart. There they go again. My message lang to you telcos out there: Can we stop all these “up tos” and just give us the truth. And it’s not just Smart but everyone else. Tried almost everything. Smart, Globe, Sun (Sun is the best so far – but I still have to experience going over 600kbps) and I haven’t really gone “up to” their promised speeds.

  23. abe says:

    SUPER …. SUPER …. SUPER Bagal na internet ito


  24. Jimbo says:

    This cap is frustrating and unfair to those of us who use the internet resposibly.

    I for one purchase software (like games) online. For example, my purchases from STEAM get tracked and metered. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO DOWNLOAD A 15GB GAME THAT I PURCHASED ON A 256KBPS LINE WHEN I GET CAPPED? Also, emails downloaded into my email client (Outlook) count too! I regularly get large attachments (e.g. pictures, documents, etc) for my business transactions! I just got the wi-tribe service last Saturday and I’m already at the limit! YAARRRGHH! And what about the other people in my household who use the internet?! They have emails, downloads and whatnot too?! This cap is DRACONIAN! Also, once you sign-up, you can’t get out until you finish the contract or pay a ludicrous amount for it.

    To be fair to the service, it does indeed get to 1MBPS speeds consistently and I do get a good signal where I am (Paranaque). But please, if anyone from Wi-Tribe management reads this, increase the cap from 3GB to about 20GB (as what the author of this article suggested). Not everyone is illegally downloading stuff from the net. Some of us actually use the service for WORK!

  25. vince says:

    how do noobs who sign up for this know about the cap?

    1. its prominently mentioned in their website and their ads – of course not
    2. #1, but in small print – nope
    3. Small print in their contract
    4. The agents say, Oh by the way, there’s a cap
    5. No one says anything. They find out for themselves

    #1 and 2 is fair. #3 is sneaky. #4 and 5 is bordering on false advertising

  26. Mark says:




  27. naknamfucha kakakuha ko lang kagabi and ngayon ko lang nalaman na may cap! what an idiot (me)! im also smartbro-subscribed (3years and running) which is a pretty good indication na im satisfied with smart’s service— err, until recently. madalas sya madisconn.

    timing naman may nagoffer ng wi-tribe so uto2 naman talaga ako kaya instant sign up. mabilis ang conn, Youtube HD compared sa smartbro parang kuneho vs pilay na kuneho ang labanan.

    balak ko ipalit sa smartbro kaso naisip ko since multi-pc’s sa bahay, baka bumagal pag nakarouter na. wala e, nagahaman na ko sa bilis ayaw ko na ishare. so now smartbro is still in but wi-tribe in place of globe tattoo (prepaid). madalas kase ko nasa school and lintek yang tattoo parang kapatid lang ng dial-up.

    anweiz my main dummy questions are:
    1) pls confirm; cap is for downloading only so casual surfing and gaming (Garena) DOES NOT affect conn speed?

    2) if smart launches a new one (that hsdpa blah) im gonna switch to that, can you confirm if it is true and when is it going to be released?

    3) any raw data on it being hooked to a router, is it any good? smartbro is nice whenever it is running, im just displeased bec i dont like its unreliability lately.

    any feedback gladly appreciated–
    im gonna check this page daily.

    problema nila kung gusto ng consumer mag DL ng large files, dapat walang cap-cap na yan. ako di mahilig magDL pero ayoko pa rin ng may limit. i may have made a bad decision pero gamitin ko muna then pay that damn amount kung gusto ko na ipatigil! yung mga gusto magsubscribe magresearch muna kayo. ako wala ko paki bwisit din kase pag may prob smartbro. peace!!!!

  28. Mark says:

    @ witribe subscriber

    parehas tyo.
    ang sure ko lng d k n makakapag garena
    3gb per month???
    s patch plng ubos n yan d n nga ako mkapag SF.
    try mo basahin ung s facebook ng witribe philippines pra mlman mo mga issues.

    Ragarding s cap its 3GB and its confirmed tawag k s 31-tribe.

    Yari. naloko k rin regarding nga s cap.d k rin cnbihan.

  29. patay… 12k to / year… tignan natin kung useful ba to. kakabili ko lang nung router last january so kundi lang talaga dahil sa smartbro problem di ko kukuhanin tong wi-tribe. ngayon prob pang idispatsa to kung sakali.

    actually, di ako familiar sa cap in terms of wireless service, sa cellphone ko lang narinig yan. dishonest marketing yan kung ang unsuspecting dummy na katulad ko eh hindi mabibigyan ng heads up about this. ‘akala’ ko kasi (marami nang namatay dyan) pareho lang sa smartbro na unlimited.

    ok, wag na ko mag garena dito. My usual stuff is browsing the net, mga simpleng bagay like youtube, facebook. so kahit pala youtube lang kumakain na ng gigs, tapos magslow down na ang connection??? hindi lahat ng tao may time alamin mga ganitong bagay. gago talaga yung salesman na yun trabaho nya dapat banggitin sa akin yan.

    nuf whining. sino sa inyo ang may idea kung ano ang ‘magagandang’ plans ng wi-tribe? so asa pa ako na baguhin nila ang patakaran nila. sa blogger, pls lead us to some facts na positive naman. pero kung puro negative talaga di ka namin mapipilit hehehe! thanks!

  30. Mark says:

    @ witribe subscriber

    (ok, wag na ko mag garena dito. My usual stuff is browsing the net, mga simpleng bagay like youtube, facebook. so kahit pala youtube lang kumakain na ng gigs, tapos magslow down na ang connection???)

    Yes try to use the USAGE CALCULATOR of Wi-tribe on their can estimate your internet usage.
    AS I can see you only have 8 hours of video streaming and you will reach the 3GB CAP.

    (hindi lahat ng tao may time alamin mga ganitong bagay. gago talaga yung salesman na yun trabaho nya dapat banggitin sa akin yan.)

    2 booth of witribe says its 1mbps.not informing the 3gb cap and its speed throttle down to 256 kbps.

    Regarding on your positive request.
    The Signal strength definitely have no problem.even in the 1 bar signal u will acquire 1mbps.

    Consistent in 1mbps.(without the existent of 3GB cap)

  31. Alright. I don’t even think I reach 8 hours of streaming in a month! And they call it portable but must be plugged in. Sus talaga… ano ba to.

  32. TG says:

    I suppose lahat kayo are residential subscribers? You talk of downloading so much and resent the fair usage policy but have you thought about how much your paying for the service? The fair usage policy is meant just as it is, fair use. Para naman other residential subscribers who are paying the same rate as you do would still get enough bandwidth for their average use. If you read the policy again, the 3GB cap before you’re throttled is when you’re doing P2P. If you intend to go beyond that, get the next higher package, I suppose. For the excessive users who only cloud the minds of average users…Enough complaining that you’re being robbed. Btw, hindi ako taga wi-tribe. I just do not agree with the other people on this thread.

  33. TG says:

    Oh and guys, btw. It’s not how much you download but how fast you can. If you can download or browse faster, this will free up the network faster and it gives you more time to do other things than just waiting in queue for your page to appear. Let’s open up our minds, shall we?

  34. Christine says:

    (Some comments on the witribe forum.)


