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Wi-Tribe doubles up bandwidth to 6GB

Had a talk over the phone with one of Wi-Tribe’s representatives last Saturday and we discussed about the 3GB monthly bandwidth allocation which we reported last month.

They said that they’ve considered the merits and clarified a number of issues, including that 1am to 7am open window (which is actually still logged by at just 25% of actual usage, though I am told it’s not final/implemented yet).


Moreover, starting Monday (yesterday), they’ve already increased the monthly allocation to 6GB. However, once that allocation is used up, the accounts will still work but the speed will be adjusted down. Existing subscribers should have received notice about this by now. That allocation can/will still be adjusted in the future depending on the performance of the network and the usage of the subscribers.

They’ve added that since Wi-Tribe is still in its “soft launch” stage, they’re still figuring out a better way to provide a more, should I say, equitable and socialized internet service.

So,you guys think 6GB is enough?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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87 Responses

  1. vince says:

    You guys should read the tipidpc and pinoydls wi-tribe thread. see links below



    There have been various claims, all of them are IMHO hearsay because there’s nothing on the official wi tribe website:

    * cap increase from 3 to 6 gig (IMHO this is still ridiculously small) will start april 1
    * pre cap speed increased to up to 3 mbps
    * post cap speed increased from 256 to 768 kbps
    * usb dongle type modem is available

    The cap is bad enought but what i really dont like about this ISP is its uber secrecy. No where on the website is the cap or the mentioned. And one poster on the TPC website (see link above page 35) claims that he talked to 15 agents pretending to be an interested customer and all the agents did not know anything about a cap.

    With this ISP’s record of secrecy and its badmouthing of the customers (abuser daw kami ha??) I would not trust anything said by this ISP unless it was signed on paper.

  2. laptoper says:

    For me 6GB is still not enough, they are on the right track but not yet there.

  3. Paquito Diaz says:

    Happy April fool’s day!

    ‘Wi-Tribe doubles up bandwidth to 6GB’

    a more accurate title would be to double the allocated data at the same bandwidth of 1Mbps

  4. Jaypee says:

    I found an interesting article regarding 4G:

    Any insights with regard to that article?

  5. mindyQ says:

    why the secrecy? why can’t witribe publish this info on their own websites or their own print ads?

  6. Bob Reyes says:

    Perhaps, that’s the reason why they have a bandwidth calculator at their website:


  7. Tuldok says:

    Wow, I just stumbled upon this post after commenting on the previous article about wi-tribe.

    Sir Yuga is right about saying that the 1AM to 7AM window is not yet implemented. I’ve experienced it personally, since I have downloaded 3.5GB worth of game patches and windows updates yesterday on that time frame. I found out that my speed was capped 290kbps later that evening. (http://www.speedtest.net/result/750658911.png)

    When I was applying for Wi-tribe’s service, I was *explicitly* told about the 3GB bandwidth limit. The agent also said that bandwidth consumed from 1AM to 7AM would only be logged at 25% of the actual usage. Somehow, I feel betrayed that he didn’t tell me that this feature is *NOT YET* implemented.

    Well, the 6GB cap is still small, I hope they would increase the “fair” limit to about 10GB to 15GB. My god, we’re already in 2010…and it appears that Wi-tribe people are still stuck in the 90’s.

    Also, Wi-tribe’s secrecy kinda irks me. They should be more transparent on issues like this.

  8. IC DeaDPiPoL says:



  9. Jon says:

    6GB? Still way to small. If I were you, I’d stay away from Wi-Tribe for now. Maybe until they realize that they don’t have to punish their (PAYING) subscribers for using their service fairly.

    There is still no reason for me to switch to their service IMO. They are no better than any of the ISPs we have today. Not to mention their limited coverage. Right now, 4G is no better than any other connectivity technology. I hope they stop using that to bait unknowing potential subscribers.

  10. Martin says:

    Paging NTC.

    I wonder why the NTC does not have any ruling on this caps.

  11. ako says:

    That 6GB cap is a total bullshit!
    that’s not even close to 1/4 of the cap that ISPs in the US are implementing!

    I know we’re not in the US, but the thing is, they are earning too much with such a lousy service!

    Lem’me just mention that in the US, Comcast in particular, they have a monthly cap of a whopping 250GB for each subscriber!

    Wi-Tribe mentions the thing about the 3GB or now, 6GB cap to those who are applying, so that they will have an excuse to say that, “they have mentioned it to the poor subscriber”. And will claim that they have been “transparent”.

    but since they don’t put it on Paper, and even on their lousy website, It is still at their discretion as to what they will do or Implement in the future to annoy subscribers.
    So, the poor Subscriber is at their Mercy!

    Here in the Philippines, we just have totally PATHETIC internet service!

  12. vince says:


    they mentioned it? where? verbal from a sales agent does not count. It has to be in writing!!

