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Cheapest 55-inch TVs to get after the quarantine

Because of the lockdown, we are stuck at home with almost nothing else to do,, aside from trying to stay productive and entertained. When it comes to the latter, one of the most popular choices is binge-watching on video-streaming services like Netflix or YouTube. And with that kind of activity, don’t you wish that you have a bigger screen to watch those movies and episodes. If that’s the case, check out our list of the cheapest 55-inch TVs you can buy… probably after the quarantine.

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Avision 55K786

• 55Inch Tv 5 • Cheapest 55-Inch Tvs To Get After The Quarantine
If you don’t mind not having a 4K resolution, then the Avision 55-inch Smart TV is one of the cheapest you can buy. It’s got a narrow bezel, 1080p Full HD display, Linux OS, and a two-year warranty. We found one for sale on Lazada for PHP 17,999.

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Xenon LEU5500SD

• 55Inch Tv 11 • Cheapest 55-Inch Tvs To Get After The Quarantine

The Xenon LEU5500SD offers a UHD resolution and Android OS. When you purchase this TV, you also do get two years of manufacturer warranty. You can buy this one at Anson’s with its SRP of PHP 21,999.

Skyworth 55UB5560

If you are in the market for an affordable 4K TV, the Skyworth 55UB5560 is one of the cheapest UHD TV you can buy. It features a borderless design, a 60Hz refresh rate, Dolby Audio support, and DTS TruSurround for a more immersive experience. It has Netflix and Youtube built-in for media consumption. You can buy this one at Abenson for PHP 23,998.

Realme Philippines


The TCL 55P8M is a 4K Android TV with a 2160 x 3840 resolution, 60Hz refresh rate, and USB, and HDMI ports. If you’re concerned about audio quality, this TV supports Dolby Audio. We saw one for sale on Lazada at its SRP of PHP 24,299.

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The XTREME MF-5500s is a 4K Smart TV with a built-in soundbar. It uses a different operating system with its App Store, so app choices are limited. Even with that, Netflix and Youtube are already pre-installed. The XTREME MF-5500s TV is priced at PHP 26,995 on XTREME’s website.

Samsung 55RU7100G

If you are looking for a Samsung branded TV, the 55RU7100G is one of the best 55-inch TVs you can buy. It’s got a slim bezel design, 4K UHD resolution with 120Hz refresh rate, HDMI, Bluetooth support for audio connection, and Wi-Fi for Netflix and Youtube. You can get this one at Abenson for PHP 30,999.

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Samsung UA55RU7300G

If you want to go a little extra on your TV, the Samsung UA55RU7300G offers a 55-inch curved 4K display, 120Hz refresh rate, supports HDR10+, and has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It runs on Samsung SMART TV OS, which should work well with your Samsung device. This one is available at Abenson for PHP 32,999.

Avision 55UL80C

The Avision 55UL80C might be the most expensive on this list, but this 55-inch TV offers a frameless design, 4K UHD resolution display, built-in Netflix, and Youtube, HDMI, USB ports, and a 60Hz refresh rate with 6.2ms response time. Avision also offers a two-year warranty when you cop this TV at Lazada for PHP 39,999.

What do you think of this list? Are you interested in buying one of these TVs after lockdown? If we missed anything, let us know in the comments below.

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