AspectSolar DUO-Flex 2 Solar Charger Review

AspectSolar DUO-Flex 2 Solar Charger Review

Setup and Features

There are two suggested deployments of the panel when opening, either rectangular or square. Just unzip according to the manual’s instruction and open according to your desired position.

Setup is straightforward. Just place it in direct sunlight and it will start to do its thing like a plug-and-play device. Although, the short micro-USB cable can be bothersome at times. You can place your device to be charged in the compartment but the heat of the sun can be a problem which might lead to overheating.


The micro-USB is connected on the left side and can’t be removed

When charging for a long period of time, we suggest using an extender if you have one to keep your charged device under a shade.


The power output of the panel will depend on how strong your sunlight source is. The solar panels have a rated power of 13 watts with an output of 5V 2.0A through the built-in micro-USB cable. It’s perfect for charging most mobile devices in the market since it has an identical power output to USB wall chargers.



You’ll be able to charge your smartphone, power bank, digital camera, GoPro, smart watch, and much more as long they support micro-USB charging. Using the Lenovo K4 Note smartphone, we were able to get around 900 to 1000mAh of charge with the Ampere app for measurement. It was also able to fill up a power bank with no fuss.

As indicated in the FAQs section of the product, it’s still capable of charging even a single side of the panel is only receiving sunlight. But of course, that would translate into less power.


Having the AspectSolar DUO-Flex 2 around is definitely nifty when in remote areas. As long as bright sunlight is around, you’ll definitely have ample power to keep your mobile devices or power banks filled with juice. Plus, the water-resistant compartment and pouch design make it a great road warrior companion.

The solar panel alone will cost you Php 4,499 and can be purchased through Lazada (purchase link). You can also opt for a bundle with their own power bank as well at Php 6,499 for 8,000mAh or Php 6,990 for 10,000mAh with quick charging.

AspectSolar DUO-Flex 2 specifications:
Rated Power: 13-watts
Cell Type: Monocrystalline Silicon
DC Output: 5V 2.0A
Dimensions packed: 30.63 x 17.5 x 3.99 cm
Rectangular configuration: 30.63 x 35 x 1.27 cm
Square configuration: 64 x 17.5 x 1.27 cm
Weight: 439.42 g

What we liked about:

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy setup

What we didn’t:

  • Short USB cable

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