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Cherry Superion vs. Archos 70 vs. Galaxy Tab

It looks like we’ve got a really good choice of 7-inch Android tablets this Christmas. Aside from the Apple iPad (which is not officially launched locally but very available in grey market), we’ll have the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Cherry Mobile Superion and the Archos line-up.

That doesn’t include the Chinese iPad clones and the WizPad tablet promised by Redfox back in July. So let’s look at a side-by side comparison of the Android tablet and see which one gets you the best bang for your buck.

Among the 3 tablets, only the Archos offer WiFi-only internet connectivity while the Galaxy Tab and the Superion both offer 3G + WiFi connectivity.

The CM Superion offers a good balance between feature and price point and directly challenges the Php35k pricing of the Galaxy Tab. The Galaxy Tab’s advantage would be the much faster processor and internal storage. It would have made it more compelling if they used an AMOLED display but that would make it more expensive.

The Archos 70, on the other hand, is aiming to be a multimedia tablet — much like an iPad WiFi-only. This became more obvious with the option of getting a 250GB internal storage (HDD) instead of the 8GB Flash drive model. It’s also the cheapest at around Php17k with features very close compared to the other two.

Based on the comparative table above, which of the 3 Android tablets would you likely buy?

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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83 Responses

  1. LA Escobar says:

    Shooting for Archos. :)

  2. Archos70 definitely, with those specs above and pricing.


  3. IanMedina says:

    archos ftw!!!! Then may videochat na yan by december for gingerbread update!! Pwede na kaya ma-root yan? Hehehe

  4. JC says:

    CM Superion is quite a challenge to Archos.. so if the quality of CM is good then i might go for it but now i’m thinkin gettin the archos..

  5. plsburydoughboy says:

    Archos looks good on paper, but when you look at the reviews, they’ve had a spotty reputation with tablets. The Superion seems more promising, especially since there’s a local Cherry Mobile App store!

  6. Charlitoris says:

    id go for Archos. Good reviews by the way…

  7. Drey says:

    oh so the Archos tablet is available in the Philippines? nice :D unfortunately it runs on Windows 7.. tsk3..

  8. Bertong Bantot says:

    None of the Above… mas maganda parin ang may Windows 7 na OS. Limited shit lang ang magagawa mo dyan sa mga tablets na naka-Android OS eh…

    so parang browsing/email checking-on the go lang yan… where as kung naka Win 7 ka, you can even more..

  9. yuga says:

    @dre – they both have Android and Windows 7.

    @Bertong Bantot – check out the Archos 9 Windows 7 Tablet here: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/personal-computing/archos-9-review/

  10. walang imik says:

    Archos 7

  11. walang imik says:

    Mura eh!!

  12. watusi says:

    archos…syempre we already have cp

  13. Calvin says:

    @Bertong Bantot, on the other hand, what else would you like to do on a tablet? write codes? design websites? video editing?

    Android is perfectly fine for a tablet (light games, facebook, videos, browse). Yes you can do more with Windows 7 but the question is, would you want to do more on a tablet?

  14. roca says:

    I Want the Galaxy tab (coz i have the galaxy s) but realistically speaking, CM is a every economical choice.

  15. Manny says:

    tough call…will wait it out on the feedback of the early adopters, especially on quality & responsiveness.

  16. wilde says:

    Just last week I had CM Superion lined up for my next purchase, but then Archos 70 came along…

    Galaxy Tab is definitely a big NO- price is too much.
    P35k= epic fail

  17. Nomer says:

    Okay ang Archos kaya lang no 3G,
    Galaxy tab 35K? IPAD na lang siguro.
    According to Engadget and T3 ACER will do their tablet too.
    I will wait na lang for the other tablets..

