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Kindle DX now available for the Philippines

After making the Kindle 2 available for Philippine customers last October, Amazon is now ready to add the bigger 9.7″ Kindle DX to that list.

kindle dx


Aside from the larger screen (9.7″ on the Kindle DX vs. 6″ on the Kindle 2 ), the DX also has bigger capacity with up to 3,500 books (4GB built-in storage). The device also has an auto-rotating display so you can position it horizontally while reading.

Of course, there’s the price difference — $489 — almost twice the price of the Kindle 2.

Amazon is accepting pre-orders now and will start shipping the Kindle DX on Janaury 19, 2009. Check out the order page here.

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46 Responses

  1. Erin says:

    willing to wait for the influx of various branded and generic readers that can render colors and not leave a very-light feeling on my wallet. :)

  2. @Erin – I completely agree…

  3. kind of pricey. sinong may Kindle dito? I think kasi na parang maxadong malaki syang investment just to read an e-book or two. (?)

  4. Im glad I never fell inlove with books. If I had, this type of gadget would be on my want-to-buy too

  5. Patrick says:

    That’s the price you have to pay as an early adopter. A premium price so the company can offset the development costs they incurred in the R&D of this product.

    It’s tempting to get this now but it would be smarter to wait for the next generations. It should have a colored screen, a true PDF reader and of course a more reasonable price.

  6. iamupset says:

    not a big fan of kindle or any other ebook readers, i’d rather buy a book

  7. Jhay says:

    I could still hold out on the Kindle, now nothing beats the feel, texture and smell of a printed book.

  8. @Jhay – touche on that :D!

  9. roan carl says:

    i totally agree wid u guys,nothing compare wid the real book which you can display on shelves…

  10. MannyV says:

    The late Jim Rohn recommended that you work harder on yourself, than on your job. So my resolution this year is to read more books (at least 1 book a month).

    Perhaps the Kindle will help bump that up to 1 book a week? Mahal ang Kindle kaya dapat magbasa nang magbasa para sulit. :-)

  11. Erin says:

    @jhay: i agree but as a lowly corporate drone who loves reading, i would go for convenience and accessibility of an e-reader over the physical stimuli of a real dead tree reading material.

    having the capability to add your own annotations would also be nice. i imagine using an iteration that can also render slide presentations and i am set to going to meetings without the need to do printouts or lug a very heavy corporate laptop.

    or i can just use a pdf printer but those sometimes skew the graphics. :)


  12. deuts says:

    Would love to get one of these as well. But I just don’t have the time anymore. I just always have so many preoccupations in my life right now. ahhhh.

  13. ebookreader says:

    why would i buy a kindle when my pda can can easily do the same thing and i can even change the color background? pictures show up too… buying a kindle just to read ebooks seem so silly to me

  14. foool says:

    i have a sony reader prs-700bc.

    it has touch screen, picture viewer, 16 GB memory card duo, 2 GB SD card, MP3 player, and LED lights – useful when reading at night.

    it’s like carrying a whole library with me anywhere. imagine 500+ books with 12 GB to spare! add to that the fact that it has a more professional design because of its steel frame than the plastic kindle. i think it’s a greater buy than kindle 2 and kindle dx combined.

  15. Kinny says:

    Will wait this one out. Technology depreciates so fast that you feel robbed when the cheaper better and newer version comes out.

  16. foool says:


    You can’t wait out for technology. If you do that, you’ll always find yourself deprived of the current, the latest and the best of what technology has to offer TODAY. Because technology and innovation don’t stall… ever.

  17. Erin says:

    @fool: agree but i think kinny’s point is that the current offering of this tech is not yet enough to make him/her want to buy at this point.


  18. Fran says:

    Im leaning towards Sony on the ebook reader wars. Kindle is a bit limited on format. Id rather have a reader that can access pdf files.

    @foool: where did you get your Sony?

  19. foool says:


    I got it from Sony’s website Sonystyle. Just google it. Certainly looks sturdier than the plastic Kindle.

  20. iamupset says:

    by this time next year, Kindle would be a thing of the past, replaced by tablet pc’s/laptops with multi-touch, kinetic scrolling and accelerometer capabilities and more..

    @Erin: i don’t think there are that many people who use Kindle to do presentations. besides, most laptops/netbooks nowadays really don’t weigh that much. as for the real dead tree reading material — it’s called recycling. around 70% of books nowadays are made from recylced paper. Whereas obsolete technology are now becoming a huge environmental problem since they are not exactly made from biodegradeable materials.

  21. Erin says:

    @iamupset: i know but I am waiting for the next-gen ereaders to have that functionality. I own a netbook but my company restricts me from bringing it in the facility. And to clarify, I don’t want to do a presentation using an eReader but I want to attend one with the presentation in it so I don’t need to have one-time use print outs.