    I would DEFINITELY AGREE with you if they marketed WiTribePH as a backup/secondary internet account primarily for the laptop/mobilePC/netbook afficionados who ALREADY has a primary internet backbone at home (whether it be cable/dsl/wireless) and use their service WHEN OUTSIDE the house

    The 3GB cap is also perfect for the push email (ala blackberry/outlook) and powerpoint presentations for a SINGLE user

    Let me give you a scenario for a typical household of 4 using 1 computer assuming everyone gets 3 hours a day of internet usage

    1mbps with 3GB cap (downstream+upstream data)
    256kbps is the throttled speed after the 3GB cap is used
    30 days is comprised of 22 weekdays and 8 weekends (2 days for saturday sunday)
    1GB = 1000mb

    user 1 = surf for 3 hours (100mb) + youtube on the side (30-50mb) = 150mb
    user 2 = surf for 3 hours (100mb) + limewire on the side (30-50mb) = 150mb
    user 3 = online gaming for 3 hours (150mb) + streaming music on the side (50-80mb) = 230mb
    user 4 = surf for 3 hours (100mb) + downloading stuff for work (100mb)= 200mb

    Total for the 4 users for a day for the pc = 730mb downstream data

    then allow for 5 percent upstream for the packets as this is a norm (730mb x 0.05) = 36.5mb

    Total bandwidth consumed by a family of 4 using 1 computer for 12 hours PER DAY on a weekday (assuming again they all share equally amongst each other) = 766.5mb

    766.5mb x 22 days (monday-friday) = 16863mb or simply 16.86GB!


    lets further assume that internet usage is HIGHER during weekends (typical filipino setup = everyone’s at home and everyone wants to be on the PC LONGER during saturdays and sundays especially during nights)

    766.5mb x 8 days = 6132mb + 67% (each member gets 4.5 hours instead of 3 )

    (3 / 4.5=0.667 X 100% = 67%) so total online time and bandwidth allocation grows by 67% or so

    67% of 6132mb = 4108.44mb

    6132+4108.44 = 10240.44mb

    so we’re talking 10240.44mb or 10.24GB of data being consumed SOLELY during weekends.

    let’s add everything up..

    16863mb (22 weekdays) + 10240.44mb (8 weekends) = 27103.44mb or 27.1GB PER MONTH if only 1 PC is being used and being shared by 4 family members throughout the month.

    Imagine how the numbers will GROW if EVERYONE in the household had their own PC linked through a wired/wireless router..

    Surely everyone will have their own time on their respective PCs since they’re no longer bound to share the computer with anyone else.

    So do you think 3GB per month cap is such a big number for a family of 4 ? Think again.

    Whoever person/team thought of the 3GB cap either thinks its still the early 1980s when the internet was still in its infancy, all websites were text based and the term ‘gigabyte’ is only known to scientists and IT firms.

    WAKE UP! its 2010.

    Websites are flash based and have streaming content even without you downloading anything which already is bandwidth intensive.

    3GB is easily consumed within the first few days of signup.

    let’s just again assume someone from the family subscribed during a weekday (lets assume its a monday)

    3000 (3GB) / 766.5mb = 3.91 days or simply .. if you get your connection up and running monday afternoon or in the evening .. by thrursday night or friday whole day people in the household will already be complaining of slow speeds.

    now this is fun .. lets assume someone from the household subscribes over the weekend (friday afternoon) and the fun of the family starts friday evening..

    766.5mb + 67% of 766.5mb (its the weekend remember?) = (766.5mb+513.6mb) = 1280.1mb

    friday night = 766.5 mb
    saturday whole day+night = 1280.1mb
    sunday whole day+night = 1280.1mb

    total for the weekend = 3326.7mb.

    now the cap happens at 3000mb.

    So whoever is left on the PC late sunday afternoon till evening will DEFINITELY CALL the 31-tribe number and complain why suddenly when everyone else enjoyed fast surfing just this sunday morning, he got tagged as ‘it’.

    I laugh with bitter sarcasm when the call center agent says “As we see on our records, you have already utilized 100% of your 3GB cap .. please wait for the next month to refresh your bandwidth cap to 0%. Thank you for calling WiTribe! have a pleasant evening!”

    Then everyone else in the family follows suit, complaining come monday afternoon when kids from school will want to surf online, on which pages will load with the consistency of molasses during winters in Minnesota.

    hell, if a kid in the household just downloads a single 3GB game online then obviously the bandwidth is already capped at that point

    I think they should rename their policy as unfair usage .. because they designed it to be unfair to begin with.

  35. @ christine – all those figures giving me a headache, but I’m with you.

    Today my witribe suddenly stopped connecting. The 5 green led light just wont stop blinking 1-2-3-4-5 and the other occasional blink pattern. I am back to smartbro’s arms.

    Seriously, it was my fault i was too hasty deciding kaya nakuha ko tong wi-tribe. This is just it’s 4th day and nagkaganito na. I don’t think we have discussed this kind of problem here, di mo matatawag na 1 bar to dahil parang nagsscan lang yung led light.

    Anyway, kaya ko to kinuha dahil ayoko magtatawag sa cust care. I now have to settle this matter with them pero syempre hintayin ko gf ko to come home (5 days to go) so she can call (she always does it for me, what a lazy ***)

    Baka meron sa inyo na nagpacancel ng service na to pls tell me how? thanks lotz and what a day this has been

  36. Subscriber says:

    I’ve mailed them using the customer support for their consideration to raise the bandwidth cap. Hope they consider.

  37. Wi-Tribe says:

    Affected din yun Youtube dyan sa 3GB alloted bandwidth, that means 100mb a day X 30 days = 3GB ang limit mo so 100 mb a day ka lng sobraaaaaaaang baba!!! KAYA DI OK ANG WI-TRIBE GRABE!!!! ANG BAGAL PAG LAGPAS KA NA SA ALLOTED 3GB BANDWIDTH!!!

    ako pa YOUTUBE lng ako ng YOUTUBE di nga ako ng P2P di pede talaga yang ganyan tapos di sasabihin ng SALES NG WI-TRIBE yung alloted bandwidth bago pagnakasubscirbe kana dun mo nlng malalaman WOW! GALING TALAGA NG STRATEGY NILA!!! MADAYA!!!

    256kbps Download and (10kbps) Upload speed for 1MBPS subscription, WOW!!! TALONG TALO KA DITO!!! AFTER THE ALLOCATED 3GB BANDWIDTH!!!!


  38. Wi-Tribe says:


  39. Tuldok says:

    Sana nga naman eh ma-raise ung bandwidth limit na 3GB/mo. Even with just my usual browsing (wala pang downloads), I already consume about 1.5GB/mo! Paano pa kaya ‘pag may kasama pang downloads? Windows/Linux updates pa lang, dedz na.

  40. Tuldok says:

    Wow…I’ve just read a multitude of comments at Wi-Tribe’s facebook profile discussions.

    Sabi ng isa sa mga subscribers na tumawag sa customer service, yung 1AM to 7AM window is a LIE.

  41. markangleon says:

    HAAAYYY buti nalang nakapasyal sa website na ito..
    wi-tribe will come to my house this saturday afternoon to test and connect and eventually subscribe to them… i called them last wednesday and they did not mentioned this cap thingy.. im calling early later to make a cancellation. :)
    thanks guysz!

  42. Tuldok says:

    The 1AM to 7AM un-metered slot is a hoax.

    Bad-trip, nag-DL lang ako ng 3.5 GB file from 1AM to 7AM…kinagabihan, capped na yung speed ko.

    Another case of false advertising…

  43. badongers says:















  44. vince says:

    this is the tipid pc wi-tribe thread. Read the comments and judge for yourself.

  45. Anonymouse says:


    Sir you should join the discussion, masaya dun

  46. Dan says:

    How is it that Wi-Tribe defender pop like mushrooms out there? anyway!!, im one of the subscriber that not satisfied to their service, we paid them to use what we expect 1 mbps and unlimited use of internet, thats what all user want High Speed Connection, and what did Wi-Tribe did!?, wait their GOOD Service, for how long???.. thats why so many user commented very negative, do you all think people waste their time just for nothing?? of course not there’s a reason for that, and that is Very SLOW like Dial-up Connection and thats Wi-Tribe.