    Some of the sales agents even dont know anything. some dont know about the cap. Also there was supposed to be an off peak hour, 1am to 7am. The agents ran with it, some said that any downloading/surfing during the off peak hours would not be counted. Then the agents said that any bytes downloaded during the off peak hours would be considered as one fourth of a byte added to the cap (75% discount). Later calls to the call center found out that the off peak hour is only a plan and is not implemented yet. And of course the agents didnt knw until we the users told them.

    go to the tipidpc message boards (page 38-39) and there are at least 2 users who ahve confirmed the lack of any off peak hour and the 256 kbps post cap speed.


  13. vince says:

    The fair usage policy says

    “For frequent excessive high usage, we may suspend your service and/or possibly close your account”


    the FUP does not specify the cap size and it doesnt specify what “frequent excessive high usage” means. How many gigs a month before the customer is labeled as an abuser and kicked out?

  14. Corporal Killjoy says:

    I still say that 4G is an anti-oxidant.

    How’s the Bayantel Wireless going? Does it have a cap too?

  15. Jaime Brodeth says:

    About a month ago, I was given a demo by one of Wi-Tribe’s agents. At that time, their bandwidth meter showed the following at my location near the corner of Pasong Tamo and JP Rizal:

    Upload Speed: .27 mbps
    Download Speed: .97 mbps

    I thought that the difference between the up and down speeds were quite big, but I signed up nonetheless. The experience was better than my SMART Bro. And then I told some friends about it, and they signed up as well.

    Since then, Wi-Tribe streamers and kiosks have sprouted around. This made me wonder whether they would scale their bandwidth to subscriber growth. This is the reason why I left SMART Bro, so I was concerned that I might have gone from the frying pan into the burner – might not have been fired up yet. Then my worries started to happen. While YouTube didn’t buffer when I started with Wi-Tribe, now the buffer time is worse than SMART Bro’s. The connection gets choked way too often, requiring a reset of their CPE sometimes as many as 4-5 times a day.

    A minute ago, I just used their site’s bandwidth meter with the results below. Would have wanted to post a screenshot…

    Upload Speed: .06 mbps
    Download Speed: .27 mbps

    The burner is on fire, so I emailed them about it – screenshot and all. And got a response while I was still writing this post. Here it is in to-to:

    Dear Mr. Jaime,

    We received your concern regarding slow connection on March 20, 2010.

    We can see on your screen shot that you are experiencing a slow connection. Upon checking on your account the reason why you are experiencing a slow connection is that you already maximized your allocation. This will refreshed on your next billing cycle.

    Thank you for asking us to help. We hope this is useful to you and will help enhance your online experience.

    Yours always,

    …Wi-Tribe Customer Service is quick.

  16. oliverv says:

    @sir abe,is there a bandwith cap on other isp’s particularly with smart and sun broadband? tnx

  17. Anonymouse says:

    “@sir abe,is there a bandwith cap on other isp’s particularly with smart and sun broadband? tnx”

    Sir I have Smart Canopy and I get 800bkps down 200kbps up = 1000kbps/1mbps

    Still waiting for the upgrade in speed to 2mbps

  18. tony says:

    Hi Abe,

    The whole service is a crap… first, I’m a heavy internet user and actually have 2 providers at home. The 6GB limit is too small if you’re working and doing online support. I was able to reach the limit within 8 days.

    I agree with Tuldok on his statement “When I was applying for Wi-tribe’s service, I was *explicitly* told about the 3GB bandwidth limit. The agent also said that bandwidth consumed from 1AM to 7AM would only be logged at 25% of the actual usage. Somehow, I feel betrayed that he didn’t tell me that this feature is *NOT YET* implemented.”

    Now my maximum speed is 250Kbps. So I prefer to use Sun’s USB rather than using tribe’s pathetic connection.

    Have several screenshots already as proof of the poor service.

    Dear friends, this will be the worst service provider you’ll get if you’re working or are usually connected to the net. But if you’re studying and just doing basic research… it’s a good one. It’s just like living in Jordan or pakistan. LOL

    Anyway… they sent me an email that they may terminate the service if they feel that I’m using too much bandwidth. Duh! Who cares anyway.

  19. tony says:

    I do digital imaging, video editing and web design… and based on their online calculator, I need an average of 30.12 GB per month. LOL….

    wi-tribe = tribe of liars.

  20. vince says:

    Ask their agents if they are regular employees. According to the agents at the TipidPC wi-tribe thread, they are not regular employees. First they are REQUIRED to sign up for one subscription (maybe at a small discount). Then they get a few hundred pesos fee whenever they get one person to sign up.

    Is that legal or the usual practice at other ISP’s. Sound like a pyramiding scheme or MLM (multi level marketing).

    Since they are not regular employees dont be surprised that they dont know a lot of stuff like the fact that the 1am to 7am thing has not been started yet. Some even dont know about the cap.