    Generally my gadgets lasts me for 5 years or so. My phones lasts me 3 years except the two I lost to shady elements. Offset that with the amount of reading material I go through each year and I can easily devour a mini-forest each year, even after considering the recycling efforts that my household observes. :)


  22. Reich3rd says:

    Hello everyone. I just got to this site.

    The following comparison might help. But of course, all is to his/her own opinion.

    Kindle 2.0 or Sony Reader PRS-700BC Review:

    Have a nice day…

  23. John says:

    the reason why i like the kindle is because amazon has a wide range of books with it.

    i’ve been enjoying the kindle these days,helping me with my writing and research work. However, yuga, can you help me with the signal i have with kindle dx?

    there’s a problem here in q.c. i can’t connect to the network even if it is international. it says in amazon that q.c. is included in the gprs signal coverage with smart but i just cant seem to connect to amazon. however, sometimes, i can but it just disappears.

  24. bongskie says:

    i’m planning to buy this kindle, @ john, mahirap ba ang signal? how it works wireless especially downloading ebook from amazon?

  25. John says:

    before you buy make sure na covered yung city mo sa coverage ng amazon sa pinas. dito q.c. fairview minsan gumagana if i set the kindle dx to gprs..minsan gumagana ang 3G pero 2x ko lang naranasan mag 3g connect sa kindle.

    pag gprs, madalang at mahina ang connection. most of the time i can’t connect. its just the signal. but i think if you are in manila proper malakas na ang 3g signal or makati.

    downloading books is fast and nice. no need to wait for long delivery…convenient mag dala.

  26. bongskie says:

    @john big thanks, i’m also from QC timog area, sana malakas ang coverage ng amazon dito

  27. John says:

    no problem. convenient lang kasi ang kindle, using it for my research work…although i suggest you also check the latest e-book readers.

    what makes the kindle stand out is yung wide available books sa amazon which wala sa ibang readers.

    hit us back when you get one!

  28. bongskie says:

    @john, purchase mo ba kindle mo online? magkano inabot?

  29. John says:

    486USD, hindi pa kasama ang shipping.

  30. Rose says:

    @ John: Does Amazon deliver the gadget through the post office or do they use a private courier service delivering directly at home? Did you have to pay for customs tax? I really hate picking up packages from the post office because of the sleazy people waiting for a bit of palm-greasing, if you know what I mean.

  31. John says:

    its door to door, depending on the shipping method…the fastest one is fedex, the 2-3 week delivery is dhl.

    i forgot about the customs tax, but when you order at amazon i think kasama na doon sa computation ang tax.

  32. Danella says:

    Hi — I received the Kindly DX as a gift (without the box or charger) but since I’ve been able to turn it on, I haven’t gotten any signal at all. I’m in Makati and there’s supposed to be good signal here. Any ideas on how I can reset it?

    @John – how do you switch it to gprs?

  33. John says:

    that’s great.

    to change the signal to GPRS:

    click menu on the side> go to settings

    once there, make sure your wireless is on. then click alt (on the keyboard) then type 311.

    just wait while it searches signal then choose smart gprs…then wait.

    the signal bar should turn black and not white/gray. the only way to have it deregistered is to actually connect via 3g or gprs…sometimes there’s a signal here in q.c. and sometimes none. but i’m sure manila city has connectivity as it says in the amazon map of 3g coverage.

  34. Danella says:

    thanks, john. still can’t find any signal but will keep trying. how did you figure out the alt 311 bit?

    since i got just the unit i also have to find a micro usb connector so right now i can’t even load that way!


  35. John says:

    no problem. i knew it when i called amazon for technical assistance. i bet you can spot a signal in q.c. or in manila city proper. its a little inconvenient though it will pay back.

    here’s the amazon kindle international wireless map:

    search for Philippines and see if your location has a signal for 3g.

  36. apreal says:

    can anyone help me where to buy charger for my kindle? i cant use it. it was given to me by my friend without charger or even an earphone..pls help me guys…thanks

  37. apreal says:

    if you guys know where can i find it, pls help me..coz i will give it to my niece as a bday gift..even if she has a bone morrow cancer, it doesnt stop her from reading..she adores reading..and ill do anything to make her happy even though she has only a year to live..sana po matulugan nyo ako sa simple pero nakaimportante kong problema..thank you ver much

  38. K says:

    Who the hell would want the DX? I would prefer to buy Kindle 2.

  39. apreal says:

    reply please

  40. John says:

    to what i know, its charger is only available from amazon. how come you don’t have a charger?

    you can also search ‘sulit’ for kindle usb cable/charger.

  41. skylove says:

    I’ve asked my hubby to buy me the Kindle DX in the US.. if it was bought from the US, can I still buy books which are not only limited to the Philippines? Coz I know if you purchase books from here, limited lang ang books. How does this work? Thanks!

  42. Que says:

    Kindle DX Graphite can put my own pdf’s on this device? Or only from Amazon? Thanks

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