  47. van says:

    hay grabe,,, ang bagal tlg,, di na mention samin ung 3GBs n cap cap na yan,, akala nmin basta gmit k lng ng gmit since unlimited ung sabi nila,,, sabi pa nila as long as may signal hindi magbabago ung speed khit gmitin mo ng gmitin walang magiging problem,,, hay naku, makabenta nga nmn,,, e araw2 cguro maghapon magdamag e nasa harapan kmi ng computer,,, e d ilang gmitan lang pla ung 3GBs n cap nila? kaasar,, sana d n lang kmi d2 nagapply kung alm lang nmin n may ganyan pang policy,,,

  48. vin says:

    bago ako kumuha ng wi-tribe nkita ko na ung forum na may 3GB na limit tapus naging 6GB na pag nagamit ung cap babagsak ung speed mo ng 512kbps o 0.51mbps pababa.kumuha din ung mga pinsan ko kasi nakita nila na mabilis naman.bago kayu kumuha alamin nyo muna.nagamit ko na ung 6GB ko 2days lang sa TORRENT ng DOWNLOAD ako ng malalaking files talagang sinakto ko ng 7GB para magkaalaman. tinatry ko kung gaanu pa kabilis pag naubos na ung 6GB na cap.noong naubos na dahiil sa download ko sa torrent.maganda din sya sa torrent kc mabilis magdownload.try ko mg speedtest lumabas 0.50Mbps nlang minsan 0.34Mbps pero di ko gaanong ramdam ung pagbagal sa youtube lang may onting pag buffering pero ok padin.stable ng 1Mbps pataas ang speed mo kung d mo pa nagagamit ung 6GB na cap.sana nga tanggalin na nila ung cap para di na mgdalawang isip ung mga gustong kumuha.
    at ung peek off hours na 1am hanggang 7 am kawawa naman ung sa iba na nagpapakapuyat pra di mabawasan.pero ako talagang natry ko ayus nmn khit gamit na ung 6GB.nasasainyu naman yan kung kukuha kayu sa kanila o hindi.

  49. alice says:

    pano ba malalaman kung lagpas o gamit na ung 6GB na fair usage mo?baka may nakaka alam dyan.ung mga internet addict matututong magtipid?sana tanggalin na nila ung 6GB na cap o kya gawin na lang nilang 15GB-20GB.please wi-tribe philippines.

  50. Yen says:

    I received this email today from a subscriber:

    “I got your email address in an unsolicited email sent by wi-tribe customer service dated March 26 (Manila).
    We’ve filed a complaint to DTI against wi-tribe for :

    – Not issuing of Official receipt upon purchase
    – Misrepresentation of product and services as advertised
    – Violation of privacy of subscribers by sharing personal email addresses of its subscribers via mass email
    We would like to demand the increase of capping limits, otherwise, return our payment without any conditions.

    Please support us by sending your complaint to DTI:

    We will be filling a separate complaint to NTC about this. Please feel free to repost or pass this message to your friends. You might just help them save 998 pesos.”

  51. Jimbo says:

    “We will be filling a separate complaint to NTC about this. Please feel free to repost or pass this message to your friends. You might just help them save 998 pesos.”

    Count me in! Who can I contact so that all of us who were duped into this service can band together and we can all complain to the DTI

  52. Yen says:

    @Jimbo – look for Tina Moran at Facebook. She has an ongoing mediation with wi tribe after her complaint was processed by DTI. You can see her in this discussion>!/topic.php?topic=15598&post=60146&uid=439100335507#post60146

  53. sickem says:

    In Your Dreams….

  54. The Purist says:

    Ang dami palang nagrereklamo sa capping ng wi-tribe. Wala bang magrereklamo regarding sa reliability at speed ng wi-tribe kung casual user ka lang? Ako kasi subscriber ng Sun Broadband pero sobrang bad trip na ako sa Internet nila dahil HINDI AKO MAKABROWSE man lang ng mga websites palagi. Puro na lang page timeouts at page cannot be displayed kahit na anong oras o araw pa.

    Sa tindi ng kalbaryo ko sa Sun, mas gugustuhin ko na yang 6GB capped Internet ng wi-tribe kung reliable naman ang connection nila at nakakabrowse naman ng mabilis. At least sa ganyang scenario, alam mo kung ano ang limit mo at the same time ay nagagamit mo ang Internet mo. Mahirap pag puro unlimited na lang ang pinagsasabi ng mga Telco, akala natin totoo un pala hindi naman kaya ng network nila ang dami ng subscribers. Gaya na lang sa Sun ko, 6 months na akong nagcocomplain sa hotline nila pero wala silang magawa kasi nga congested na raw ang area ko. So magtiis na lang ako di ba at maghintay na matulog ang mga subscribers na malapit sa akin para naman makapagbrowse man lang ako ng Facebook.

    Although hindi ako subcsriber ng wi-tribe, nakikita kong nasa right path sila by implementing this speed cap. Bakit kamo? Lahat kayo gusto ng unlimited Internet with unlimited bandwidth. Sa tingin nyo ba kayang i-provide yan ng wi-tribe o iba pang wireless broadband providers? Hindi! Imposible yan at limitation yan ng 3G o 4G technology dahil shared bandwidth lang yan per cell site o 3G site. Hindi yan kagaya ng mga wired DSL connection na direkta kang nakakonek sa server ng ISP mo at talagang pwedeng maallocate ang dedicated bandwidth sa yo.

    Maliit nga ang 6GB speed cap kung tutuusin, sana man lng gawin nilang 20GB yan para maging mas acceptable. Pero after ninyong ma-cap, makakadownload pa rin naman di ba? Yun nga lang mabagal na yata ang speed (256KBPS). Ang dilemma kasi diyan, kapag tinaasan nila ang data allocation per month, lahat ng users sabay-sabay na gagamitin yan at ang resulta syempre ay poor network performance na. Malamang makaexperience na rin kayo ng mala-dialup na speed in the future kung hindi nila iiimplement ang download capping na iyan.

    Mas acceptable na sa akin yang ganyang policy kesa naman sa Sun Broadband o Globe Tattoo na hindi makabrowse. Kailangan lang ay linawing maigi ng wi-tribe yan sa mga subscribers at isama nila sa contract para alam ng mga tao at hindi nagugulat na may limits pala ang subscription nila. Talagang mabubwisit kahit na sino kapag nag-sign up ka for “unlimited” Internet tapos malalaman mong 6GB per month lang pala ang pwedeng mong madownload ng mabilis at pagkatapos ay babagal na ang connection mo.

  55. Dan says:


    Thanks “Yen”

  56. Rek says:

    I should have read about this about there unsatisfactory service Tsk sayang nakasubcribe na ko akala ko 4g speed yung lang pala limit 4g bwusit yan ang hirap to understand technology scam about this days.

  57. Tribester Grrrr says:

    Hope they take out the bandwidth capping thing, i agree with Iks, they are not supposed to dictate the consumers on what we can and cannot do otherwise be penalized by downgrading our bandwidth allocation… by the way, counted the ung whole 24 hours (no 1 am to 7 am exception) sa computation, this was confirmed by the CC rep when i called wi tribe….

  58. Dan says:

    Let the Image do the Talking!

  59. Adam says:

    I did a little research on wi-tribe pricing all over the world currently wi-tribe is available in 3 countries Pakistan, Jordan and Philippines each of them have different prices for services and they have different allocation(cap) for each plan. I did a comparison with their 1mbps plans and here’s what I’ve found out in the Philippines we have a 998php for 1mbps with a 6gb cap while on Pakistan they have 1mbps plan with 15gb allocation for 1600Pr. Jordan on the other hand does not have a 1mbps plan so I’ll tackle that later. 1 Pakistan rupee = 0.525921659 Philippine pesos doing the math we have 1600Pr=841.4746544Php(kitang kita na ang layo sa presyo natin pero mas sulit sa 15gb na limit)

    Jordan offers 1.5mbps with 10gb monthly cap worth 286 JD annually and since 1 Jordanian dinar = 62.5677951 Philippine pesos 286 JD = 17894.3893986Php lets divide this by 12(for monthly) this will be equal to 1491.19911655Php lets multiply this by 2/3(to get a rough estimate of the price if they are offering 1mbps) we will have 994.1327443666667php as for the monthly cap we multiply it by 2/3 again to get a feasible allocation so we will have 6.67gb.(pati ditto talo ang mga pinoy mas malapit man ang presyo di hamak na mas malaki kahit papaano ang allocated limit). Ayoko na magsalita pa baka mahalata nyo na wala akong magawa.. biktima din ako ng wi-tribe ang akin lang maging fair sila.

  60. Blu3martini says:

    Guys update lang natin yung info sa page na to.

