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Apple headphones track sweat, heart rate, and activity?

It has been reported that Apple has just been granted a patent for smart headphones that are controllable by head gestures to determine the user’s biometric data like perspiration levels, heart rate, activity, and even temperature.

Apple Smart Headphones 2

The headphones were said to be equipped with accelerometers that work with the user’s iOS device so they could control it by a simple gesture of their head. According to the document, there will be an in-ear model as well as an on-ear variant.

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Realme Philippines

This patent was filed way back sometime in 2007-2008, which means the Cupertino-based company has been planning on venturing to enter the fitness scene for quite some time now.  With rumors suggesting that the next iOS update would be packed with health-tracking features like Healthbook app, it just makes sense if Apple pushes through rolling out smart headphones.

With different smart watches making their way to store shelves today and smart headphones about to come out, is wearable technology really the next big thing? Let us know your thoughts on the comment box below.

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8 years ago

FYI hndi po eto rumor sir sinabi na nga patent was filed way back 2007-2008 so waiting for mass production na lng sya

8 years ago

at dahil rumor palang to, gagayahin na agad to ng samsung.. maglalabas sila agad ng smart earphones.. para magmukhang Apple ang nanggaya..

parang yung ginawa nila sa Samsung GalaxyPro nila.. hahahha..

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