Who’s more hi-tech: ABS-CBN or GMA 7?

Aside from the automated elections accomplished by the Comelec, two TV networks also displayed some hi-tech broadcasting over the week.

On one side, ABS-CBN employed Augmented Reality (AR) while GMA 7 claims they’re using some sort of hologram.

Let’s see some sample clips below.

Here’s the one by GMA 7:

The holographic image on the GMA 7 video looks clean and cut around the edges. This was made possible because the station used green screens (chroma key) to separate the person from the background. However, I don’t think they were able to bring the green screens out in the field so this was also done in the studio.

Here’s the one by ABS-CBN:

realme philippines

This one by ABS-CBN doesn’t seem to be nicely trimmed so you will see a portion of the background around the person being projected (the video over-lay is more prominent here once that cut-out footage of that truck is shown). However, this technique allowed the station to shoot out in the field (not sure though if they used multiple cameras here).

CNN did a more convincing one during the last US Elections — the render solid and cuts around the edge of the body with multiple angles; not flat and seemingly one-sided as the one we’re seeing in the videos above.

What would have been a much better method was a combination of the two — bring a collapsible tent out to the field, pull down some green screens and shoot using multiple cameras. I think this is what CNN did but it’s more expensive, needs more crew to operate and requires a lot of bandwidth.

In the end, I think it’s all about how the viewers perceived the broadcast and how it added to the viewing experience (technically speaking, these aren’t really holograms but augmented reality). So, who do you think did a better job at it?

Note: I didn’t watch any TV (except the livestream of ANC) during the whole election so I didn’t knew about this until last night when one of the TV stations called me up asking for help about featuring “hi-tech stuff”.

Update: Evening news by both GMA 7 and ABS-CBN tonight clarified some terminologies. ABS-CBN stressed they used the term “virtual presence” and alleges GMA 7 did not use the “hologram” technology the latter reported it did. GMA 7, on the other hand, somewhat back-tracked and referred to it as “holographic effect”. The station initially tested it in their studio then actually did it on the field.

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  1. Pich says:

    excuse me,,,, those who were saying that abs-cbn sucks…. wow!!! sa sobrang pgkademocratico ng bansang ito ,,,free na free ang mga taong mgsabi ng hinaing not even checking what they,re saying..ok, let me clarify,, kahit na mag-away kayo jan,, magbatuhan kayo ng planeta,, wala kayong magagawa,, wla kayong pakialam kung ano man ang mga ginagawa ng mga network na iyaN…just be proud of the two top grossing networks we have, even tv 5..swerte tayo.. hindi komunistang bansa ang pilipinas..eh kung gayon;;;;;;matagal na kayong…alam nyo na..
    just stop your nonsense…………..bow….khbkhun ka

  2. victus est a abs cbn says:

    ehh wala naman talagang kwenta ang abs cbn eh panay kopya lang sila sa mga shows sa gma dati

    isa lang masasabi ko sa abs cbn YOU SUCK

  3. liz says:

    Hi. Do you of a company who can do hologram grphics for our corporate event?

  4. p4HYge Hi there Fred, thanks for the comment

  5. Wew.. says:

    Daming fanboys d2..

  6. Question is need ba nila na may hologram pa yung kada balita nila. Parang hindi naman yun ang tinitignan ng tao kung di yung updated na news. Kasi minsan kung ano yung binalita sa morning news hanggang gabi yun parin ang laman ng balita. Watch ABS-CBN online here dito na lang kayo watch online.

  7. Marg says:

    Una kasi, GMA claimed it’s true holography. It’s good that eventually umatras na sila sa claim na ‘to. Kasi mapapahiya lang sila sa mga mapanuring pinoy (pinoy skeptics).

    Ano, iniisip nilang walang mga skeptics sa Pilipinas?

  8. Marg says:

    Hindi naman true hologram imaging yung ginagawa ng mga news stations na yan.

    Special effects lang. If those news networks claimed them to be real hologram images, they’re lying.

  9. RaGe Einzeln says:

    kala ko sa showbiz sites lang may fanboys dito rin pala -__- hehe relax lang…

  10. JayL says:

    ABS-CBN! the only TV station that can penetrate Trending Topics on Twitter :P

  11. jl says:

    ang point ko s GMA7 sana pinoy na lang kinuha nilang motion graphics tsk tsk

  12. jl says:

    the best dyan kumuha pa yung GMA na taga ibang bansa para gumawa ng hologram effect daw na yan, eh pinoy kayang kaya naman gawin un mas malupet pa, gumastos lang yung GMA7 s fail nilang hologram. tsk tsk kaya kaya ng Pinoy Graphic?Motion Designers yan, basta lang they should provide the materials

  13. weak says:


    mas magaling talaga GMA. sorry.

  14. Blu3martini says:

    Nope both sides are not Holograms by the true definition of Hologram.

    Nag-google ako for 3mins, weeks ago and wala pa talagang ganyan. Illusion lang yan with Multiple Displays and Multiple HD cameras.

  15. henry says:

    e2 lng masasabi q.. walang karapatan n mg-claim ang GMA n sila ang no.1 dahil “sinungaling sila. they keep on saying that they’re using hologram well in fact hndi nman pala. naloka sila (GMA) that ABS used this kind of virtual presence.. umaga p lng ng MAY 10. compared s GMA who’se claiming that they are using hologram, n tanghali n nagamit at naipakita. ang tagal ng opening spiels ni mike enriquez. kesyo sila ang una s pilipinas n gumamit ng ganitong technology.. only to find out n nauna n pala ang ABS n gumamit nito early that same day. nakakahiya ang GMA.. misleading ang report. pag dating s coverage, only ABS ang nakapaghatid ng up to date, komprehensibo, detalyado, accurate, tapat at makatotohonang balita. panu ka maniniwala s balita ng GMA eh s ginamit p lng n effect s paghahatid ng balita ay “nagsinungaling n sila”. they are nothing compared to ABS. isipin nyo nlng, nk-tandem ng GMA ang malalaking kumpanya. the likes of PLDT, SMART, INQUIRER at AMA but they failed to brought us the most up to date at comprehensive n balita. bobo ang maniniwala n GMA ang mas magaling s paghahatid ng balita nung MAY 10. well, hndi nman galing ang pinag-uusapan d2. what important is kung sino ang tunay n nakapaghatd at nakapagbigay ng up to date, komprehensibo at totoong balita ng walang pagsisinungaling at pagkukunwari. bawiin man ng GMA ang sinabi nila “the damage has been done” sabi nga nila. s sususnodkc, wag umasta n magaling para hndi napapahiya.

  16. cherry says:

    @Zaxx – im sorry but i find your comment to be wrong. Hindi porket uso ang isang bagay, tama na yun. Im sorry but I really do not like people thinking that way.

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