    6GB cap total Upload+Download.
    Browsing, Gaming, Patching, P2P, HTTP, Image uploading at lahat pasok dito.
    After nun below 512kbps na lang kayo, some people are actually experiencing 200kbps below.
    Walang 1am-7am free download, di nila implemented yun; I ask an Agent for it.
    200php for 1gb extra kung gusto ninyo pede daw.
    Kahit hindi ka P2P downloader, under pa rin ng Cap.


  61. Adam says:

    Exactly yan na nga ang plans nila ngaun… lalong nakakabastos tinanggal pa yung only time na pwede ka mgDL sa madaling araw…

  62. Sam says:

    Update guys.

    After reaching the 6GB cap, it will go down to 128kbps.
    I checked my account in and that was my speed after reaching the cap.
    And it is sad to know that there is no free download/upload from 1am to 7am.

    Mas maganda pa dial-up, libre kpag madaling araw.

    Wi-Tribe = FALSE MARKETING and nothing but LIES.

  63. Sam says:

    Pansin nyo ba na nawala na ung login page sa Puro kasinungalingan tlga.. amf..


  64. david says:

    eh ung discussions nga s page nila s facebook nwala nrin s tingin nyo d b SCAM?

    Isa rin ako s naloko ng walang kwenta at sinungaling n broadband n yan.

  65. vin says:

    ??????pano po ba malalaman kung paubos na ung 6gb.????
    ??????pano po ba malalaman kung paubos na ung 6gb.????
    ??????pano po ba malalaman kung paubos na ung 6gb.????
    ??????pano po ba malalaman kung paubos na ung 6gb.????

    mganda daw ata ung plan 1998 2mbps
    12gb pag naubos bagsak sa 1mbps

    wala parin ung bill namin isang buwan na mahigit.

  66. Adam says:

    @vin go to username yung mac address sa CPE mo then password witribe (for first login) tas doon makikita mo lahat wag ka maniwala sa website nila na sinasabi undermaintenance yung portal… this is their way para maipit ang mga subscriber nila para magbayad ng late fee…

  67. vince says:

    magbasa kayo sa tipid pc wi-tribe thread.

    madami ang mga 1mbps subscribers na pre-cap di umaabot sa 1 mbps and pag lagpas sa 6 gig, below 512kbps.

    hindi lang yun, as they download more and more beyond 6 gig, pababa ng pababa up to 128kbps ang speed. hindi lang isa ang cap, mdami

    go here

  68. vin says:

    anu ba mas mganda globe wimax o wi-tribe?
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???

    nkita ko lang na sa globe wimax walang cap
    ung iba nga lng my problema sa signal.
    nkita ko rin sa you tube nila na stable ung connection at ung upload speed nila mganda din talagang 1mbps.anganda pa ng modem nila may design kumpara sa modem ntin.mukang cover ng dvd.
    mrun tower ng wimax globe malapit samin
    syang naka witribe nako 2 years pa.

  69. vin says:

    anu ba mas mganda globe wimax o wi-tribe?

    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???

    nkita ko lang na sa globe wimax walang cap
    ung iba nga lng my problema sa signal.
    nkita ko rin sa you tube nila na stable ung connection at ung upload speed nila mganda din talagang 1mbps.anganda pa ng modem nila may design kumpara sa modem ntin.mukang cover ng dvd.
    mrun tower ng wimax globe malapit samin
    syang naka witribe nako 2 years pa.

  70. KIKO 47 says:

    DONT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME WITH WI-TRIBE. After more than 10 days since date of purchase, and after having done all the troubleshooting by their tech support, here is my email to them.

    Hello Wi-Tribe,

    Yesterday, May 12, 2010, Mr. TATS of your technical support visited my wi-tribe unit in Malabon and made some troubleshooting. I believe you have his report by this time, that I have 4 to 5 bars lit on my modem. I had to bring the modem to my house in Mindanao Avenue, Novaliches to test the connection further. But until 11:30 pm of that same day, my connection even got worse, won’t even push through (how can i even send you the images of my ping, speedtest and tracert).

    That’s it for me. I am done with your LOUSY SERVICE. I am now TERMINATING our business transaction. I am demanding a FULL REFUND. Return to me the amount of Nine Hundred Ninety Eight Pesos (Php998) and I will return your modem. Or you can spend more than 998 filing lawsuits. Unless you can guarantee that you can fix this intermittent connection problem by Monday, May 17, 2010.

  71. Kristine says:

    They did not mention about the 6gb thing. all i know is that it is UNLIMITED. The agent didn’t mention about the usage thing. it sucks. I should’ve known from the start. babayad ka monthly then akala mo unlimited. masasabi mong unlimited kung pwede mong iaccess lahat at d mo kailangan magcompute pa ng mga oras o bytes na ginamit mo. tsk!

  72. vin says:

    mga pare lumalala ung capping nila e2!!!!
    mga pare lumalala ung capping nila e2!!!!
    mga pare lumalala ung capping nila e2!!!!

    Move Up Plan 998
    Move Up Plan 998
    Move Up Plan 998
    Usage Speed
    First 6GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 6GB to 8GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 8GB to 10GB up to 256 Kbps
    Over 10GB up to 128 Kbps

    Move Up Plan 1998
    Move Up Plan 1998
    Move Up Plan 1998
    Usage Speed
    First 12GB up to 2 Mbps
    Over 12GB to 16GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 16GB to 20GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 20GB up to 256 Kbps

    pauntiunti nila binabawasan ung bandwith

    e2 link ng site ng fair usage policy

  73. vin1692 says:

    na ng wi-tribe pababa ng
    pababa ung speed
    nung una ang sabi nila
    baba ng 512 kbps pag
    naubos ung cap na 6GB
    ngayun hanggang 128 kbps na!!
    daya kya pla bumabagal na ung akin
    ang mahal mahal 998 kada buwan
    sana kung
    may limit sa
    bandwith mura nalang dapat

    sna nag globe wimax
    nlang pla ako
    wla pang capping



  75. vin says:

    wi-tribe ang pangit na wimax sa buong mundo
    dami nagrereklamo dahil sa capping. nakabagal.
    pagtinawagan mo at sinabi mong mabagal sasabihin sayu baka ubos na ung monthly usage allowance.
    at sasabihin nila na bumili ka nalng ng 2GB move more 200 lang daw anu to kumikitang kabuhayan.
    wag na kyung mag subscribe sa wi-tribe maiinis lang kyu.mambobola lng yang mga yan.

    nung una nilang capping pag naubos mu ung 6GB baba sa 512kbps ung speed mo
    ngaun binago nila
    pababa ng pababa ang capping
    e2 capping nila
    Move Up Plan 998
    Usage Speed
    First 6GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 6GB to 8GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 8GB to 10GB up to 256 Kbps
    Over 10GB up to 128 Kbps

    Move Up Plan 1998
    Usage Speed
    First 12GB up to 2 Mbps
    Over 12GB to 16GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 16GB to 20GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 20GB up to 256 Kbps

  76. Cypher says:

    There’s more Wi-Tribe Complaints here!

    Share and Join this FACEBOOK PAGE with your friends, so they can be made aware before signing up with Wi-Tribe!

  77. Wi-Tribe ASAR says:

    kakapakabit ko lng ng wi-tribe nkakainis bat gnun! pde ba magrefund wala pa nmang 1 week e mag smart wimax nlng ako

  78. wi-tribe user says:

    bagal nito!! anak ng p#$*(%na ibabalik ko na ito!

  79. ___ says:

    nakatatlong broadband na ko

    1st smart bro
    2nd sun broadband wireless
    3rd wi-tribe

    *smart bro .1year ko ginamit hangang sa nasira ung antenna.sabi nung smart papalitan nila may additional bayad nga lng.edi pinacut q nlng

    *sun broadband wireless .pinaka masarap gamitin sa internet surfing at download lng. log ang cam sa ym.
    d pede magtorrent.pero sulit mura lng 699pesos kda month. at di na kailangan ng mga ethernet wire at saksakan ng kuryente.portable sya kc usb lng din.may sd card reader pra pwedeng gmitin prang usb mass storage.