    Also, the Team Leaders that supervise the agents sometimes have “special” subscriptions which may be much faster than 1 mbps and may be uncapped. They also sometimes have “special” USB dongles, which is not yet available to the public which uses the big box type motorola boom modem. The bad thing is they use the “special” dongles to show falsely inflated speed tests to prospective buyers.

    Again, my source for this is the tipid pc threads

  21. pinoy ideas says:

    This is a totally a no-no plan. 6GB bandwidth usage will be just too small for a month.

  22. Kevin says:

    Still, why do we need to sign up for a capped bandwidth if there are better ISPs?

    We should wait for other companies that will offer better/perfect services.. It always happens..

  23. Dan says:

    How is it that Wi-Tribe defender pop like mushrooms out there? anyway!!, im one of the subscriber that not satisfied to their service, we paid them to use what we expect 1 mbps and unlimited use of internet, thats what all user want High Speed Connection, and what did Wi-Tribe did!?, wait their GOOD Service, for how long???.. thats why so many user commented very negative, do you all think people waste their time just for nothing?? of course not there’s a reason for that, and that is Very SLOW like Dial-up Connection and thats Wi-Tribe.

  24. Dan says:


    And here ive just notice that they offering right now!!!! for 2MBPS/Php 999 a Php 1 difference to 1MBPS/Php 998, bunch of cheater and liars.

  25. rico says:

    how can i cancel my subscription to wi-tribe.
    i guess i was fooled by those guys :(

  26. The Sith says:

    I signed up for Wi Tribe 2 days ago. I was “blinded”by the speed they offered. I was having problems with my Sun Broadband connection and thought Wi Tribe would be a breath of fresh air.

    Regrettably, I am already experiencing lotsa trouble with it. First, I was told by one of the agents (booth in Mkt) that Pasay is covered but when I got home, lo and behold, i only had 1 bar of signal, and that was outside my window. It wouldn’t work anywhere in the house. Tough luck eh?

    I still thought I’d give it a try. Then I found out about the cap – this was never mentioned.

    This won’t work for me. Good thing I haven’t disconnected my Sun services yet. Internet/Broadband services in the Philippines have a long way to go.

  27. Guys, Im also a victim of wi-tribe internet connection. Before i was using the sun broadband 790 per month for 512kpbs. I had a small comparison when trying to stream a video. Actually it was a lot faster when im using my sun broadband before compared to wi-tribe even if you still have not used up the 6gb cap. Their so called 1mbps is a total bs. Is there a way we could drop the contract with them with false advertising. The good thing though is that I paid additional 2500 for the modem so that my lock in period will just for 1 year. But its so irritating that they are doing this to full people. They said that after using the 6gb cap that you will be reverted to 512 but the thing is you are not really getting the 512 speed. I wish some one or we can have a protest to sue this company.

  28. RuelMinds says:

    thrs a biz behind it. If you want to have move bandwidth, you can get it for P200 per Gb ;)

  29. Dan says:



    Thanks “Yen”

  30. darius09 says:

    i thought wi-tribe will be the answer of many subscribers from smartbro,globe,pldt and suncellular that are not satisfied with their connection..

    but then, another hoax came..

    typed in google search: “HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN INTERNET SERVICE”

  31. ginta says:

    BADTRIP!!! They offer Unlimited surfing & browsing. Consistent speeds of up to 1mbps. But if you used your monthly usage allowance (6gb)your 1mbps CONSISTENT SPEED broadband connection will NOT be cut off. but they adjusted your surfing speed to below 512Kbps. BUT HOW MY CURRENT SPEED TODAY TURN TO 50kbps i already complain this to costumer service but they only offer a move more plan which is P200.00 per gigabyte or i have to wait next month to refresh my connection speed i called their agent many times but she didn’t answer her phone WHERE’S THE 1mbps CONSISTENT SPEED??? STONE AGE TRIBE

  32. humblecreature says:

    nakakabaliw itong wi-tribe na ito. second week ko pa lang ubos na pala ang 6GB allocation ko. eh ang sabi naman bababa lang ang speed hindi naman sinabi na hindi na makakapag open ng ilang sites. hayyyyyyyy di na me nakakaopen ng gmail account ko using wi-tribe kaya nagprepaid sun broadband ulit me. hayyyyyyyy maayos pa ang prepaid sun dito sa las pinas hayyyyyyyy

    kailan kaya magkakaroon ng matinong broadband service provider ang manila.

    pangarap nalang kaya ito.

    wawa naman tayo!!!!