  18. Archos cguro affordable un nga lang with0ut 3g c0nnectivity.may cp naman ako for 3g access

  19. lawrence says:

    “Bertong Bantot replied on Oct 21st, 2010 at 4:46 pm (8)

    None of the Above… mas maganda parin ang may Windows 7 na OS. Limited shit lang ang magagawa mo dyan sa mga tablets na naka-Android OS eh…

    so parang browsing/email checking-on the go lang yan… where as kung naka Win 7 ka, you can even more..”

    would you really buy and use a 7″ capacitive screen Tablet with Windows 7 on it? I’m curious about it’s usability considering the OS wasn’t meant for small touch screens and definitely not for finger navigation.

  20. lawrence says:

    I’ll go for the Archos if ever. I don’t need GPS and 3G. Internet and Multimedia device is perfect for me. and, also cheapest among the three. :)

  21. Empanada Pinya says:

    @Bertong Bantot

    Anu ba ang magagawa mo sa tablet na naka Windows 7?

    marami nang nagtangka ngunit lahat sila’y nabigo – iPad

  22. mike says:

    cheapest most good value for money in order

    1) 8000 peso China android tablet. Witstech a81.
    2) Cherry Mobile Superion. (I have the Cherry Mobile Eclipse and the screen is glass and scratch proof. I have proven that it is indeed scratch-proof)
    3) Archos 70
    4) None. Forget about Samsung.

    Rule of thumb. Never ever buy based on brand name and marketing. Chances are you pay more because the company spends too much on advertisement and marketing.

  23. kathy says:

    Superion is the most value for money amongst the 3. Almost galaxy tab features save Php15,000. The acrchos is just a plain Tablet and not sure if it has google market place.

  24. mike says:

    You guys only need to look at the 3 photos and you will see why the Cherry Mobile Superion tops all three. It has the smallest frame! MORE SCREEN / LESS FRAME! That’s the best 7 inch tablet I have ever seen!

  25. mike says:

    and by the way, never ever say “I already have a phone”. You will never know when you will run out of battery charge in your phone. It is always good to have a phone feature in your android tablet.

    my vote definitely goes to CHERRY MOBILE SUPERION

  26. manibela says:

    And so the battle for your 13th month pay and Christmas bonuses begins!

    The Samsung isn’t getting much love, but if it gets subsidized by local carriers. It isn’t that bad; with a higher resolution than the other two and dedicated graphics(right?), you’ll be more future proof for android games and apps. Also, BT 3.0.

    And there’re at least 5 people here who commented who’ll probably be getting the archos, so if you value being ‘unique’ in a sense where having a different looking rectangular black slab is unique, and you have a peeve on brands and previous product experience, then you may want the Samsung. And if dishing out a little more is not a problem.

    I want the Samsung Galaxy Tab. But it’s out of my budget. So in the spirit of sour-graping and bashing-things-you-can’t-afford, I’d just tell myself ‘I don’t need all that. Besides, I can’t be distracted by games, and the internet, and a 3 megapixel camera because I need to be more productive. And a propriety USB Port? Sheesh!’

    Add me up for an Archos 70 8gb though. Just make sure it doesn’t have any of it’s predecessor’s bad rep. Yuga, any ideas which stores will have this? Thanks!

  27. eee says:

    why compare samsung and achos with cherry mobile? basura lang naman cherry mobile. i bet magsisisi lang kayo pag binili nyo products nila.

  28. ferie says:

    Eto na ang iniintay nyo! Ang panglaban ng CDR King sa 7inch tablet!

  29. vondoom says:

    hahaha cdrking ftw!

  30. waraywaray says:

    superion! aww!

  31. dralnuX says:

    @ferie: hahaha ang kulit ng os supports (Windows SE, Windows ME, WIN2000, XP, Vista,7) mukhang chopping board.

  32. Ryan Ang says:


    Oo nga sana a carrier will get the galaxy tab tapos subsidized price with unlimited internet. kasi ang froyo naman capable of tethering e.. meaning puwede i share yung 3G connection sa bahay or friends or whatever. Sun Cellular pls pls get it.

  33. Paolo Gonzalez says:

    Hi! This is my first comment ever on Yugatech.