    *wi-tribe. 3 months na wla pa din ung bill nmin sabi padadalhan nlng daw sa email hangang ngaun wla padin.bka mamaya patong patong na.ung cap d ko na experience ung 1mbps speed khit first day of month.dba dpat bagong cycle na un.kaso la pa din.laging ngloloading ung browser ko.d q ma access ung account q.

  80. I hate witribe says:

    Naku naman! Kng nalaman ko lng agad tong site n to d nko ng witribe! 1month ko n gmit witribe and napakapngit ng resulta 128kbps kpg lumagpas s 10gb haha! Unstable p madalas mawalan ng signal pero nkalagy s network connection eh connected p rin kainis grr! Balik nln ako s globe!

  81. bev says:

    nairerefund ba?ayaw akong sgtin ng agent ko…ang sv mkpag usap dw ako sa agent. wala nmn ko gngmit n iba…browsing,facebook and fs….minsan basa lng.nd nmn mpkinbngn ang utube kc buffering lgi.tpos bglng ng 2gb n yung 6 gb ko…kakaloka.kakaasar

  82. vince says:


    go to cypher’s link

  83. mga tao sa tread nito mga tanga..hindi nyo muna pinagaralan ung kontrata bago kayo nagsign up tpos ngayon rereklamo kayo…

    ako masaya sa witribe kc alam ko equally distributed ang bandwidth…

    tanggapin nyo na na nag pinas ay hindi pa internet zone kaya wag na kayo mangarap na magkakaroon tayo ng sobrang bilis na internet…

    gising mga kapatid…

  84. CAp says:

    wag nyu na pansinin Stupid yan eh :)

  85. vin says:

    d pa ubos 6GB q pero 256kbps lang speed q

    tignan nyu din sa account nio.
    bka katulad nitong akin
    mula sa account q.
    Find details about your account status here.

    Subscription Plan : Move Up – Plan 998
    Monthly Usage Allowance : 6.00 GB
    GB Available at Plan Speed : 3.18 GB
    Actual GB Used : 2.51 GB
    Net GBUsed : 2.82 GB
    Peak Hours : 2.51 GB
    Off-Peak Hours : 0.00 GB
    Less: 75% Off-Peak discount : 0.00 GB
    Speed : 256Kbps
    Delivery Date : Fri, Apr 16, 2010 03:11 PM
    Subscription Start Date : Fri, Apr 16, 2010 03:11 PM
    Current Session Time In : Tue, Jul 20, 2010 03:26 PM

  86. frederick says:

    bat ganun ang bagal prang nadaya yata ako ahh…d ako mkpaglaro ng on line games

  87. bev says:

    nakakaasar n wi tribe…mhirap ng twagan,,,pasa psa pa. irate n nmn akong tumwag sa knila. though accomodating ang mga agent…nkkpang init nmn ang perwisyong ngagawa ng witribe.isang buwan p lng ako nung 26th of july.25th plang wala ng in wala..tpos friday p dw ko cancel n lng kako…sakt sa ulo eh.nka 8 twag ata ko sa isang mhl p bnbyad ko s payphone… ng nkausap kong agent sa phone.kailngn p dw ireport sa sales agent ko yung pag terminate ko ng contract.maapektuhan dw kc agent n ngbenta…sv ko wala kong pkialm.ksalanan nya yun.cnungling xa mkbenta lng………………..anu bng mas mgndang isp?pldt b o smart bro?

  88. cherry_inthemiddle says:

    NO the government will never investigate these abuses by the telco’s….

    most stockholders, shareholders and owners are politicians or related to politicians….

  89. mj says:

    I am a subscriber of wi-tribe since May 21.. ung unang month ok ang service. Mabilis talaga. then 1 month after nawalan ako ng conection bigla without any notice from them. The reason??? I was “DEPROVISIONED” kasi wala daw sa system ung account ko when if fact lagi lagi ako natawag and receiving the same feedback na wala sa system ung data ng account ko… FOR ONE MONTH hindi nila na input tapos bigla bigla puputulin!!!
    After a WEEK of bothering them and demanding for the reconnection… naibalik.. come August SOBRANG BAGAL na ng connection ko… as in!!!!! ang sabi ng technical team na pumunta to check on the reason kung bakit mabagal is… binabaan daw ung area coverage nila from 1000Km to 500Km.
    BAKIT KAILANGAN NILA GAWIN UN WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE TO THE CONSUMER?!?!?! tapos aalamin pa daw kung meron magagawang paraan ang network team nila kung wala daw paraan to improve… SALES daw mag hahandle kung gusto ko daw ipa terminate DARN them!!!! bakit ko gugustuhin i continue kung PERWISYO na ung nagagawa?!?!?!

  90. bev says:

    well, guys nag shift n ko sa pldt far so good. Kaya lng lgi cla advance payment. cgurista. wala n witribe sakin. pina pull out ko na.kaya yung mga sising sisi sa product ipa pullout nyo nrin kesa sumakit p ulo nyo jn. kc sobrang stressing mhal p yung kakatawag nyo to follow up. since n bgo yng isp n yan, ms mtaas ang possibilty sa problema kya get rid of that.

  91. mj says:

    That’s where I am heading.. but PLDT has no DSL service available in our area because our lines is currently undergoing migration and will probably open DSLs by next year, and the PLDT guy told me that he won’t recommend smart since it won’t be able to give me the service i expect because of my location.
    I am now looking at GLOBE wired broadband. any inputs guys??
    Thanks in advance! ^_^

  92. Patrick says:

    Papayag ako sa CAP nila yung yung:

    3GB gawin nilang 128GB
    6GB gawin nilang 256GB
    12GB gawin nilang 1Tera

    Kung ganyan willing ako magbayad ng per GB kapag nagexceed ako.

    WTF !!!




  93. Fuck wi-tribe says:

    shit!! talga.. walang cnb yung sales agent na meron plang limit!!fuck… puro magaganda cnv nla.. first to 3 days na usage q.. pagtapos nun bang!! grabe ang bagl na..

    what the fuck tlga!!




  94. Fuck wi-tribe says:

    P%$&#*%&*(#&na babalik ko na!!

  95. bev says:

    guys….pldt dsl mas okay…nakapldt n po ko ngyon . peo witribe is still chasing me. You know wat? they were asking me to pay the balance that I hve DAW! wala clang kakatigil ng send sa email. Last weekend niratrat ko n nmn sa phone mga agent because they were insisting na ngmit ko pa daw yung service nila after n ngkaron ng connection problem. Tpos me issue p clng cnv n date n ngmit ko xa at ng attempt dw n gmitin yung line. And guess wat? yun yung tym n nsa knila n yung unit. Kya sv ko wag n nila ko mcngil cngil kc nd ako ang gumamit nun dhil kako nsa mga technician n nla at agent yung unit during that tym and I insist nwag n nila ko pdalhan ng billing dhil khit anu kako gwin nila wala n kong babayaran p sa knila nuh? anu cla HELLO!!!!!!

  96. bev says:

    mga problema sa witribe mga sales agent nila.just be honest nmn…nd yung nanloloko kayo ng mga tao.dhil pinagppaguran din ng mga TAONG ito ang mga perang binbyad sanyo. And as one of the subscribers we are not paying for nothing or just wasting our money for making ourselves angry. magtrabho tyo ng maaus. in a way n wala tyong inaagrabyadong ibng tao. nd lng para mkbenta at mgkapera. i know how hard to earn money kya khit anung work n lng para mgkpera. peo we know nmn if we can cause harsh sa iba db? be fair enough . pare pareho lng tyong kailngan ng trbho at ngtratrabho para mgkapera. but the best thing to do, is to do it right. wag nyong hayaang gmitin lng kyo ng mga abusadong negosyante buwaya.dhil sooner or later nd lng trbho mwawala sa mga sales agent n ktulad nyo kundi mga tiwala ng mga taong nsa pligid nyo. dhil kasama kayong ilulubog ng kumpnyang pinaniniwalaan nyo.