  33. silver6688 says:

    GUYS,,Wi Tribe Sucks When i first get wi tribe the speed ok after 3 weeks there speed slower than a turtle they are very very sucks internet connection my download speed is only 14kbps,they said i have 6 gig i dont think so i use all that by downloading,they are not honest wi tribe is sucker shittttttttttt,,

  34. silver6688 says:

    Kasi nga Sinungaling Yang Wi Tribe May pa 4G pa kuno Masarap lang pakingan sa tenga kahit mag bigay 6 gig d ako naniniwala di naman ako nag dodownload bihira lang ako manood you tube at mag download file minsan lang ako gumagamit naubos 6 gig d totoo yan Speed k ngayon 14 kbps nalang hayop wi tribe nayan galit na galit ako sinungaling kasi 4G hdi 4G kundi APAT NA GAGO

  35. silver6688 says:

    Sa mga nagbabalak kumuha nang wi tribe mag isip isip kayo hndi lang dalawang beses kundi isang dalawang libong beses maganda lang sa simula yan kita nyo mag daan ilang linggo buti payong pagong nakakatakbo ito mas masaholo pa sa pagong kundi bulate na talaga kumilos speed ng connection nyan sayang pera sayang kuryente at sayang panahon ang hirap tawagan hotline pati,UBOD NANG SINUNGALING YANG WI TRIBE NA YAN

  36. joop says:

    tama! wag na kayong magtry na kumuha ng bwisit na wi-tribe na yan. makukunsume lang kayo. sobrang bagal at sinungaling. tignan nyo yung link na to. http://www.intomobile.com/2010/03/24/4g-in-america-lies-lies-and-more-damn-lies.html sabi nila 4G daw technology nila. Sinungaling! wala pa palang 4G kasi pinagpipilian pa kung anong technology ang pipiliin WiMAX Release 2 o LTE-Advanced. dapat magreklamo tayo sa NTC o kaya DTI. panloloko to!

  37. Rygel says:

    about this cap… smart, globe, and sun (i’ve used sun) all use it (they call it fair usage policy, etc.) but none of those 3 can actually tell you in black and white what ‘fair usage’ means… I’ve been at sun cellular several times asking for MEASURABLE CRITERIA so that i can monitor my usage… but after 6 months all vague replies…

    my point is, at least wi-tribe tells us something concrete. 6GB is not enough, but at least it’s measureable

  38. humblecreature says:

    Being able to see the positive side of the issues we’re discussing here is an admirable feat. Unfortunately, the positive side is just a David to the negative Goliath that we sharers here are surmounting right now.
    I personally wouldn’t mind the cap as long as they will be able to provide me at least a decent speed of say 256 to 512kbps. Am I/we are entitled to that? I think so if not then spare us from the 998 monthly.
    A good question to ask is: Are we getting our money’s worth? Yes, if being NOT able to open gmail and many other sites several times using different kind of browsers is the standard.

    Hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy what a psychological turmoil!!!!

  39. Sam says:

    WI-TRIBE SUCKS!!! after 15 days of using it, it suddenly dropped my connection speed to 128 kbps. I called the hotline and they said that I already reached the 6GB limit. Sabi ko, WTF!, anu un? I was never informed that there was an allocated speed for internet usage. The salesman never mentioned it, the term and conditions never mentioned it. We pay 998php/month for 128 kbps? WTF di ba? The marketing style/strategy of Wi-Tribe is like a cake with poison. It’s more like a “TROJAN”.
    Sasabihin nila na 4G and constant speed and then malalaman mo nlng na nareach mo ndaw ung allocated speed mo?
    For those who are with teh same shoes as me, let’s file a complaint against this CRAP/JUNK at http://dtincr.ph/complaint.php

    This is really psychologically getting into my nerves.!!!

  40. vin says:

    ??????pano po ba malalaman kung paubos na ung 6gb.????
    ??????pano po ba malalaman kung paubos na ung 6gb.????
    ??????pano po ba malalaman kung paubos na ung 6gb.????
    ??????pano po ba malalaman kung paubos na ung 6gb.????

    mganda daw ata ung plan 1998 2mbps
    12gb pag naubos bagsak sa 1mbps

    wala parin ung bill namin isang buwan na mahigit.

  41. Jason says:

    Im a witribe user for the last two and a half months already. At first, their service is OK. Simultaneous download and youtube. Capping is fine with me and also the throttling down of my speed as long as the next billing cycle, they refreshed my 6 GB cap to none and put my speed back up to 1 Mbps. The truth is, Im a casual user, I dont even max out that 6 GB monthly cap. Last friday, May 7, 2010. I called witribe to tell them about the SLOW connection, she said that Im not on the LIMIT yet meaning I should get the 1 Mbps speed. She said maybe its on their network or I have a slow browser or PC. The usual excuse. Maybe, I should have thrown out my BRAND NEW laptop because its slowing my speed. May 8, 2010. I called them back using my cellphone, 300 pesos later, “Well call you back, sir within 24 to 48 hours”. May 9, 2010. They give me a call. I said to call me back from 6 to 7 pm. Well, they never called me up again. You see, there is only one recourse for all of us to do. The contract that we signed up is for 1 Mpbs speed of internet connection to the network. If they dont deliver the goods, the contract is breached, right? We, shouldnt pay at all. Now, Im not paying them up until the goods is delivered. Sue me. Ill fight them in court.