    I’m so excited about tablet computers, that I can actually see myself doing my daily computing tasks on one of them. I’d also like to give my poor laptop a much-needed rest. I have some concerns about their quality.

    Does anyone have any idea about the durability of the products from Cherry Mobile and Archos? Also, what kind of support can I expect from their distributors/manufacturers? Are there a lot service centers in case I need to get the unit fixed? I mean with the iPad or the Galaxy Tab, you have big name companies behind them. But is it really worth the 15-20k extra for my peace of mind?

  34. Bernx says:

    Archos 70 is great for budget and ebooks.

  35. Opium Opinion says:

    I’ll rather buy SGT rather than CMS. Why bother saving money, when you’re buying cheap dirt gadgets.

  36. unoberkano says:

    The Samsung still has its charms. Archos will give it a run for its money.

  37. skagen says:

    archos woot!

  38. islacom says:

    Ok yung deal sa archos ha. But still waiting for HP Slate powered by Windows 7 Pro



    So far I’m very satisfied with Apple iPad 3G
    I got the SMS App working na.
    Now I can text even when I am inside the Bank

  39. Chu says:

    For 3g concerns, Archos 70 doesn’t have that but it has Tethering features that can compensate its lack of 4g access. Here’s the link for that.


    For Marketplace issues, if I’m not mistaken, it will have it pre installed. If not there is a hack for this to work similar to the hack for Archos 7 HT.


  40. Tetchie says:

    Samsung is way too expensive for me. It’s between Cherry and Archos but since I’d be using it more as a multimedia and occasional browsing the 250 HDD of Archos is the ace for me plus its cheaper price.

  41. raymond says:

    Archos tablet is naturally priced lower because it doesn’t have cellphone calling capabilities unlike the Superion and the G.Tab, which can also be classified as smartphones. It’s like comparing an iPhone with an iPod Touch.

  42. mark aznar says:

    Still waiting for the samsung galaxy tab…samsung!!! release it already please!
    ps: if you guys know anyone selling a 32 gig samsung galaxy tab, message up, i need one asap! 09173030016

  43. Wacko says:

    I’d go for the real thing ..not the iPad wannabe!

  44. raymond says:


    Touchscreen tablet computers already existed even before the iPad. Apple just made its own version and called it “revolutionary”.

  45. Serotonin says:

    It’s funny how Apple fanboys, or even most of the Apple users, think about the gadgets. iPad wannabe? Oh come on. >.< I agree to Raymond's post.

    I'd go for the Archos 7. Cherry Mobile Superion is a bit pricey.

  46. Drey says:

    @Raymond: YOU ARE SOOO RIGHT!!! 1Million points to you! :D

    Just wanna share HTC’s Quietly Brilliant Story… Remember HTC was sued by Apple for patent infringements…


  47. technojock says:

    @chu thanks for clearing that up. i was also wondering how come it doesn’t have 3g but your link showed that it can by connecting with 3g bluetooth enabled phones.

  48. Sunofa says:

    may android market na ba ang archos?

  49. razorous says:


  50. lolipown says:

    I think apple’s term is magical :)

  51. Al says:

    Crappy table posted by the article writer.

    The Archos 70 uses an OMAP3 3630, therefore its GPU is a PowerVR SGX 535 which is basically the same as what the Apple A4 can put out. The OpenGL ES 2.0 is basically an API specification. Why did he even list it as its GPU? If he didn’t know, he could’ve just placed an “N/A”.

    Also, they forgot to list that the Qualcomm CPU in the Cherry Mobile Superion is an ARM11, which is a ripoff at that price. Both the Cortex A8s on the Galaxy Tab and Archos 70 destroy the ARM11 so badly it’s not even funny.

    So far, the Archos 70 is looking like a winner at $275. The capacitive screen, speedy hardware, and multimedia mastery should make this an ideal internet and multimedia tablet. Very, very thin too! And the added HDMI-out should replace my laptop when I need to be at presentations.