  97. mj says:

    Whew!!!! dapat pala ko mag alala at ma alarmed. kasi ung unit ko di ko na ginagamit, ang sabi ng agents sila daw ang mag pipick up ng unit.
    just last week, I was talking to the agent regarding the billing i received kasi they are collecting me for a whole month’s service charge when I haven’t used the unit since the 2nd week of August. Then my connection was so ON and OFF starting August 1.
    Whaaaaa!!!! I have switched to Globe na…. sana mas ok since mas established.

  98. bev says:

    who knows bka mga agent mismo nila gumgmit nun….sbukan lng tlga nila mgdemand ng pera sakin at gugulantangin ko cla……….yung recbo nga pla ng witribe nd ko npncin ewalng date…pirma lng ng agent ang kumuha dto……pero since n wala nmng ibng me authority n kumuha nun dto kundi tga wi tribe din…kya wag nilng ipagpilitn ang gusto nila nuh…ayucin nila service nila at nkakagulo cla ng bhay. kya sa mga mgpapakuha ng unit make sure n tignan nyoang date kung me nilgay at name..

  99. joseph marquez says:

    Sana naman po dagdagan nyo ang fair usage, marami na ang bwisit sa service nyo. only 6gig for P1000…….. hmmm, hindi nmn ganun ka ganda ang service, ang bagal pa ng streaming. It’ll be good if 15-20gig fair usage for P1000, be fair.

  100. joseph marquez says:

    Buti pa ang dsl unlimited bandwidth na mabilis pa sa streaming at online games as well as downloading torrents etc. So pls witribe increase naman po your fair usage, to be fair to your consumer also, hindi rin naman biro ang P1000/month sa napaka babang 6gig fair usage, 6gig is for only 4 or 5 movies, omg!

  101. mil says:

    just as the company said, soft opening pa lang yan, i do also uses wi-tribe for 5months now, ok naman sya. paminsan minsan nawawala ang connection because of the adjustment made with their transmitter site. alangan naman na their doing some adjustment tapos di affected connection mo. lahat naman ng telco nung nagstart ganyan din. wait for a year for wi-tribe full blast opening. san miguel ang naghahandle nyan, san miguel wont risk their name for a hoax. kaya lang dapat pagka ganyang di pa stable ang signal eh they must promote every marketing approach, freebies to users, saka bawas sa bill pag may system adjustment. yung 3GB nga pala para dun sa mga subscriber ng 500pesos plus, 6GB po yung sa 998Pesos or 1MB plan yung band cap nila

  102. joseph marquez says:

    uhm….. is witribe blocking the torrents downloading? can’t download pero pag usb stick na broadband ko nakakapag download ng torrents

  103. busy _student says:

    sakin laging ngdidisconect na ung modem ko kada 5 minutes magdidisconnect tapus hirap na sa pag connect uli.

    *inaabot ako ng 30 minutes pra sa pag connect tpus wla nanaman.d 2loy ako makagawa ng project q.ginawa ko ngrent nalang sa compshop.

    *ng txt ako sa agent nila di na ngrereply.

    *ng email din ako sa cutomer service nila sabi
    lang tatry daw nilang ibalik yung 1mbps na speed next month. ibabalik? e di ko na nga nagamit ung 6gb ko dahil laging nagdidisconnect.sayang lang ung 6gb ko.
    ng email uli ako sabi mag MOVE MORE nlang daw ako kung gus2 kong bumilis ung speed ko.tae di muna nga nagamit ung 6gb tpus magmomove more pa anu to nakawan ng ALLOWANCE?

    *laging delay pa ung bill nila.

    *kung ayaw nyo sumakit ulo nyo wag na kayung mgsubscribe sa wi-tribe 100% sasakit ulo nyo d2.

  104. LordX says:

    ang sb smen 8gb ang cap? takte anu b yan..scammer pla mga 2.. wla dng cnb na 2yrs agd2 at kht pputol mo eh mgbbyad kp dn.. kapal nmn.. uu alm q gnun ang business pro wag nmn sna garapalan.. gs2 q ngang itpon ung router nla sa inis dhl 6days plang after ng heavy rain eh wla ng signal.. na ddiscon nq!! takte anu b yan.. ngaung pang 8th day ng lecheng wi-tribe n yan skn at wla xang cgnal pro ng dmtng kht 1bar mblis.. bka gs2 nio mag react sa cnsb ng mga tao about jan sa bnbenta niong kcnungalingan at hnd kaaya ayang produkto..22o yang cnb ni busy student.. wlang kwenta mga agent nla tnwagan q ang hot line nla “31-tribe” da number is not yet in service wew.. tindi nio.. pxnxahan tau kng nxt 24months dn kme mgbbyad..

  105. OOOO says:

    nakakatawa ang wi-tribe
    Nag email ako sa kanila

    sabi ko panu po ba ang procedure pag gusto ko na magpacut.kasi d na ako masaya.

    d nagrereply.

  106. ooo says:

    Mas gusto ko pang ng 512kbps na internet o burstable speed tulad ng sun.atleast un tumutulak at wlang sakit ng ulo.

    kesa sa wi-tribe na pababa ng pababa ang speed at pag ginamit mupa ng ginamit mawawalan ka na ng connection.
    naranasan ko to super putol putol ng connection ko ambagal pa.gus2ng guto ko ng ipacut to kyya lng daw may babayaran pa.

  107. Ready For Nothing says:

    I was about to subscribe with Wi-tribe tomorrow due to insistent kids’ demand and persistent wife’s nagging but am now thinking twice and thrice as to whether or not I really need to. I’m weighing things out and hopefully I would still be convinced with the excitement Wi-tribe puts in their ads.

    • darkmannwindow says:

      wg kna mg try aq 4 days q plang ngagamit wla n agad ung cap q., 598 ung plan q., pg ng stream k ng video n 2mins lng ang streaming aabutin k ng 1hr kahhihinty., ska hindi n mg loload ung mga games s fb.,

  108. Michael says:

    Try Globe Broadband/ Tattoo (apparently that’s their branding now). Very much satisfied with speeds so far…a shocker for me since i always thought those Tattoo sticks were slow like SmartBro and Sun. It was wonderful to see 1.2mbps in my office area.. Sweet.

  109. xpgjr says:

    thanks.. muntik nako mag signup… buti nalang nag re-research muna ko before i buy…

  110. Hi there, just wandered by. I have a Minnesota 4g website. Lots of information out there. Looking for something else, but very nice site. Have a nice day.

  111. jledesma says:

    Yan ang problem kasi sa mga mahilig magdownload. Gusto nyo download lang ng download na walang limit. FYI Lahat naman ng ISPs ay may capping. Di nyo lang alam kasi di nyo binabasa yung terms and conditions nyo. It is mostly under “Fair Usage Policy”. Based on my experience ha.. like pag malapit na bayaran sa PLDT DSL napapansin namin na mabagal ang net. Minsan asa 600kbps lang or lower. Tumawag na din ako sa Customer Service pero ang sabi lang sa akin “Sir, yung speed na yan is still within the normal range.”

    For more info on my experience with Wi-Tribe and wireless internet connection check my blog:

    • darkmannwindow says:

      ah sir s download po npaliwang smin un pero about s streaming prang wla atang nbangit ung mga agent n bumabawas din pla ng cap un.?.,

  112. vince says:

    ” FYI Lahat naman ng ISPs ay may capping. Di nyo lang alam kasi di nyo binabasa yung terms and conditions nyo. It is mostly under “Fair Usage Policy”. Based on my experience ha.”

    NOT TRUE. I have PLDT DSL and ang dami dami ko na download and no change sa speed. And afaik wala din ang smart. May congestion pero walang cap ang smart

    However the evidence seems to be that not all experiences are bad. There are some areas with good service. Same thing for PLDT DSL and others. I happen to be one of the lucky ones with PLDT DSL and you are one of the lucky ones with wi-tribe

  113. jledesma says:

    Here is a part of the Terms and conditions of PLDT:

    Bandwidth, Data Storage and Other Limitations – The Subscriber shall comply with the current bandwidth, data storage and other limitations of the PLDT Data Services. The Subscriber shall ensure that its activity does not improperly restrict, inhibit, or degrade PLDT’s or any other party’s use of the PLDT Data Services nor represent (in PLDT’s sole discretion) an unusually large burden on the PLDT network.