  42. vin says:

    anu ba mas mganda globe wimax o wi-tribe?
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???

    nkita ko lang na sa globe wimax walang cap
    ung iba nga lng my problema sa signal.
    nkita ko rin sa you tube nila na stable ung connection at ung upload speed nila mganda din talagang 1mbps.anganda pa ng modem nila may design kumpara sa modem ntin.mukang cover ng dvd.
    mrun tower ng wimax globe malapit samin
    syang naka witribe nako 2 years pa.

  43. vin says:

    anu ba mas mganda globe wimax o wi-tribe?

    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???
    globe wimax vs wi-tribe.???

    nkita ko lang na sa globe wimax walang cap
    ung iba nga lng my problema sa signal.
    nkita ko rin sa you tube nila na stable ung connection at ung upload speed nila mganda din talagang 1mbps.anganda pa ng modem nila may design kumpara sa modem ntin.mukang cover ng dvd.
    mrun tower ng wimax globe malapit samin
    syang naka witribe nako 2 years pa.

  44. vince says:

    Hintayin nyo nalang ang Smart wimax. May 15 ata ang launch in selected areas.

    more details here including price and speed


  45. liko! says:

    isa lang masasabi ko…buysit tlga ang wi-tribe! mga walang hiya!

  46. vin1692 says:

    mga pare lumalala ung capping nila e2!!!!
    mga pare lumalala ung capping nila e2!!!!
    mga pare lumalala ung capping nila e2!!!!

    Move Up Plan 998
    Move Up Plan 998
    Move Up Plan 998
    Usage Speed
    First 6GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 6GB to 8GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 8GB to 10GB up to 256 Kbps
    Over 10GB up to 128 Kbps

    Move Up Plan 1998
    Move Up Plan 1998
    Move Up Plan 1998
    Usage Speed
    First 12GB up to 2 Mbps
    Over 12GB to 16GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 16GB to 20GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 20GB up to 256 Kbps

    pauntiunti nila binabawasan ung bandwith

    e2 link ng site ng fair usage policy

  47. liancruz says:

    isa kang malaking PAK YU!!!!
    mga network din ang
    ABUSE sa mga subcribers nila..
    kya ka nga ngbabayad
    pra bigyan ka ng mgandang service nila.
    putang ina ng Wi-tribe.
    magbayad ka ng 998
    kada buwan
    sabihin pa sayu abusado ka.
    buti kung libre ung internet nila.

  48. vin says:

    wi-tribe ang pangit na wimax sa buong mundo
    dami nagrereklamo dahil sa capping. nakabagal.
    pagtinawagan mo at sinabi mong mabagal sasabihin sayu baka ubos na ung monthly usage allowance.
    at sasabihin nila na bumili ka nalng ng 2GB move more 200 lang daw anu to kumikitang kabuhayan.
    wag na kyung mag subscribe sa wi-tribe maiinis lang kyu.mambobola lng yang mga yan.

    nung una nilang capping pag naubos mu ung 6GB baba sa 512kbps ung speed mo
    ngaun binago nila
    pababa ng pababa ang capping
    e2 capping nila
    Move Up Plan 998
    Usage Speed
    First 6GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 6GB to 8GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 8GB to 10GB up to 256 Kbps
    Over 10GB up to 128 Kbps

    Move Up Plan 1998
    Usage Speed
    First 12GB up to 2 Mbps
    Over 12GB to 16GB up to 1 Mbps
    Over 16GB to 20GB up to 512 Kbps
    Over 20GB up to 256 Kbps

  49. Dan says:

    Im new user of Wi-Tribe, kaka signed ko pa lang ng contract last June 30, sa ngayon di pa naman ako nagkakaproblem sa kanilang Connection maliban sa wala pa sa 1mbps ang speed ng kanilang internet connection, pumapalo lamang sa .72kbps – .82kbps yung connection ko & take note 1 day ko pa lang to nagagamit naka consume na agad ako ng .35gb at meron na lang akong natitirang 5.65gb na uubusin para sa buwan na ito ayun sa kanilang site, eh di naman ako nagdodownload ng kahit na anong files, internet surfing at online games lang gawa ko, ang tanong ilang GB ba ang nako consume per hour pag surfing (such as You Tube, Email, Research} & Online Games…..

    Maraming Salamat

  50. vince says:

    “eh di naman ako nagdodownload ng kahit na anong files, internet surfing at online games lang gawa ko, ang tanong ilang GB ba ang nako consume per hour pag surfing (such as You Tube, Email, Research} & Online Games…..”