    P.S. Can’t believe the article writer didn’t even bother to mention if Market and other Google apps would be available on which tablet. So far, only the Galaxy Tab is known to have licensed Google’s apps like Maps, and will have access to Market.

  52. Chickie says:

    how about the RAM?

  53. raymond says:

    Here is an in-depth review of a parallel tablet of the Cherry Mobile Superion. One word: respectable


  54. Ryan Ang says:


    thanks for the link I found this very interesting quote from the review

    “Unfortunately, for Adobe Flash 10.1 to run, the minimum requirement is for an Arm7 chipset, which the DroidPad does NOT have (it has only an Arm11 chip)…

    …This is a limitation that is not due to the software, but rather the hardware of the device.”

  55. Ryan Ang says:


    thanks for the link, I found this very interesting quote from the review

    “Unfortunately, for Adobe Flash 10.1 to run, the minimum requirement is for an Arm7 chipset, which the DroidPad does NOT have (it has only an Arm11 chip)…

    …This is a limitation that is not due to the software, but rather the hardware of the device.”

  56. raymond says:

    I’m reading the Galaxy Tab review on gsmarena and it says that it can run Adobe Flash 10.1. However, the performance is slow because of the demanding hardware requirements. If you need to run Flash 10.1 smoothly, you might have to use a desktop computer or wait for the Blackberry Playbook to be released. It has a faster processor. But at what price?

  57. raymond says:

    I just watched short videos of the CSL Droidpad, the counterpart of Superion in Malaysia. I’m actually impressed with its performance. Search for them in youtube. It’s a must-see.

  58. kathy says:

    Hey everyone watch this a video preview of the Superion AKA Viewsonic. Pretty snappy and impressive!


  59. jo says:

    Anyone heard of the Nationite MIDnite (Witstech A81E)? Around $200 with the following specs:

    CORTEX A8 TI OMAP3 3530 600MHz
    Android 2.2
    Flash 10.1 support
    2G FLASH up to 16GB via microSD, 256MB DDR
    7 inch TFT resistive touch screen
    WVGA 800×480 pixels
    3000MAh Removable battery
    Wifi 802.11b/g/ module
    LED backlighting with widescreen 16:9 format.
    Mini USB 2.0 OTG port

    Seems to be quite popular in android forums.

  60. vince says:

    Afaik, according to tipid pc, the “epad”, is an android 7 inch tablet PC that is sold in 168 mall, and it is made in china with dubious quality. Price is like 4000 pesos and up, DAW

  61. Mark Aznar says:

    Selling brand new sealed SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB P1000 (16GB internal memory, with expandable slot of up to 32 GB)- Factory unlocked with 1 year Samsung warranty. (can text and call model)- white back case. for 55,000. Two units left. Meet up either at my condo, The St Francis Shangri-La Place or Shangri-La Plaza Mall

    Mark Aznar

  62. Rey Mun Jr says:

    Got my hands on a CM superion after a long search,most CM stores were out of stock or on per order basis only. Got it for a bit higher price, 22.5k 12months kasi e and its on Cellway not CM stores. 1st observation,theres a small gap on the back side pannel. I guess this is one way for them to service the inside so they can easily open them. I got 4 unit to test and all of them have it. 2nd the supplied 4gb doesnt work with the Sup, class 4 daw kasi. It worked on my n900 so i dont mind ill put a 32gb in it anyways. The screen protector got to go, it makes the screen less active and a bit washed out also it makes it look old and dirty though wala pa availble the screen protector, might buy an ipad then cut it in half para front and back. Compared with my ipad well its reallynot comparable, speed, screen res., touch sensitivity and battery life even vpthe volume ipad wins. Again i compared it to an ipad kasi most people say its a small ver of an ipad. Sup advantage, SIZE…i can easily put them inside my pants(pocket) ability to text an call, good signal strength(globe) applications are free(no need to jail break) expandable and removable mem, so you can tansfer files in and out of your pC and SUp by just the mem card no itunes needed. The side of the unit can easily be scratched and i mean easilllly perhaps why the iphone4 has a stainless steel sides. Takes a long time to fully charge. I believe 1hour more than an IPAd. bat life is around 5-6hours always on internet but on minimum brightness. So which is it IPAd or Superion(viewpad7) ultimate portability, almost hotswappable mem, ability to call and text SUP has it, if viewing movies, surfing, good games, cleanliness(make) and quality its the IPAD.