    Acceptable Use Policy – In PLDT’s efforts to promote good citizenship within the Internet community, PLDT will respond appropriately in the event that it becomes aware of any inappropriate use of the service. PLDT reserves the right to MONITOR BANDWIDTH, usage and content, and from time to time to operate the service to identify violations of the Acceptable Use Policy or any inappropriate use of the service and/or to protect the PLDT network and other PLDT Subscribers.

    Although it is not directly stated (I have capitalized MONITOR BANDWIDTH for easier identification), they do have control over your connection speed when you go beyond a certain cap (a limit which we do not know). ISPs normally have to do this so as to prevent subscribers from eating up all the bandwidth that would cause others to have speed issues.

    I find it hard to believe that you had not experienced any slowdown, not even once.

    • Vince says:

      “I find it hard to believe that you had not experienced any slowdown, not even once.”

      If PLDT DSL had a monthly cap then I would find out that my speed would always be slower at the end of the month. well that never happens to me.

      I’ve had PLDT plan 999 ngn in san fernando pampanga for almost a year and previously I had pldt plan 999 legacy for several years in manila. Never have I experienced a slowdown at the end of the month which is what you would see if PLDT DSL had a monthly cap.

      However, I rarely exceed 30-40 gigs a month so if the cap is larger than that I may be mistaken

  114. Vince says:

    “I find it hard to believe that you had not experienced any slowdown, not even once.”

    If PLDT DSL had a monthly cap then I would find out that my speed would always be slower at the end of the month. well that never happens to me.

    I’ve had PLDT plan 999 ngn in san fernando pampanga for almost a year and previously I had pldt plan 999 legacy for several years in manila. Never have I experienced a slowdown at the end of the month which is what you would see if PLDT DSL had a monthly cap.

    However, I rarely exceed 30-40 gigs a month so if the cap is larger than that I may be mistaken

  115. Vince says:

    Why don’t we wait till the end of the month and see if bumagal nga ang PLDT DSL ko. Thats what you would expect if PLDT DSL had a monthly cap

    If however PLDT DSL had congestion instead of a cap, then the slowdowns would not be located at the end of the month but would maybe be on a daily cycle, with slowdowns during peak hours and fast internet during say after midnight and in the early am.

    BTW, right now at 4:17pm i’m downloading @ 1.2 mbps

  116. jledesma says:

    Then as I have said, you must be so lucky to have no slowdown whatsoever. A lot of people I know agree with what I have written. They too have experienced sudden decrease in speeds at some point. Noticeable, in fact, that they too had to call up PLDT about it.

    With regard to the monthly cap, I already pasted the terms and conditions regarding their monitoring of the bandwidth. If there is indeed no cap then I find no purpose in their including that statement as it could have just been omitted. And yet, there it is. Unless, you would like to disagree to the fact that it is written on the Terms and Conditions that you have signed yourself and that I am just hallucinating.

    Because I did read the terms and conditions, since I myself am a PLDT myDSL subscriber, I know for a fact that it is definitely written there. Until now, I am still a subscriber to their internet service and up until now I still experience the same problems from time to time.

    What I am pointing out my dear friends is that there is a cap. Deny this truth or not. Experience it or not. The cap is there. And why is it there, same like when you are in a computer shop, when someone uses the bandwidth and hogs it, the rest pays for it. (We all know that specially if there are some playing online games and someone suddenly watches youtube.) Although any other ISPs have their very large backbone to the internet with the amount of subscribers that they have, if one or more would hog their resources then the rest pays. If they do not look after each and everyone’s usage who gets the blame on slow downs? It is them. This is for their protection. This is also for the protection of other subscribers.

    • Vince says:

      “If there is indeed no cap then I find no purpose in their including that statement as it could have just been omitted. ”

      you should think like a lawyer since they do strange things coz they know the law. maybe its just a emergency measure so anytime that can cap if they want to. A back door. Globe did the same thing. For years they had something like that in their contract’s fine print, but they did not implement it. Then 1 or 2 years ago they did implement a cap but backed down after lots of public outrage. A few weeks ago they re-instituted the cap

      “A lot of people I know agree with what I have written. They too have experienced sudden decrease in speeds at some point”
      If its not related to the number of gigs downloaded/uploaded then its not a cap. It may be some local problem with the network or congestion maybe

    • jledesma says:

      Then we are in agreement. There is a cap. As you had just said with the terms and conditions they have the capability to place a cap if they want to. And with the terms that they had set they do not need to notify the user if they had implemented it. It is as long as the user had stepped on a certain boundary that they can just implement or do it. This cap is unknown to us and yet it is there. Although they did not state it and make it obvious does not mean it is not there. They have the power to implement without us knowing.

      It has always been a matter of gigs, why are you stating that it is not, when what their term suggest are bandwidth boundaries.

      All that you had just said points to the same truth of the existence of this so called cap. Try reading again.

    • Vince says:

      “Then we are in agreement. There is a cap”

      No i do not agree. there is no cap at the moment if CAP is defined as babagal ang internet mo after you download X gigabytes.

      Congestion which is defined as mabagal if madami ang gumagamit ng network, baka meron depending on your location.

      Throttling which is defined as babagalin ng ISP ang internet regardless of number of users or time or number of gigs downloaded, yes meron. If i subscribe to a 1mbps plan they throttle me to 1 mbps. If I upgrade to a 3mbps plan and hindi congested, they upgrade the throttling to 3mbps.

      “As you had just said with the terms and conditions they have the capability to place a cap if they want to. And with the terms that they had set they do not need to notify the user if they had implemented it.”

      having the capability to place a cap is different from actually placing a cap. From what I have experienced there is no evidence of a cap unless the cap is so high that I have never exceeded it.

    • jledesma says:

      Well, with what I had written and with all that you had said it still points to the same thing, that there is a cap or a borderline that they follow. However, you deny it or you can keep on saying to yourself that it is congestion.

      You are saying that they throttle the speeds without regard to the number of users or number of gigs. You had just created a bigger issue for them. That they are just playing darts when it comes to choosing who they want to slow down.

      I understand your loyalty with PLDT. As I have said, I myself am a loyal subscriber of PLDT. I had my connection since 2004. You yourself must take heed to what you yourself had said, “you should think like a lawyer since they do strange things coz they know the law.” It’s plain business, don’t you think?

      I have said my case and you had as well. I had even given my proof, their own terms and conditions that we subscribers, including you, had signed.

      Let us allow the others decide and let them speak.

    • jledesma says:

      Well, di ako makikialam sa poll na yan. The only thing is that you just pasted your own comment which is quite unfair and biased na kaagad. I do hope you could paste our whole conversation so that everyone can read and decide so we will know. Thanks.

  117. ADY says:

    ang alam ko mga sir/mam capping sa wireless lang sa wired wala daw eh.

  118. Bryan Magistrado says:

    Nakakainis ‘tong wi-tribe. Gusto kong isumbong sa NTC. Sa MyAccount Portal nila ibang pangalan ng subscriber ang nakalagay! Tapos ang palusot nung ahente hindi pa raw napaprocess kahit ilang linggo na akong nakasubscribe!

    May paraffle daw sila ng 24-month free internet, Nakalagay doon, may pinadalang survey na dapat sagutan sa email address para magqualify, eh nung nagsubscribe nga ako hindi naman hiningi yung email add ko!

    Tapos pinagmamalaki nilang 4G sila. And so what kung 4G??? Ang mahalaga ay yung speed, lakas ng signal(na talaga namang napakahina dito sa Novaliches), at yung usage allowance!

    Ang tanga ko. Nung nagsubscribe pa ako, wala namang pinabasang Terms and Conditions yung bwisit na ahente, at siningil na lang ako ng P512. Hindi man lang din ako pinapili kung ilang months ako magsusubscribe! Nalaman ko na lang na 24months ang holding period ko. Hay nako! Kakailanganin kong magbayad ng pre-termination fee o pagtiiisan ko ‘tong serbisyong ‘to.