    – Dan

    It depends on what websites you go to. Websites with lots of pictures and flash animation of course use up a lot of bandwidth. Not sure if even uploads are included in the count but even if uploads are excluded, it adds up REALLY REALLY

    I suggest you download a program like netpersec (only 112kb in size)

    this program has a resettable counter so you can count how many bytes you have downloaded and uploaded.

    Try turning off all images and adding a popup and ad blocker to your browser to minimize usage of your cap.

    Good luck nalang if your online game needs to download an update.

    And dot watch youtube because wi-tribe may consider that or any other heavy use of bandwidth as an “abuse” of its service

    BTW, congratulations, you’ve just been PWNED by wi-tribe.

  51. DILL says:

    Hi Guys,

    Is all the post here really that bad, cause I’ve been planning on getting a subscription in Wi-Tribe, only thing is I haven’t been able to have free time to visit the booth near my location, I’ve read about the caps and everything.

    SUN & GLOBE for almost a year
    according to the dialer(or whatever you call it) i’m averaging
    50mb (SUN), 100mb (GLOBE) of Download
    2mb (SUN), 4mb (GLOBE) of Upload
    daily and
    700mb (SUN), 1.4gb (GLOBE) of Download
    190mb (SUN), 380mb (GLOBE) of Upload

    and practically using both Wi-Bro 24/7 (except for rainy days because the signal becomes weak) for Torrent Downloads. but my Vista is reporting a link Speed of 2mbps (SUN) and 7mbps (GLOBE), can these information be accurate or do I need another App to check this stats.

    and is Wi-Tribe giving a cap of 6gb

    please advise.


  52. humblecreature says:


    if i were you i wud read and research feedbacks of existing wi-tribe users.


    start here:


  53. vince says:

    “but my Vista is reporting a link Speed of 2mbps (SUN) and 7mbps (GLOBE), can these information be accurate or do I need another App to check this stats.”

    yes you do. that 2mbps and 7mbps is like saying you have a 2 inch or 7 inch pipe from NAWASA. It only can tell you the max download speed in ideal conditions. To know the actual download speed, analogous to the actual water flow rate, try installing the program I posted in my post above yours and try downloading a big file using a download accelerator

  54. ___ says:

    nakatatlong broadband na ko

    1st smart bro
    2nd sun broadband wireless
    3rd wi-tribe

    *smart bro .1year ko ginamit hangang sa nasira ung antenna.sabi nung smart papalitan nila may additional bayad nga lng.edi pinacut q nlng

    *sun broadband wireless .pinaka masarap gamitin sa internet surfing at download lng. log ang cam sa ym.
    d pede magtorrent.pero sulit mura lng 699pesos kda month. at di na kailangan ng mga ethernet wire at saksakan ng kuryente.portable sya kc usb lng din.may sd card reader pra pwedeng gmitin prang usb mass storage.

    *wi-tribe. 3 months na wla pa din ung bill nmin sabi padadalhan nlng daw sa email hangang ngaun wla padin.bka mamaya patong patong na.ung cap d ko na experience ung 1mbps speed khit first day of month.dba dpat bagong cycle na un.kaso la pa din.laging ngloloading ung browser ko.d q ma access ung account q.

  55. abbey says:

    wi-tribe sucks.. i’m still operating within my allowable usage and the speed test page won’t even open.. am better off with my old globe broadband..

  56. vin says:

    d pa ubos 6GB q pero 256kbps lang speed q

    tignan nyu din sa account nio.
    bka katulad nitong akin
    mula sa account q.
    Find details about your account status here.

    Subscription Plan : Move Up – Plan 998
    Monthly Usage Allowance : 6.00 GB
    GB Available at Plan Speed : 3.18 GB
    Actual GB Used : 2.51 GB
    Net GBUsed : 2.82 GB
    Peak Hours : 2.51 GB
    Off-Peak Hours : 0.00 GB
    Less: 75% Off-Peak discount : 0.00 GB
    Speed : 256Kbps
    Delivery Date : Fri, Apr 16, 2010 03:11 PM
    Subscription Start Date : Fri, Apr 16, 2010 03:11 PM
    Current Session Time In : Tue, Jul 20, 2010 03:26 PM

  57. James says:

    We just got Wi-tribe yesterday. I was excited since we didn’t have internet connection for the past few months since we moved.

    We’re using SmartBro before however; since installation is currently on hold in our location, we tried Wi-tribe.

    Believe me, Smartbro is much better than this one. It’s really slow (like dial-up). I’m thinking this is unfair. You pay the same amount, but slower connection.

    huh! now I have to stay with this thing for the next 2 years since it’s 24 months commitment.

  58. Patrick says:

    wi-tribe basically sucks and more over is there sales personnel which from my experience doesn’t even know what they’re selling. Sad thing is I got SCAMMED* by them and availed of there crappy service because their sales person insisted that the 6GB is bandwidth and not limiter cap, which I found out was a complete LIE.