  63. vidgen13 says:

    Waiting for the samsung galaxy price to go down…I’ve read that it only costs ~$200 to manufacture so malamang pag walang bumili ibaba ung price…sana lol. Ok sana ung superion kaya lng sa 20k masyadong mahal di naman ganun kaganda specs, and it doesn’t, play flash. Or maybe sana may mga bagong tablets na lumabas, para mapalitan ko na 5800 ko. Sawa na ko magpalit ng firmware sa symbian try ko naman magroot ng android

  64. geogetski says:

    @rey mun jr
    you should have saved your money and looked at other malls a friend of mine asked a cm shop for discount and they offered it for a 1k discount to the SRP of superion :)

    most cm stalls currently doesn’t carry superion and have them only on a per order basis because they sell very slow compared to cheap dual sim phones as a cm stall sales lady told me :)

    probably will gety cheaper on 1st quarter next year because currently a friend of mine saw them selling for 35k to 42k in malls :)

  65. serious_buyer says:

    pwede kaya iplug sa cherry superion ung mga wireless broadband for internet use.. para kahit walang wifi pwede makapag internet?

  66. serious_buyer says:

    gumagana kaya ung microsoft application sa cherry superion? like ms word? mas maganda sana kung pwede.. or pwede kaya nito ma-view ung mga document file?

  67. DJ Alyaris says:

    Maybe Cherry Mobile should try getting a Windows Mobile Phone 7 – Enabled tablet. Maybe.. :D

  68. serious_buyer says:

    gumagana b ung google docs sa android phone?

  69. bench says:

    archos 7….

  70. rey says:

    got my SUP for almost a month now and so far had no problems with it. quality and duarabilty is ok, put it to some test, same with my other gadgets, trying to exhaust the 7 day replacement warranty. So far value to money is great, its almost a computer which can be placed in my pocket. I would still like to get my hands on some Viliv N5. Yes it does preview, edit and create some Office files(xls,doc and ptt as well as pdf) thanks to the installed Docs to GO. Perhaps if there are some gripes here is i cant seem to find any protectors to replace the binder, too bulky kasi when i put it in my pocket unlike pag ung unit lang its just like a pocketbook.

  71. Holan says:

    If you wan’t quality Tablet go for SGT, remember chips for iphones and ipads were made by Samsung. Just got mine 2 days ago, all i can say is..its better than iPad.

  72. rey says:

    serious SUP users(uses their SUP for business and entertainment)stay away from SGT :-). U may fall in love with it,hehe…double the price lang(almost) e.

  73. Chian Aisle says:

    android android android. . im not cmfrtable of android android android. thats all.

  74. Wakatsik says:

    Archos 70 all the way, ok sana yung cherry mobile superion kaya lang let down yung sa graphics nya, for sure mahihirapan yun sa ibang games

  75. hapi says:

    i want archos where can i buy that im from batangas..

  76. zeeobytez says:

    cm no flash player, archos only 256mb ram, sgt only 29990 with flash and higher ram u can used it as real internet browser using the flash player 10.1

  77. Dysnerie says:

    Where can i buy Archos Brand in Philippines, Manila area??

  78. Chu says:

    @Dysnerie as posted seen on the previous entries, you may contact archosph at 09176272467.

  79. rexdgrey says:

    I’ll take Archos anytime, is it available in cebu?

  80. Jordan says:

    Whats the use of an “INTERNET TABLET” if you cant use 3G? Does this mean if there’s no wifi in the area Archos is basically useless? FTW

  81. Jordan says:

    What if, Ill use a micro-USB to USB cable then plug in a Globe Tattoo or a Smart BRO HSDPA will it work??

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