Marshall Hanwell Speakers for Php34,995

Marshall Hanwell Speakers for Php34,995

For a few weeks now, we’ve been using this 23-lbs beast of a speakers from Marshall. When we unboxed it, the speakers actually looked like one of those heavy guitar amps and you will clearly notice the inspiration.

The speaker is very basic in terms of features. Aside from the monolithic design and large form factor, there’s not much we can talk about the device except

All the controls you will need are all found at the top side — 3.5mm audio jack, power switch, power indicator, volume control, bass and treble controls. That’s basically it — no LED displays, iPod dock, Bluetooth connectivity or other fancy controls. The enclosure is made up of wood and vinyl.

What Marshall wants to focus on is the speaker’s sheer performance. The control knob for bass and treble gives you liberty to fiddle the sound to your liking. Where it performed really well is, in our opinion, with bass-heavy music.


The speaker has a total power rating of 200 watts combined from the two subwoofer and tweeter speakers. Needless to say, it’s really powerful and great volume range, especially if you want some heavy, deep bass.

We also tried using it for watching movies and got very good response especially for action-packed and explosive scenes.

The Marshall Hanwell Anniversary Edition speakers was created to celebrate the 50 years of the brand and as such, it’s classic and vintage look is accented by gold trimmings and paint job. They produced only 10,000 of these units and each one is numbered.

I guess the price tag of Php34,995 is really meant for collectors who wants to have one of these in their home. We really liked the speakers but the price tag is just well over our expected budget.

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10 Responses

  1. abuzalzal says:

    Hehe parang guitar amp

  2. Michael says:

    That’s way too expensive. Pwede na magpatayo ng sound system. Pang bayle sa probinsya. Good luck naman.

  3. Iyan Sommerset says:

    What’s it for though? I mean, what primary purpose does it serve? Other than expensive eye-candy for fellow audiophiles in-the-know.

    • Tata says:

      I agree with you, especially if you will find out that in Raon, they are selling some sort of this at just over a thousand bucks hahaha. Now don’t get me wrong, but, one must realize, those being sold in Raon, may not necessarily be top branded but it would deliver the goods just the same, and the pricier ones are also wrap in genuine leather and strap with stainless steel.
      From an electronics engineer, designer, and audiophile point of view, when it comes to electronics, most North American and EU, except specialized brands, e.g. Canton or Infinity are simply no match for Japanese electronics, say Pioneer Elite series. Sad to say, halimbawa ung receiver na US brand say Carver or McIntosh, although super priced, is simply…. nahhhhh.

    • kenok says:


      Go on…

  4. wew says:

    ung mga nagcocomplain kung bakit to mahal, di po siya naging mahal dahil sa features, OK!!! ang target buyers nito ung mga kolektor ng marshall devices…kung may pera ako kahit di ako fan ng marshall i think mapapabili ako nito kasi angganda ng pagkakadesign nya,old at retro =)))

  5. jesson says:

    Wow, classic. I love that speaker system.

  6. wew says:

    sarap idisplay yan sa baba ng desktop PC =)

  7. anOnymous says:

    its P 349,950,000 in the Bank

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