Samsung The Wall (2021) 1,000-inch screen now available worldwide

Samsung Electronics has globally launched the 2021 model of The Wall.

This year’s The Wall comes with the new AI processing technology and upgraded 120Hz frame rates. The Wall a new Micro AI Processor with up to 16 different neural network models, each trained in AI upscaling and deep learning technology.

The Wall’s massive screen measures over 1,000 inches and supports up to 8K resolution and 1,600 nits peak brightness.

Samsung claims that The 2021 model offers its most detailed picture yet with the industry’s first 8K resolution with a 120Hz refresh rate and 8K playback. The Wall can be configured horizontally for up to 16K resolution with a 15,360 x 2,160-pixel arrangement.

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According to Samsung, The Wall comes with Black Seal Technology for a seamless canvas for purer black levels with enhanced depth delivering unparalleled contrast and immaculate detail. On the other hand, it is also geared with Ultra Chroma technology that produces narrower wavelengths to create RGB colors twice as pure and more accurate than conventional LEDs, Samsung mentioned.

The Wall features new wireless docking connections and a bezel-less design. Moreover, with modular technology, the latest The Wall can be installed in various positions, including concave, convex, ceiling, hanging, inclined, and L-type. In addition, users only need to adjust once per cabinet with Factory Seam Adjustment, eliminating module-by-module adjustment and saving time.

Additionally, The Wall comes built with Micro HDR and Micro Motion features, featuring 20-bit processing to deliver a consistent picture quality that is suitable across commercial environments for a smooth viewing experience regardless of location. The screen also includes four picture-by-picture screens (PBP), allowing for four different content sources, all of which can be displayed simultaneously in 4K resolution. In addition, the. The 4-PBP function can be used for business purposes where multi-screens are needed.

Furthermore, the display secures TUV Rheinland Eye Comfort Certification for minimized blue light emission. Besides, it also has EMC Class B certification as it minimizes electromagnetic waves for safe installation.

Samsung’s 2021 The Wall is now available in select markets worldwide.

Source: Samsung

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