    Ikumpara mo naman yung bilis ng 4G ng Tatoo o Smart Bro kumpara dito ano!

  119. unsatisfiedconsumer says:

    nakakainis talaga itong wi-tribe yung DOUBLE THE SPEED promotion nila is what we called “false advertisement” parang yung sa amin 1mbps speed ng net ko sabi nila i full payment daw gagawing 2mbps never naman namin na achieve dito sa QC nung nagpadala ng technician sabi hindi daw kinaya ng system nila kaya daw hindi ma-reach yung promised speed tapos 2-4 weeks na mabagal internet namin sabi may maintenence daw kasi sa Quezon City sobrang tagal maayos eto pa nagkanda late payment namin kasi HNDI SILA NAGPAPADALA NG BILLING STATEMENT sasabihin pag tumawag ka may problema sa courier services nila hay naku sa kabwisitan mo gugustuhin mong ipa cancel service sabay babanatan ka may 24 month po kayong contract hello???? ipapaputol ba namin service kung satisfied kami? hindi na nga kami satisfied hindi nyo pa inaayos mga inirereklamo namin may karapatan naman kami ipa cancel service nyo (wi-tribe) lalo pa at puro kunsumisyon lang naman dala nyo sa aming mga consumers

  120. PUNYETkaWITRIBE says:


  121. net surfer says:

    guys wag masyadong mareklamo sa cap na yan dahil kahit san meron nyan..hanap na lang ng ibang telco na walang limit like globe wimax.i am working with one of the US telco’s (Sprint with Nextel). We imposed cap limit of 5gb/month to our subscribers, yun nga lang they would still get the same speed kahit na nag eexceed na sila sa limit nila kaso nag chacharge kami per kb kapag nag exceed na..i juz dunno kung ganundin dito sa atin.binabawasan lang ata nila ang speed mo kapag nag exceed ka na..lipat na lang ng ibang telco yung mas established..buti na lang nabasa ko tung site na to coz i am planning to go to market-market later to visit witribe stand up kiosk coz i am planning to switch to witribe..i changed my mind after reading this thread.i will stick na lang sa globe tattoo mabilis pa surfing ko at di nag bubuffer kapag nanonood ako ng online movies o naguutube ako.problema nga lang ako sa torrent 5days din bago natapus ang download ko peru di naman lagi naka online sa isang araw 2hours lang dahil pagud sa work.weekends lang ako nakakapag whole day ol..peru ok na rin to kesa sasakit ulo ko sa witribe.ill stick wirh globe..baka try ko rin sun kasi mas mura sila.

  122. nakakatawa says:

    WIMAX you say? 20gb/month ang capping sa wimax… same for dsl… so don’t bother.

  123. Thanks for the a new challenge you have disclosed in your article. One thing I’d really like to comment on is that FSBO human relationships are built with time. By bringing out yourself to the owners the first saturday and sunday their FSBO is usually announced, ahead of masses commence calling on Mon, you create a good relationship. By sending them equipment, educational resources, free records, and forms, you become the ally. By using a personal desire for them along with their situation, you make a solid interconnection that, most of the time, pays off if the owners decide to go with a real estate agent they know plus trust — preferably you actually.

  124. rey mendoza says:

    as far as i’am concern nag try ako for subscription pero sinabi nila walang tie-up or contract for the services that they offered,if i’m not interested for the services it so easy just surrender all the equipment to their office in binondo and after that your done, before i subscribe with them i asked everything specially the contract if they have , all questions are honestly answered and the only things that i can do is to check and monitor the speed of the internet connection and once it may not satisfied my need, automatically i will stop my subscription with them. that’s it.

  125. jingb says:

    just to add to this thread. there might be others who are saying wi-tribe is ok since the last time this thread has been clicked. but to date, june 13, 2012, wi-tribe’s service here at our place (deparo, caloocan city north) is as irritating as trying to demand payment from creditors that have been trying to hide upon your arrival. wi-tribe allows selling of their services by their asshole agents to areas that are far or those that are not covered by their signal umbrella.their agents bring in false coverage maps that will fool likely clients, just like us, from subscribing. later when you complain about slow speeds, they would suggest that you retern the wimax modem for a usb type modem so you can be more mobile. their solution to slow speed is to divert to a usb type modem and relocate your computer to an area that their signal would be stronger. hahaha, what a great suggestion. no wonder wi-tribe’s service is this slow, their employees are also slow. you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to feel when your usage is slow.

    i was really surprised because, for me, when your launching a new business, you should be customer oriented. you should be truthful in transacting with probable clients, showing them the pros and the cons if they would subscribe to your offer. wi-tribe should also turn down clients if they know that that they could not meet the minimum requirement to make their customers contented.

    but alas, what would you expect from Chinese entrepreneurs that would kill people for money.

  126. Bong says:

    Has anybody here tried PREPAID Wi-Tribe service? If so, how was it in your area? Please state your city for me to know which areas have weak and strong stregths.

  127. Pande Coco says:

    Wi-tribe is so slow…. F*ck*ng slow.

  128. fred says:

    Most of the people commenting here about this shitty provider are true. I have experienced all things that have been commented here.

    Firstly, when I applied, they never showed me the T&C. They never even explained about the 24-month contract bullsh*T. I signed up October last year, and never I received a copy of my invoice until now. February 2013.

    The connection speed is always intermittent and crawls slower that a slug. I have 2mbps though I feel like I am using a dial-up.

    This month, I have experienced disrupted service for two consecutive days. I called about it and all I got was a fake apology. They didn’t even give me anything to compensate to the inconvenience they’ve caused me. I work online and I can’t believe I put my trust to them.

    In less than 24hrs when I got my service back, i received a message saying they have temporarily regulated my speed due to extreme heavy usage! I felt so happy that I smashed my keyboard to my monitor! PREPOSTEROUS!

    I called their hotline and the representative told me to disregard the message because my name was not on the list. I also sent an email just to make sure that no further disruption might occur to my service and look what they replied,

    “Actually we verified it with our support team and your account is already subjected to wi-tribe’s fair usage policy. The speed will revert to normal at the beginning of the next month.”

    So basically, they have TERRIBLE SERVICE and now they also pay LIARS to handle their customers. PERFECT COMBINATION.

    I still have 7 more months to stay with them before the end of this ‘secret’ contract.
    Let’s see what other surprises can they give me. I JUST CAN’T WAIT!

  129. witribe is the slowest ISP here in the Philippines!

  130. i think they should provide their own proxy / cache servers to minimize bandwidth used by users…

  131. Atecors says:

    para sakin it still depends on the location.. kumbaga hiyangan lng din nman.. I have wi-tribe here in Antipolo, subscribed for 1Mbps. I usually do speedtest, and I can have .8Mbps and even .9Mbps in the morning and .6Mbps pag mga bandang hapon at gabi.. Problema ko lang e ung bandwidth kasi madownload ang kapatid ko, which is a problem for every wireless ISP I guess?

  132. Brando Braganza says:

    sana kc bago kyo gumamit ng isang technology (wireless internet) e ng re2search muna kyo. kahit anong ireless internet provider pa yan, pg malayo kayo sa cell site nila, e malamang mabagal ng a ang coverage na makuha nyo. parang cellphone lng. almost 2 yrs na ko subscriber ng witribe d2 sa maypajo, caloocan. ok ang speed nila in terms of signal from cellsite to my modem. kung mgka issue man sila, usually dahil may preventive maintenance silang ginagawa to improve the service. ang issue ko lng ngaun ay ung bandwith cap. sobrang heavy download user kasi ako. kaya 15th of the month pa lng ay “regulated” na ang speed ko. e ganon din naman sa kahit anong provider :O) katulad nga ng sabi ko, check check din kc ng article sa internet about “wireless internet” pg may time. nagmumuka kc kyong tanga sa angal nyo e mukang ndi nyo naman inalam kung ano ung nature ng service na kinuha nyo. salamas.

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