    Things that I found bad these past 5 days:

    – connection / handshakes with SSL servers are terrible I couldn’t connect to my VPN
    – 6GB cap // for me I can consume in less than 1 day with my work
    – BAD P2P connection / handshakes
    – NOT FOR GAMING terrible PING to BATTLE.NET and EA servers
    – NOT FOR STREAMING VIEWERS / not even youtube functions well

    Malapit na akong mag 6GB 5 days palang, bago mag 6th day cap na ako. WORK KO PALANG ubos na 6GB wala pang personal leisure yon. F**A TALAGA malalaslas ko yung salesman nila, kung

    And also did call them up using cellphone which evidently took and cost more and which I didn’t get any useful response.

    And yes will also file a complaint with DTI regarding there UNJUST PRACTICES.

    Problem is walang LAW ang pinas laban sa mga tulad nila kasi mas inutil mga nasa gobyerno tulad ng presidente nating walang batas na nagawa. Philippines WTF talaga !!!

    If any of you guys know who’s the president of this company am going to file a presidential escalation regarding this outrage + sama ko complaints ng iba naperwisyong subscribers at file ko rin sa DTI.

  59. Patrick says:

    And if I remember wala sa contract yung CAP na yun, ang nandoon lang ay FAIR PRACTICE crap. Walang sa BLACK AND WHITE YUNG CAP.

    WTF !!!

  60. rey says:

    hayop demonyo talaga tong wi-tribe na to… kahit google hindi ko na mapasok… ang lupit nyo, yung perang pinang kuha ko nang service na to ehhh inutang ko lang tapos ganito pala ang service… may araw din kayo…!!!

  61. Korn says:

    8.3 KB/sec yan na ang pinakamataas na rate ng download q ..

    pde ba tong ibalik sa wi-tribe at ipawalang bisa ang contract?

  62. busy _student says:

    sakin laging ngdidisconect na ung modem ko kada 5 minutes magdidisconnect tapus hirap na sa pag connect uli.

    *inaabot ako ng 30 minutes pra sa pag connect tpus wla nanaman.d 2loy ako makagawa ng project q.ginawa ko ngrent nalang sa compshop.

    *ng txt ako sa agent nila di na ngrereply.

    *ng email din ako sa cutomer service nila sabi
    lang tatry daw nilang ibalik yung 1mbps na speed next month. ibabalik? e di ko na nga nagamit ung 6gb ko dahil laging nagdidisconnect.sayang lang ung 6gb ko.
    ng email uli ako sabi mag MOVE MORE nlang daw ako kung gus2 kong bumilis ung speed ko.tae di muna nga nagamit ung 6gb tpus magmomove more pa anu to nakawan ng ALLOWANCE?

    *laging delay pa ung bill nila.

    *kung ayaw nyo sumakit ulo nyo wag na kayung mgsubscribe sa wi-tribe 100% sasakit ulo nyo d2.

  63. ooo says:

    Mas gusto ko pang ng 512kbps na internet o burstable speed tulad ng sun.atleast un tumutulak at wlang sakit ng ulo.

    kesa sa wi-tribe na pababa ng pababa ang speed at pag ginamit mupa ng ginamit mawawalan ka na ng connection.
    naranasan ko to super putol putol ng connection ko ambagal pa.gus2ng guto ko ng ipacut to kyya lng daw may babayaran pa.

  64. Calvin says:

    I have tried globe, smart share it and the regular antenna, suncell, witribe and pldt.

    PLTD stands out amongst these companies. We have two PLDT line at home upto two MBPS. It is consistent in every way. I stop paying for suncell and smart shareit last year and signed with witribe. After a month my girlfriend signed up for another witribe since mine has been consistent (BF paranaque). Wherever I go, my witribe goes with me since I make a living using the internet (vinrisshop.com). Me, my girlfriend and family are enjoying PLDT the most when at home and WiTribe with out a doubt.

  65. Maria says:

    wi-tribe service really sucks… I just upgraded my plan to 1998, bcoz their website stated this: Unlimited surfing & browsing. Consistent speeds of up to 2mbps. Get more out of your MOVE UP plans via our product-enhancing feature called MOVE MORE.

    Product Features

    * Unlimited surfing and browsing
    * Consistent speeds of up to 2mbps on your first 12gb usage per month
    * Maintain your plan’s speed even when your 12gb monthly usage allowance runs out with MOVE MORE Bandwidth on Demand.
    * 4G broadband technology
    * 24/7 access to 31-tribe
    * Personalized Sales Agent Service
    * Free wi-tribe BOOM 4G Broadband Modem with your MOVE UP Plan with a 24 month subscription period (see other options below).

    But fact is, the download speed and upload speed is too slow. I am using magicjack, and it can’t even make the connection so I can call. Wi-tribe is such a bully company… they are giving wrong advertisement to persuave customers to get the very lousy service. consistent and unlimited internet surfing as said in their advertisement on their page, but once you sign up to the 1998 plan there’s still a capping and it sucks. They just do the capping so customers will buy more bandwidth, even if we haven’t really consume the 12gb. why don’t they just put to public how we could find out how much bandwidth customers have consumed. I really really hope there will be a law to be implemented that companies who gave wrong advertisement on their service we could sue them. sad to say, this is not U.S kasi kung sa u.s lang yan, dami nang kasong hinaharap yang witribe na yan!!!

  66. i signed up with witribe because all the globe lines ran out at my condo. i highly DO NOT recommend them because its impossible to download anything and streaming a simple youtube music video will take half an hour to stream. BEWARE OF WITRIBE!

  67. Potang ina whytribe says:

    Fuck u wi tribe di ako makapaglaro ng AQWorlds Tang ina nyo MAmatay na kau

  68. No Fan Of Wi Tribe says:

    Terrible system. They can get you to they’re switch at .8 mps down & .2 mps up but getting from they’re switch out to the internet is almost unusable at times. Terrbly slow, don’t waste your time or money. The tech people will have you doing all sorts of things to make it look as if they are doing something but they know better because complaints are the norm for this company. It’s a shame, the NTC should do something about the misleading sales practices and advertising.

  69. Jason says:

    This is the worst service on earth… talo pa ang dial up. Lagi na lang mabagal signal ko sabi kasi daw from 800 meters na coverage nila ginawa nilang 400 meters na lang. Ngayon nasa labas na ako ng signal nila and nung nasa loob ako mabagal na, imagine what more pa ngayon…

    The worse is, nagpapa-cancel ako and here’s what they said: “You need to pay 5,000 pre-termination fee plus pay all the months na di ko na magagamit na within the 24 months lock in period”. Ang kapal as in, wala na nga sila signal sa lugar namin ako pa magbabayad sa kanila… Hiyang hiya ako…

    I highly suggest that people move away from LIE-Tribe este Wi-Tribe pala.

  70. raffy says:


  71. boy teke tekihan says:

    ahm mga bro, nakakatuwa naman ang mga sinulat niyo dito, ahm ive read a lot of comments about ddifferent types of broadband internet connectivity, like sun, smart, globe and wii tribe, and so far the most rated best is sun, and the worst are globe and wii tribe, ahm im just amazed the findings, or the customers feedback, because we know that, sun company is the newbie compare to globe and smart but still sun outweigh them both when it comes to these broadband thing, aha, ahm im planning now to buy sun broadband, but im kinda puzzled by these bandwith thing, but maybe i just ask the sun sales rep, maybe they know something about it, thanks for sharing informations, by the way i like the comments of raffy, ver direct and brave but true, it only shows and it helped me a lot to decide, thanks bro…

  72. muddyfoot says:

    Any comments with the service after Wi-Tribe offered unlimited bandwidth this June?

  73. Belly Fat says:

    Hello I’m so delighted I located your site, I really located you by mistake, while I was looking on yahoo for something else, Anyways I’m here now and could just like to say cheers for a tremendous post and a all round entertaining internet site. Please do maintain up the fantastic work.

  74. kenshin says:

    wi-tribe is just using their cheating techniques…

  75. isko says:

    langya bakit ako nauto ng Lie-tribe na to nak ng kamote ako kasi naniwala ako sa patalastas nila na FAST daw ang Net nila hehehe siguro kung ang Lie-Tribe lumabas nung panahon ng Dial-up time pa baka hindi pa sila manalo ehhhh,,,,, PURO KAYO SINUNGALING Lie-Tribe nyeta kayo,,, nahihiya ako sa misis ko kasi ehhto ang napili ko tanga ko talaga bobo pa ammmpuuuuta

  76. chamra says:

    oo nga, i buy wi-tribe USB prepaid kit with 1 month free internet load. after the load expire i reload it to & Eleven outlet for a 15 days load and until now wala pa rin load ung account ko..pumunta na me sa store outlet nila for help at wala rin nagawa nagemail pa kung kanino support daw in other place.. den tawagan nlang daw me pero wala tumatawag…mga bwusitttt talaga…kahit ung customer support nila sa call center wala magawa….mga inutil..product nila di nila alam resolve problem…

  77. zidane02 says:

    Wew, bibili sana ako ng prepaid usb stick eh, kaso panget ata… mabilis ba ang speed ung prepaid na usb? sa mga naka exp na, anu po maaus ba ang speed or panget din po? salamat… x

  78. JB says:

    Ok naman ang mga prepaid USB sticks. Smart is better for nationwide coverage, followed by Globe. Sun is limited to Metro Manila and key cities like Cebu.

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